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Hello Friends, I am Dolly !! Today I will tell you which fruits to have and which fruits not to have during Pregnancy !! When You are pregnant You think ten times before eating anything It doesn’t happen only with you It happens with every pregnant woman Pregnant women fear about having that food which can harm them and their upcoming baby. Lets start fruits guide for a pregnant lady First we will cover fruits which you should not have 1) Papaya: unripe papaya could advance your delivery time or could lead to uterine contractions 2) Pineapple: could soften the cervix leading to early labor. 3) Grapes: Avoid eating grapes during last 3 months of pregnancy, It is causes heat and advances delivery. Now lets come to the fruits which you should have during pregnancy 1) Oranges: goos source of Vitamins B & C and many other nutrients that are required for a pregnant lady 2) Avocados: They have more folate than other fruits which is required for a pregnant lady. 3) Bananas: Adding fiber-rich bananas may help constipation during pregnancy, may help relieve nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy. 4) Mangoes: Good source of Vitamin A & C, It keeps good digestion system 5) Apples: Good nutritious fruit for a healthy pregnant lady. 6) Sweet Lemon(Mosambi) : It is good anti-oxidant and helps in qualms 7) BLACKBERRY : It increases blood naturally, and fights anemia. So friends, It was all I hope you liked this video Please hit like this video and subscribe our channel Bye!!

21 thoughts on “Pregnancy में कौन से fruits खायें और क्यों ,कौन से fruits ना खायें और क्यों | Pregnancy Fruits Guide

  1. Madam pragnentsi ke time beetroot juice pina chahie ya nehin mene kei sare video me dekha he ki is time beetroot juice nehin pina chahie ap bataye kya thik or kya vul

  2. Me 2 month ki pregnant hua lekin Maine pineapple kha liya he to khuc problem to nahi hogi plz batao

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