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29 thoughts on “Prostatitis Prostat Gland – 100% Treatment Homeopathy – Sabal Pentarkan 75 – Dr Ashwani Attri

  1. Dhanyabad!
    I am from Nepal. I have been suffering from prostate gland for last fifteen years, now I am under the medication.If you are willing I would like to seek your advice? Thanks!

  2. respected sir my sister is 40 years old.unka bohat jaldi jukham and gala khrab ho jata hai.gale me resha girta hai.she having 5 years old baby boy.usko bi puri winter coldand gala khraab rahta hai har winter use bohat allopathic medicine di jati hai 15 din theek rahta hai fir cold and gala khraab .bacha hai parhej bi nahi karta.koyi best homeopathic medicine bataye.medicine ka proper name and company bataye

  3. dr.sahab mujhe urine me prob hai,urine flow slow hai,prostate normal hai,diabeties nahi hai,urine discharge pe jalan bhi nahi hai.b baar baar nahi jana padta par samay lagta hai.meri age 52 year hai.suggest homoeopathic drugs.

  4. sir good evening i am having some prostrate problem after passing urine some 10 to 12 minutes getting pain pain in penis and some very low quantity urine remains in bladder after passing urine i am putting some pressure for removing compleate urine from bladder even then some quantity urine come out and spoilling my clothes so sir pl guide which best homeopathy medicine should i use to come out from this problem secondaly i am having cervical spondilasis for that also suggest best homeopathy medicine and pl kindaly tell where those medicines available near by santacruz bby as i am staying in santacruz east mr niranjan

  5. Sir, On 19/02/2018 the result of master health check up showed my PSA level as 19.79 . I consulted urologist and on his advice has been on urmax 0.4 and antibiotics as the urine culture showed presence of preteus vulgaris Thank god I came in contact with you you thanks to you tube. It was interesting then I started taking baking soda and marple syrup one and one and half t.sp for two weeks and the PSA level came from 19.79 to 12,10 on 21/03/2018. The urologist has prescribed cefuroxime axetil tablets 500 mg 500 mg for two times for 20 days and the same medicines 250 mgs two times for ten days which is to be completed by tomorrow and urimax 0.4 for six months. He advised me to come with psa report after completing antibiotics for deciding the need for biopsy depending on the psa value. Kindly advise me whehther sabal pantakaran will reverse psa value as well as resolve my prostate problem. Kindly give your advice and medicines Doctor. Thanks a lot for your service to humanity.
    regards. P. Sadagopan

  6. Sir majhe peshab me jalan aur pesab jaise chodta hun to pure penis ke ander jalan aur dard hota hai sur peshab ek baar mein nahi hota jaldi jaldi hota hai aur dono pairon ke talvon mein jalan hoti hai aur khana khane baad pairon mein jalan jyada hone lagta hai lekin jis din khana achha digest ho gaya us din thik rahega peshab bhi pairon ka jalan bhi plz koi upchar bataiye

  7. Sir my age 29 my problem is prostate cyst 2×1.6 size can i use sabal pentarkan or sabal serrulata what is the best medicine require me sir

  8. Sir, I have been using urimax d for the last 15years and also R25 for last one and half years with some gaps. Now the condition is bit poor than before. Kindly advise how to get rid of bph/ prostatitis.

  9. Dr Miri Umar 36 sal Hy mujhe cystitis Hy or e coli Hy pishab karty waqt bhut jaln Hoti Hy mujhe koi dawa batay my ni canhtris liya faida nhi howa

  10. I have prostatitis for two years and the condotion is still incurable
    My doctor told me this folloing fact:
    If your chronic prostatitis has not been cured witinin the first year this means that the condition caused you another complication which is bladder neck obestruction which is a scar in the area of tha bladder neck connecting the prostate and unfortunately this should me cured by a simple surgery through the urethra
    So it will not heal forever and will cause other serious complications later

  11. प्रोस्टेटाइटिस पर आपकी बहुमूल्य जानकारी के लिए धन्यवाद। इसके इलाज के लिए होम्योपैथी दवाओं को यहां ऑनलाइन खरीदा जा सकता है –

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