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proven home remedies for white furry
dung here are some tested remedies without
any side effects to get you relief from this condition number one salt salt is
one of the best remedies to treat white coated dung salt has the antibacterial
properties it has the ability to kill the bacteria that causes the white Thung
process table salt is different from sea salt it acts as a natural scraper due to
its hard texture number 2 baking soda baking soda has the power to remove dead
skin cells from the surface of the tongue which causes the white tongue
thus maintains the stable pH level in the mouth
number 3 aloe vera aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and healing properties
it has the ability to kill pathogens in the mouth which is the main reason for
bad breath number 4 garlic one of the active compound present in garlic is a
licen which has the same effect as glucan is all this is used to prevent
and treat candidiasis fungal infection number five apples and carrots by Nature
both apple and carrot are crunchy foods which contain a lot of water this is
good for healthy teeth apples and carrots are natural neutralizers of
bacteria which make them naturally aggressive if you liked the video give
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