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Our patients that have received prolotherapy
have been able to increase their range of motion, to decrease their pain, improve their
quality of life which includes playing with their kids and their grandkids, being able
to bike or run or hike again. Hi, I’m Dr. Squires, and I work at the Center
For Healing Neurology. I’m a naturopathic doctor and a licensed acupuncturist. Prolotherapy is the idea that your body’s
innate ability can heal itself. So, it’s using a sclerosing agent to irritate
an injured area to promote your body’s own healing factors, the growth factors, inflammatory
factors to come and heal that tissue. Prolotherapy can be used for people with chronic
joint pain, if they have ligaments, tendons, minor tears, instability, those are the types
of people who should be thinking of prolotherapy. When you come in for prolotherapy, you should
expect to get injected with a syringe filled with a sclerosing agent to recreate the inflammatory
response in your body and then the whole inflammatory cascade is about 4-6 weeks. Usually, you need about three treatments of
prolotherapy before you can ensure longterm relief. So, prolotherapy is great when we have hypermobile
ligaments, maybe minor tears. The next level of regenerative medicine is
platelet-rich plasma therapy which takes a concentrated dose from your own body and injects
it into the area of injury. And that’s great when we have more severe
tears or when we have mild osteoarthritis.

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