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– Hi, I’m Carly Gallagher. I am a Naturopath and yoga
teacher here in Melbourne, and I’m really excited to be sharing this little story with you because it’s really changed my life and also those of my clients. I’ve been a Naturopath for 20 years, and just recently I have
become a yoga teacher. And it was on my yoga teacher training that I came across the
Amrita Easy Detox range that really was the first
thing that I’ve seen in 20 years in practice that
really delivered the results that it said it was going to deliver. The first thing that
really stood out to me with this product was
that it came in a sachet, not a big container of
product, not 100 capsules that you had to take. So for me, the ease of this product was the first thing that appealed to me. The second thing about the product that was also a bonus was
the fact that it tasted good. Who has ever tasted herbal products and thought, oh my God,
I’m never gonna last. Well, this product tastes great and when you mix it with either a smoothie or coconut water it really is an easy way to consumer the product. So I tried the Easy Detox
program, the seven days, and had amazing results. But it wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to be able to bring it home, and pilot it across a number of clients with various different conditions to see whether it really delivered the impact that I knew
these herbal combinations could potentially deliver. And let me just say, out of 20 people that I piloted it across, every single person had a positive change to their health. In just seven days. And it’s for this reason that I recommend that to anybody with varying illnesses. So the pilot across 20 people really delivered amazing results for me. But I really wanted to
take this product further. And that’s when I recommended to Amrita that a sachet a day after
that seven day cleanse is going to deliver
the long term benefits, the anti-inflammatory response, the better carbohydrate metabolism, the improved gut function, and that extra weight loss people are really looking for over the next, you know, 50 to 100 days. So we put together a maintenance pack which I’m really pleased to be able to deliver to my clients in Australia because not only do they
get the seven day detox, they get the extended benefit of these combination of herbs which is really accelerating
people’s well-being beyond what I ever hoped. Not only is the product fantastic, and the benefits amazing, but Amrita have really taken
care of everything else. In terms of ordering, it’s very simple. I just refer people to my website. They click a button, and order a product direct from Amrita and they take care of all the shipping and logistics, and
within one to two weeks, your product’s arrived at your doorstep and you’re ready to go. So it’s really a very, very simple process for everybody involved. So the types of clients that I have seen amazing results with include not just those people who want to do a seasonal detox, but also people who want to lose weight, have irritable bowel conditions, have hormonal dysfunction where they have conditions
such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhea, they’re perfect candidates for this detox range. Those people who have inflamed liver or impaired detoxification capabilities. People who have been on antibiotics or have been in post-surgery and need a product that can really get their body recovering quicker. And also those people who
have seasonal allergies. This product really does
reduce inflammation, support better sugar metabolism, improve gut function, and
also the immune system. It’s packed full of turmeric, which we know has got amazing benefits across the board with things like cancer and arthritis and other
inflammatory conditions. So there really is no limit to the scope of this product, and the benefits that it’s been able to deliver. There’s certain conditions though, that we need to be mindful of, that this product
wouldn’t be relevant for. And that is, people who are pregnant. People with certain food intolerances with herbs that are contained
within this product. People with certain medications like warfarin or statin drugs. So it’s really important that you talk to your health professional
before ordering this product. So in all honesty, this
product really is fantastic. And whether you’re a health professional or a health-minded person, really this product is
going to be fantastic right across the board. So if you have any
questions about the product, I’m more than happy to answer them. You can get in contact with me via my website in the link below, or my Facebook page. And I really do hope that
you enjoy the product as much as I do.

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