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notification Typhoid fever is a potential infection
deadly caused by Salmonella bacteria typhi.
It is usually transmitted by absorption water or contaminated food.
Its main symptoms are: prolonged fever, fatigue, headache,
nausea, abdominal pain and disorders transit (constipation or diarrhea). A
rash can occur in some patients. Serious cases can lead to
serious complications or death. Typhoid fever can be treated with
antibiotics but the progression resistance to different types of antibiotics
makes the treatment more complex. Even after the disappearance of symptoms,
subjects can remain carriers of the bacterium responsible for typhoid and,
therefore, pass it through the faeces. Typhoid fever is very common in
where drinking water and sanitation are missing. Potable water access
and adequate sanitation, health education, respect for the good
hygiene practices in people who handle food and vaccination
are all effective ways to fight against typhoid fever.
Crush a handful of garlic (1/2 kilos) + 02 onions, boil the mixture in
02 liters of unsweetened milk. 2. Two kilos of papaya root + 1 large
foot of aloe vera + 8 lemons cut in 4, boil in 5 liters of water until
get 4.5 liters. Have a drink in the morning, a midday drink and a drink in the evening.
3. Frequent consumption of lemon heal to typhoid fever. Thank you for watching this video
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