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KKAAAMMEE_HAAAAAMMMEEE (sound of energy charging) HHAAA!!!!!( (energy blast) Peace. This is brother Michael and basically
what I want to bring to you all today is some basic chi gong exercise. (chi gong music)
Chi gong is basically breath control and utilizing utilizing the universal life energy that each and every
one of us have access to. Basically, chi is a universal life force energy.
It’s a blood force all around the universe. Ok? And so, basically, what this one is called
the Balance of Triunity. So what it does is it help allow one neutralizes through one’s
own cellular structure. Also, what it does it harmonizes all 3 Dantiens.(which are basically
energy centers that you can store energy) So if you want longevity, reverse long aging
process, etc. you store it around your lower dantien, which is around your navel, if you want to expand love, project it from the heart and you store it at the back of the heart
dantien,; and if you want higher IQ (intelligent quotient), higher intelligence, then you store
it at your third eye. But what this tool does is do that in one full single process.
So what you’ll do is stand with feet about shoulder-length and facing in front of you
and first you inhale…. Exhale… and think about as though you pick up energy like a bucket of water.
of water. And now rise one vertebrae at a time and then project
it from the heart. You would want to keep the tongue at the upper powel.
Then, pushes the hand… pull up. As you exhale, allow the arm to stretch out
Exhale… go down and inhale as we go back up So that is called the Balance of Triunity. Peace.

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