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100 thoughts on “Prince Harry Blasts Media’s Treatment Of Meghan Markle In Rare Statement | TODAY

  1. people just don't like her. they need to get over it. stop crying about it.  she is unlikable end of story let's move on.

  2. What’s sad is Britain’s own people judge her. And the ones who do are fuckn pathetic. Judgement day should be awesome for them, wish I could be there.

  3. I think it’s good that Harry did this. The gossip and lies are ridiculous. I make a point of not buying magazines and tabloids that do this. If we all did that we would have a much fairer and respectful world

  4. The Media chased his mother to her death, and now because they voice a concern regarding climate warming, the media has launched an attack, against common sense,.

  5. All rubbish dont LEAK travel plans then ,ITS ALL PR .MEGS .LOVES IT .MEME ..FAME .NO ACTING CAREER SHE NEEDS IT NOW ..

  6. It will be no good for his own wife and Archie…the media’s will screw them up even more. They will actually never win.

  7. Maghen you are beautiful and Harry is very PROUD of you and LOVE you very much head high and look after your gorgeous son. the British tabloid is going crazy beacause they are racist.

  8. In the eyes of Harry, Megan can never do anything wrong. However, wherever there is fire, there is smoke. The media maybe somewhat out of line, but please instruct Megan to toe the line too. It takes 2 to tango.

  9. How cruel the British press is! I feel so sad for Harry & Meghan. The people shouldn’t buy those magazines or papers that trash people and sell lies! If the people stopped buying them, they would have to change or close their doors, which may be a good thing. What kind of people read that trash?

  10. The only way for this couple to have their complete privacy is for them not to be a part of the Royal Family. The problem is they are using some part of their citizens tax money which makes their citizen and media felt they have a right to their personal life or actions.I guess that is part of the territory of being a royal member.

  11. They killed his mom now they are after his wife! They aught to be ashamed of themselves. Making stupid headlines at the hands of others. Do they know that the public is seeing their racist and biased opinion on a new mom at least think about that beautiful four month old baby you idiots!

  12. Meghan mi gal you are going to get through this storm. Just know that and hold the faith. U are going to get through and you are going to be ok.

  13. This is such a sad Shame…😔🇬🇧😑 The media/tabloids could do so much more with their reporting and trying to make the world a better place. But they choose to print our and report this toxic gossip fodder (That people actually read) 😑😐😑

  14. I personally think MM is someone who took advantage of the vulnerable person from the royal family (prince Harry) using against him the most valuable person in his life witch is Princess Diana's tragic life, He would definitely do anything to prevent the same thing from happening to his kid at any cost(that's why she got pregnant almost immediately knowing that she can use "the baby card" to her advantage, to her the people of the UK & family bonds don't matter) I'm not from the UK but I grew up knowing about The Royal Family, I highly doubt that she wouldn't know anything about Harry #BadActress and how to use that knowledge to pursue her personal interests. My personal point of view is that she will never stop being a selfish actress who's only goal is to improve her own life by being nothing but a leech, using the people's tax money for her personal image, even tho she is a economically set person she still uses a healthy dosage of welfare money. To me it is just an act when they show up to places for a little bit of time to create an image  of kindness, to "promote awareness" and then turn around and do the opposite… what shameful hypocrites😐 so My opinion to a solution would be to give up the titles and benefits of being a Royal and go away to live the so much private life that she so badly "wishes"for. Afterall the media is only interested in her because she is a "Royal" The end.

  15. It’s surprising that tabloids and newspapers are being read by such a busy couple doing their royal job for charity and living royal life…They have time and intention to read about them? Or is it a consequence of failure of seeking attention..

  16. About time rags like these were put back in their box. Some of their "stories" are disgusting. I support Harry and Meghan, they are a lovely couple.

  17. There is NO double standard. Meghan IS vulgar and Catherine IS like a Greek goddess. Those are just statements of fact

  18. Stop the public blubbering.. and stop trying to get public sympathy.. Go to America or South Africa… Give the UK tax payer a break…..You made your bed ……..

  19. Risky??? I think the media is playing a risky move going after a man who lost his mother to savages. Harry is a strong one! Meghan is his wife for a reason. That unit is going to prevail! Bye bye old guard. 🏌🏾‍♀️

  20. It's not Harry's fault he's a prince. But it is his fault that he is Man enough to defend his wife Meghan. I don't have much sympathy for the rest of the clan, but Harry and Meghan are my favorites. He has surprised me that he has developed his character so commendably.

  21. So the media bashing Megan is BAD MEDIA but media bashing Trump is telling the TRUTH??? Can't have it both ways, can you?

  22. Expect most of these utube channels to be cut off from comments. Many are already shut down. It's a good place to start. This poor girl has been butchered.


  24. documentory very patronising of the African people. Even Harry came
    across as fake. Been to Africa many times for holidays but no sign of
    any non-famous, non-high profile Black friends and Meghan (Liar) Massive
    media attention is exactly what she always wanted as an actress. The
    invasion of privacy, false reports are no less nor more than Famous
    celebrities put up with.

  25. If you are a black woman and educated, Caucasian people fear you! The British Press is simply making up lies out of fear because Meghan is educated, black, and happen to marry their beloved Harry! The Brits imagined Harry marrying a carbon copy of Kate. Diana wanted her sons to marry American Women. William yielded to The Crown and Harry carved his own path. The media needs to let it go and let him be happy. I don’t recall them saying much about Catherine instead of calling her Waity Katy

  26. Meghan Markles father was given the letter so it was his property to do with as he wished. I doubt Meghan would have paid for a copyright on the letter. Be real utube videos of car of celebrities are taken and sold and published all legal.

  27. Listen to the experts. Harry and Meghan spend too much time on social media. It is not the News reports that are causing their Angst it is the comments from the public. (including the trolls) that is upsetting them. How are they going to stop that.?

  28. I am really angry every time I read any negative comment about Meghan Marble for no reason, just because they don’t like her. So shameful! Jealous hateful people, they even made up the story about Meghan’s fake pregnancy; I wondered if she had done any bad thing to them or their families so they hate her that much. This world is crazy and people are not human anymore???


  30. Hope that sweet family decides ri protect themselves from that HORRIBLE British Media and move far away~Like possibly Africa💖:)

  31. But since a very very long time I was asking myself…is it even allowed as a (white/european) royal to marry a black person. Whaf would happen in the media and inside the royalcircle? So this happened in the media, when Harry married a woman, that is not even full black, even half white and so lightskinned. What would have happen, if a royal chooses a full black person? That would be war then. I now know royal life is the most racism thing in the world.

  32. The media likes to control social narratives, and this legal action was certainly unexpected by the press.

    Why should prince Harry and D. Meghan wait for anyone to be okay with their actions? I don’t believe anyone can understand the effects of the scrutiny like they do.

    I pray they win both cases… and put those bullies in their place!

  33. Meghan needs to be MADE to accept Royal protocol and try to behave like a lady. Meghan is only a "minor royal " by marriage and NOT blood royal – she needs to remember this. Sadly she has brought nothing but trouble since she came. Meghan is a nasty, manipulative TWICE DIVORCED former trashy cable TV actress from the gutter and certainly not popular at all in the UK. To spoil two Brides Wedding Days by her attention seeking is unforgivable. Sooner she shuttles off to the US or the backside Africa the better. Feel so sorry for Harry he must have a very difficult life now being so pathetically weak and inadequate. At least she will never be important thankfully – just a horrible ghetto parasite and trouble-maker. Bye enjoy Africa and stay there

  34. Really, I believe this comes from her father, sister and brother who keeps the tabloids on them. Her father, sister, and brother are nothing but Opportunists!! They didn't come out like this when she was on Suits. She was gaining popularity on that show and we didn't hear anything from the Markle family. But let her start dating a Prince and then marry him and all he!! Breaks lose.

  35. He can protect his family means Royal family… Can't get hand out from them and then go off running… He can give up the crown and live normal and no one would care…

  36. A lot of regular people dislike them. And these regular people are being taken down 1 by 1 by their PR team and her “sugars.” They are trying to control the media, and even people’s own freedom of speech especially on Twitter. They live in a democracy. People can say whatever they want. So many people are triggered by Markle’s narcissistic traits and they see through all the PR. Everything is PR. Drip fed PR. Sunshine Sachs strategic way of controlling public opinion. Her sugars are systematically eliminating anybody who comments negatively on her. I find that most egregious about these 2.
    It would do them some good to go away for awhile and not comment on anything. Because they are adding fuel to the fire. The general public has turned significantly on them. If they would just be quiet for a month, it might recover their reputation. But people have already branded them as woke royals. So anything they spout out of their mouths is presumed just another PR strategy, which with a major PR firm like Sunshine Sachs, is pretty easy to believe.

  37. People need to leave them alone. Their life has so many demands and they are doing a wonderful job even with all the pressure that is on them. When she married Harry, she became a royal, had protocol to follow, gave up her life that she worked hard for, had to learn how to cross her legs the right way. Her married life also became a job. Every day people do not have her pressure. She is a wonderful person and a beautiful mom, leave her alone. I don't think I could ever love someone so much that I would be able to go threw what she has. God bless them both.

  38. Let's face it, its cause she's black. That's why most British media reporting this have turned off there comments. And they don't look at it as him defending his family..

  39. Protecting his wife and his son from the fate he and his mother had to endure…
    He's already a better father and husband than his own father ever was.

  40. We are fed up with the poor me constant whining about the Press. They are happy to live the celebrity lifestyle with their famous "friends" but complain about the Press when they print a story they don't like. I really hope both of them bugger off to the USA.

  41. I honestly can’t believe they act that way! Meghan is our Princess! ❤️ She is a beautiful soul, she does not deserve it! I’m so glad they are fighting back! He is her husband, that’s what husbands do!!! Harry doesn’t need that or deserve it! It makes me not like England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 The Queen needs to speak out and protect her family! 💪🏻❤️💯💕💙

  42. it happened kinda same thing in japan,then the Prince now is the Emperor spoke out.
    he protected her from media.
    that was not usual thing to do as Royal.

    but he did it. he was THD MAN.
    he stood up and spoke up.
    im so proud him.

  43. It is clear from the documentary that both Harry and Meghan need expert help for their mental welfare. On one hand they have issued legal proceedings to this newspaper, and on the other, discussed their personal issues on camera which has fuelled the negative press and more media interest. Meghan has not accepted that she cannot discuss her personal difficulties to the media – it has backfired. For Meghan to "Thrive" as she put it in the documentary she must accept her role as Duchess of Sussex and the British culture. As long as Meghan keeps making such huge mistakes, the public and the press will always have an opinion and express it. Every tax payer in this country funds her lavish lifestyle and it is for that reason that she needs to do her job well and remember that she is not a celebrity here she is a Duchess – the public do not want to hear about how she is feeling. Her response should have been, "It is a learning curve, and I appreciate all the support I have had so far especially as a new mother and as a new Duchess" instead of saying that she "finds it hard, I haven't had much support, not many people have asked if I am fine, it is unfair" etc etc. No one wants a pity party from a privileged Duchess, especially one that insults the family that she has married into, and one that plays cat and mouse with the media.

  44. Because she mixed, there you go, there’s ur answer. She’s a woman and she’s mixed, British people don’t like that, it’s happened to princess Diana. Men have more power than women

  45. That's right! They should be fighting back! They don't deserve this treatment! They're both great people! I love them and baby Archie!

  46. I can't believe the media is still hurting Prince Harry and his wife who are just enjoying the parenthood of their first born. Why hijacking their personal life? Why hack the private letter? This is not nice mail pls leave Prince Harry alone with his family pls pls am begging you as a mother as well as a patient with mental illness, you are pushing Prince Harry and his family to psychosis depression again. Pls stop doing this to our Prince. It's not nice what you are doing. You have been so mean to this young couple pls respect their privacy.

  47. This is a lose lose situation no matter how you see it.They are public figures who will be forever scrutinized no matter what they do.This is their reality.Such a shame to live under this sort of pressure.

  48. Fals tv show = add new fals layer txt spread on global ! Next new tabloids txt crap are set up by fals minded souls !

  49. Every UK TV interview has shut down it's replies supportive of Harry and Megan, Harry is by far the most popular royal since his mother and Buck Palace will try to destroy that now's he's married a black woman,

  50. People royal press officer's within Buck Palace control the press and from day one they've been against her, Lady Di stood up to them and it cost her, her life ultimately, Christ nearly ever one of Megan's private royal secretaries quit within the first two weeks, the royals are institutionalised racists, it's that simple

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