Taking Charge of Your Health

When give Ayurvedic massage it’s important
to tune into your own energy and life fore. In Ayurveda it’s called prana. Prana, I’ve been told, is the space between
the cells. It’s a very subtle energy that comes from
the ether element and is connecting to life force. We understand in Ayurveda that doing massage
is not just working on the physical body. There’s an actual transfer of energy that
happens between the practitioner and the recipient. So, as a practitioner, in order to prepare,
there’s preparation that’s right before the session, but then there’s preparation ongoing
in your life. Preparing by doing regular meditation, by
taking care of your body and eating balanced foods, getting lots of rest. And living a healthy lifestyle, having yoga
or tai chi or some kind of movement practice where you learn to balance your energy and
take responsibility for your own health and healing on all different levels. To prepare for Ayurvedic massage, keep yourself
in check. Take care of yourself. Connect with your spirit. Learn how to come from your heart in your
life. Your client, as a result, will thank you.

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