Taking Charge of Your Health

– Hi, I’m Carly Gallagher. I am a naturopath and yoga
teacher here in Melbourne, and I’m really excited to
be sharing this little story with you because it’s
really changed my life and also those of my clients. I’ve been a naturopath for 20 years, and just recently I have become a yoga teacher; and it was on my yoga teacher training that I came across the
Amrita Easy Detox range that really was the first
thing that I’ve seen in 20 years in practice
that really delivered the results that it said
it was going to deliver. The first thing that
really stood out for me with this product was the
fact that it came in a sachet, not a big container of powder, not a hundred capsules
that you had to take. So for me, the ease of this product was the first thing that appealed to me. The second thing about the product that was also a bonus was
the fact that it tasted good. You know, who has ever tasted
herbal products and thought, oh my God, I’m never gonna last. Well, this product really tastes
great; and when you mix it with either your smoothie
or coconut water, it really is an easy way
to consume the product. So I tried the Easy Detox
program, the seven days; and I had amazing results, but
it wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to be, to bring it home and pilot it across a number of clients with various different conditions to see whether it really delivered
the impact that I knew that these herbal combinations
could potentially deliver. And let me just say, over 20 people that I piloted it across,
every single person had a positive change to their health in just seven days; and
it’s for this reason that I recommend that to
anybody of varying illnesses. So the types of clients that
I have seen amazing results with include not just those people who wanna do a seasonal
detox, but also people who want to lose weight, have
irritable bowel conditions, have hormonal dysfunction where they have conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian, and
amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea. They’re perfect candidates
for this detox range. This product really does
reduce inflammation, support better sugar metabolism, improve gut function, and
also the immune system. It’s packed full of tumeric, which we know has got amazing benefits across the board with things like cancer and arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. So there really is no limit
to the scope of this product and the benefits that
it’s been able to deliver. (soothing music)

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