Taking Charge of Your Health

>what exactly does that mean?, and how long
before treatment starts do you begin this prehab process?.>Prehabilitation
is really the time period from when you first get diagnosed until a treatment
really start, and that’s a window, that’s an opportunity to really take that
individual and optimize them physically, nutritionally, psychologically, to get
them ready for the biggest battle of their life, and that time period is often
fairly short, could be a matter of a few days, to a few weeks, but we try to make
sure that during that time, they actually couldn’t intervene through a variety of
different ways, to a physical, measures such as physical therapy for instance, as
well as nutritional and so forth.>So now doctor, does the patient get
referred to you?, in terms of the prehab treatment, is that how it works.>
Ideally yes, so ideally the early that we get to see the vidual, the better it
is for their treatment, for their planning, and then we could follow them
throughout their entire cancer journey.>What can you tell us about the effects
of prehab on someone who is diagnosed with cancer?, do you see that it
sort of minimizes their risks?, do they get better?, I mean what obviously it’s is
something that you’re a big proponent of. so.>Yeah so there’s a lot of benefits by
initiating these interventions early in the course of the diagnosis, there’s a
lot of literature out there, that says that there’s benefits even with cancer
recurrence, with able to tolerate the side effects of the cancer treatments by
undergoing a prehabilitation and a rehabilitation program doing the act of

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