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Drug side effects coming right up hey
I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you’d like to truly master health
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that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything. The list of drug side
effects is getting longer and longer day by day hundreds of thousands of people
are dying and hundreds of millions are experiencing some sort of problem from
taking drugs the reason is that everything that you put into your body
can either interfere with the body’s function or support the body’s function
life has been around for quite a while and we have coexisted with nature so we
have gotten used to everything that nature makes it’s natural to us the
components of nature we bring into our bodies and they fit they become
components of our tissues they become substrates for our processes and
everything works but when we put something into the body that is not
natural it does not come from nature then it might fit but it doesn’t fit
right and that’s how drugs work because they’re foreign to the body they might
fit certain receptors but they’re not a natural part they’re not something that
would normally exist in the body they’re not part of normal tissue they’re not
normal parts of communication or metabolic pathways so because of that
they interfere and that is actually by design it is the mechanism of a drug it
is made to interfere that is how drugs work so for eons your body has developed
something called homeostasis that means balance so your body reacts to its
environment it adapts it copes with different changes and then it quickly
returns to homeostasis so your body is not stupid it is not
random it does not make mistakes everything that your body does is for a
reason it is arguably the most intelligent the most complex the most
sophisticated and precise device ever made in the world so if something goes
wrong in the body if we get high plot blood pressure or we get indigestion
that’s not a mistake the body is doing that on purpose the body has a really
really good reason to do that but when we put a drug into the body then we’re
assuming that we know better than the body that the body is stupid and random
and doesn’t know what it’s doing so we need to come and help and we need to
push the body in a direction that we think it should go and these are the two
basic philosophical differences between an allopathic or medical viewpoint and a
holistic or natural viewpoint the natural viewpoint assumes that the body
is intelligent and the allopathic viewpoint assumes that the body makes
mistakes for no good reason we also understand that every time it appears
that something is wrong the body is actually just responding it’s just
adapting to something and the problem is not the thing that we’re looking at the
problem is the cause there’s something that’s aggravating there’s something
that’s irritating there’s something the body is responding to and that’s the
thing that we have to deal with so when people talk about side-effects
they’re usually talking about some unpleasant reaction a sign or a symptom
or something that really doesn’t feel good but those are just the side effects
that are severe enough for you to notice if you understand the mechanism of a
drug that it goes into a perfect system and interferes and pushes something out
of balance then you understand that all drugs always have
side effects the moment that you put a foreign unnatural synthetic substance in
your body it’s going to interfere and that’s why the body has a liver that can
detoxify that can clear the body of harmful substances and every drug goes
through the liver and the liver has a mechanism to detoxify to neutralize that
toxin and that’s why you have to take more and more and more drugs all the
time because the intelligent body clears them out and the more drugs that you
take therefore the larger the burden on the liver so not only are you
suppressing a symptom that is there for a good reason and you are interfering
with what the body is trying to do you’re also creating a toxic load on the
body making it even more difficult for it to handle other things the main thing
that I want you to understand is that drugs are always foreign to the body
there is a time and place for them when they can save a life then it’s obviously
worth it’s a trade-off you get some stress you get some interference but if
you live then that’s fine however in a long run when you’re trying to
re-establish balance when we’re not talking about life threatening things
then drugs interfere and they will always have side effects so if you’ve
been offered a drug or if you know someone who’s been offered one or who is
on a drug I urge you to share this information with as many people as you
can and do some research read up on these things start understanding the
natural versus the allopathic model and educate yourself so that you can find
natural solutions that support the body instead if you enjoyed learning the
truth about health and you’re new to this channel make sure you subscribe and
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14 thoughts on “Prescription Medicine Side Effects

  1. Thank you. I will be sharing this video to a lot of people. What is scary is that we only hear about the side effects that kill people instantly. We don't hear much about it kills us slowly, but every medication I have seen has a warning about if you have liver issues don't take it. It makes sense now. Thank you.

  2. People just automatically assume that it can't be bad for you if it's called medicine, or because a doctor has prescribed it. Then they mix and match their drugs as if it was a party cocktail.

  3. Hi Dr Ekberg if one is on antibiotics and not able to eat or drink due to a dental surgery. what should one take to hydrate or eat during this period?

  4. If someone is on prescription meds for years, then more than likely they will have issues with their liver? Methotrexate kicked my butt and caused side effects that I'm still dealing with even though I'm not on it anymore.

  5. Sir I was typhoid and I took too much antibiotics, and meccaine injections too much, I sweat too much, and I've got so much loss, and I've got too much loss, and there's a lot of time in the head. Could it be liver problems? If liver reports would be normal.LFT also normal but my body so sweating

  6. I mean, Sir I have told all my problem in the comment that I still remains and eat all this problem, after antibiotics, like amicacin injection Heavy dose 😭😭

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