Taking Charge of Your Health

Dr Greeva Mankad (BHMS; MD(AM); DNHE) Dr Greeva Mankad (BHMS; MD(AM); DNHE) mental symptoms: irritability, mood swings, sadness & depression physical symptoms: bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, headache, heaviness of breasts Homeopathy has a very effective role on treating PMS homeopathic medicines: 1 SEPIA Homeopathic medicines 2 CHAMOMILLA for pain, irritability homeopathic medicines 3. PULSATILLA for sensitive females during PMS homeopathic medicines 4. IGNATIA for mood swings, sadness in females homeopathic medicines 5 LACHESIS for headache during PMS homeopathic medicines 6 CHINA 7 CARBOveg for bloating and gas in females during PMS homeopathic medicines 8 CONIUM for tender and heaviness of breast during PMS Opt for homeopathy if you are having PMS Our FB page: Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic Call us on 9737736999 foe any query/ Consultation/ treatment Homeopathy for Healthy ‘You’.

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