Taking Charge of Your Health

Hey there modern vegans, I’m Margaret and
today I want to talk about Alyse from Raw Alignment’s recent video on how
she cured a UTI with a water fast. I want to start off by saying that this video
is not meant to hate on Alyse in any way. What I want to do is discuss the
kind of misinformation that goes around the vegan community, and hope to hold Alyse to a higher standard. I think she herself holds herself to a
high standard, and in her video she asks her viewers if she should stop sharing
her opinion. And I want to say: Alyse! That’s not what you need to do! You don’t
need to stop sharing your opinion, but you need your opinion to be backed up
with facts and you need to do research that doesn’t just involve talking to
other raw vegans about your own theories on health. You need to make sure that your
views are backed up by science, and while I understand that there are some
things that can be cured by nature, there are other things that cannot – that
require some more modern medicine and I would like to try and help you
understand the difference between those two things. So, in her video, Alyse
describes how she in the past had a UTI that necessitated the use of antibiotics. It had gone into her kidneys and she was on IV antibiotics and was forced to take
a routine of antibiotics after that for seven to ten days. And this was a serious
incident. I think it landed her in the hospital. And in her latest UTI, she cured
it through a water fast – she believes – and she’s trying to help other people. I
get that she wants to help other people to cure their diseases without
antibiotics, that she wants to help women know how to take care of this without
going to the doctor – and that’s when she starts to run into problems. So I don’t
know how things are in the United States, but here in Canada, if you have a UTI and
you go to the doctor, they will have you take a test and see how high the level
of bacteria is in your urine. And THEN they will decide from there whether to
give you antibiotics or not. If you have a doctor that gives you antibiotics when
you do not have a bacterial infection, then that is a problem in and of itself,
and you should probably get another doctor. Here in Canada we try to limit the amount of use of
antibiotics that we have as much as possible. Most doctors will not give you
antibiotics, no matter how certain you are that you need them. And it’s not
common for doctors to push antibiotics on their patients. Perhaps Alyse had a
different experience in the United States, and that’s entirely possible. But
I do want people out there to know that in most countries – and I believe also in
the United States – I mean, I grew up going to – I grew up as an American – and
I used to go to Group Health as a child and they would not give you antibiotics
unless they were absolutely sure that you were sick. They always had lab tests
ordered and they would not give you antibiotics until it was proven that you
had a serious bacterial infection. And this was to avoid giving people
antibiotics for viral infections, which is unnecessary and it helps to create
antibiotic-resistant forms of disease, which nobody wants. So I’m with you there
Alyse – all the way – you should not be taking antibiotics if you do not need
them, and yes, there are some things that you can take care of at home. But when
you are seriously ill, you do need to go see a real doctor. So in her video, Alyse describes that
she had about 28 hours with the infection before she went to the UK Raw
Fruit Festival. And there she ran into Douglas Graham, who told her he had cured
about a hundred women of their UTIs using a water fast. And if you haven’t
heard of Douglas Graham, then you don’t know much about the raw vegan movement
or high-carb low-fat, but you can be forgiven for that. He is I believe a
Chiropractor, from what I was able to glean off of his bio. He is not a medical
doctor, he’s a Chiropractor who provides naturopathic medical advice to people.
And he’s very well known for his water fasts. He’s also well known for his 80-10-10 diet, which inspired Harley and Freelee to create the 30 bananas a day diet, so
he’s he’s well known within that community. And he advised Alyse to drink
water for the next few days and then after her symptoms went away to continue
drinking water for – I think another day, with no other food just a water fast. And
fortunately, when she followed his advice it worked and she didn’t have a UTI
anymore. But there are a few red flags in her story and I’d like to go over those.
First she doesn’t mention some of the classic issues that go on with an upper
UTI infection and those are the ones that can get into your kidneys that are
quite serious. Many doctors will tell you that that what is known as interstitial
cystitis – which is common in many women and it can be – it’s kind of a recurring irritation of
the urethra (sorry if that’s too much information but that’s just a medical
fact). A lot of women do go through this, particularly adult women with partners.
And this can be a constant source of irritation and it usually requires a few
days of a break from activities and plenty of water. And no medical
doctor is going to tell you need to take antibiotics for that, but there is a big
difference between that sort of infection and the kind of one that will
be leading to a kidney infection. The National Health Service advises that if
it’s been 2-3 days without an improvement in your symptoms, that’s when you should
seek medical attention. So if you had two to three days of
drinking lots of water – not necessarily a water fast – but if
you had 2-3 days of drinking lots of water, making sure you’re hydrated and
you don’t see any improvement, then it’s important that you immediately seek
medical attention. And by this I just mean you need to get a laboratory test
to find out if you have high levels of bacteria in your urine. If you do, then you
need to take antibiotics so that you do not get a kidney infection. And I don’t
care what Douglas Graham says, that’s just a medical fact. Why is this important? I think that’s the
big question here. Why is this important? This is important
because in the media today people are looking at vegans and thinking that we
are a group of crazy cult members who don’t take medical advice. And that’s a
concern. I’m sure many of you heard the story about the young boy in Italy who
died because his parents had not provided him with adequate sources of
B12. He was also extremely underweight. His case led to a member of the Italian
parliament – she is a member of Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing party in Italy
– she is advocating for a new bill that would make it illegal for parents to
force their children to be vegan and this would include a prohibition on
vegan diets for children under the age of three. And I think that’s ridiculous. I
mean, if you plan a good diet for your children, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t
have a child that you feed a vegan diet who is under 3. It’s much healthier
than a standard American diet, probably a little bit healthier even than a
standard Italian diet, because Italians are suffering from an obesity crisis
of their own the moment. It can be perfectly healthy. But the reason
people are concerned about a vegan diet is because of these cases that they read
about in the news. I live in Alberta and there was a boy living near Calgary
– the city that I’m from, and his parents were giving him naturopathic medicine and it turned out
that he had meningitis. He died on the way to the hospital after about two
months of his parents seeking out medical care that did not involve going to see a
doctor. So this child died because he did not get the attention of a Western
doctor and that’s just reality. He didn’t get medical attention and so he died and
that is a serious problem. And it’s one that I think vegans need to take
seriously. Like it or not, when you’re a vegan you are representative of the
vegan community, and if you follow unscientific medical advice from people
who are not medical doctors, then you’re going to have problems – you could have
problems. And you’re not always going to have problems, but if you do, it’s going
to be pinned on your vegan diet. Everyone is going to think that kid died because
they were vegan – not because their parents were, you know, not thinking when
they decided not to seek medical attention. So this is an issue. And I think that
this kind of fear and and distrust of Western science is dangerous. Because
while I believe that we need to take good care of ourselves, eat a healthy diet – all those things –
there are also times when we do need to get antibiotics. Antibiotics have saved
millions of lives – probably billions, and it’s not reasonable to contend
that in every situation you can solve these problems with a water fast.
Sometimes you need western medical science in order to solve these issues.
So my message for Alyse is to be sure when you’re doing your research that
you’re not just doing research on the – and by “research” – “research?” what does this even
mean? She asks her viewers to go and do some research and a lot of times this
is looking on forums on the internet for what other people have to say about
what makes sure your disease. And that is not real research! I’m saying, go
to the National Health Service, or a comparable site in your own
country – something that is more valid. Please seek out what the
World Health Organization has to say about these kind of things – and,
believe it or not, these organizations don’t just want you to
take antibiotics for all of your problems! It’s not the Western medical science is
asking you to always do these sorts of things! Western medicine is not about
antibiotics! It’s about curing disease and helping people who are ill,
and I think that there’s this basic distrust that is quite dangerous within
the vegan community and it’s what discredits us. I would love to see more
vegans embrace Western medicine. You can eat a healthy diet, don’t go to
the doctor with every stubbed toenail and every virus, but you know if it’s been a
few days and things are getting worse and worse, you need to see a doctor. And if you have
something similar to what we have in Canada, where you can call and we have a
thing called “health link” – I know in the States they have this for a lot of HMOs –
you can call you can tell them about your symptoms and they’ll tell you whether
you need to come in or not. Much of the time you do not need to come in. You
don’t need to be a burden on the medical system! But there are times when you
really do need to come in, and you should use your common sense. Please do
research that is not just based on articles from the internet and what you
read in a web forum or your raw vegan Reddit. It just saddens
me, because I think Alyse – what she’s doing is probably not going to hurt her, it may not even hurt most
of her viewers, but what if there’s a parent out there who decides to treat their
four year old daughter’s condition with a water fast?! Give me a break! This actually upsets me,
because it’s irresponsible and I don’t think Alyse meant in any way to be
irresponsible, but it was irresponsible and this is what the problem is. It’s not –
Alyse, we want to hear your views. I love your channel, but you need to be
responsible when you’re sharing this kind of information with people. Think
about the consequences, and it’s not just about having a little – I’m not saying
she should just have a warning at the front of her video saying that this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Because the truth is,
her viewers are going to see this as medical advice, whether she warns them or
not. What’s important is being responsible, and really looking into it,
trying to understand the difference between viruses and bacteria. Please try to understand when
antibiotics are necessary! There comes a point when your body has
given up on fighting infection and you do need to seek out antibiotics. It’s not very common, but it does happen.
Sometimes we do need antibiotics and so my message for Alyse is, do us all a
favour, do the vegan movement a favour, and stop spreading this pseudo-scientific BS.
Think about your viewers’ health, think about the possible consequences of what
you’re saying, and just be more responsible. Because when we do have a
message here on Youtube, it is a public platform and may not seem like we’re
doing very much. But a lot of times – especially when you have as many
viewers as you do! People DO take you seriously, and you need to be
thoughtful about the impact that you have on people. So please, please take
this into consideration. This is for Alyse and for anyone else
out there who’s giving health information on their channels: we all
need to try and be as responsible as possible, we need to do real research, not just
talking to people like Doug Graham, not just talking to chiropractors who are
naturopaths – we need to know what’s the worst-case scenario. What
happens when that parent of a four year old puts them on water fast and they die
like this kid here in in Calgary? What happens? You know,
you need to think about that. And it is important. And to everybody else out
there, I’m curious what you think about this video, and what you think about
Alyse’s video. I would love it if you give me a comment below. This has been a
bit of a contentious topic. I know for Alyse it was the first time that she
really received many negative comments on her channel. I felt like it was more
important to make a video just addressing this topic in general than to
leave any negative comments on her site. I don’t think that she meant to do anything wrong, but I just want to give her encouragement to
please think about what you’re doing, what you’re saying to people – and
just take it a bit more heart before you start spreading this information around.
I’d love to hear what you guys have to think about this, and give this video
thumbs up if you liked it, if you didn’t, let me know below what you don’t
like about it. I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who do think you
can cure everything with a water fast but I think you’re wrong! So let the comments begin! Anyway, take care
and have a great day and I will see you in my next video!

100 thoughts on “Raw Alignment: Your Water Fast Cure Could Kill – How I Cured my UTI Response Video

  1. I think you're right about that but of extra medical help. Antibiotics. I prefer the more natural approach but sometimes food grade isn't enough or at I don't think so. I know from experience that overdrinking for a period of time makes the kidneys work to hard plus there's guarantee I don't think that it definitely cures bladder/kidney problems. I didn't work fit me and I was passing, extremely painfully, puss with blood in my urine. It got that bad almost straight away. I had to take antibiotics despite reacting to most medicines. Luckily the infection cleared up superfast. xx

  2. I have cured UTIs by cooking down raw cranberries in water and then straining and drinking the juice. However, none of my UTIs have ever been severe. I still eat as normal. But we are all different and like you said, there are different severities.

  3. I always find that fasting helps me feel more calm, though I only do it for 5 days. I've tried sex, weed and even alcohol to battle anxiety. Fasting seems to be the only way for me personally, so I have isolated myself and I keep single. I'm 38 male, I exercise a lot and when I do eat it's mostly chocolate, chick peas, maple syrup and vega protien powder.

  4. Loved your video! Very well spoken, I think it's important for everyone to be aware of the possibilities that could happen when you do not seek professional medical attention when it is truly needed.

  5. Wow. The way you respond to these comments, you might as well make a video talking about how Alyse needs improvement and how you feel about her. I think it is wrong of you to "bash" on a youtuber solely based on only what you "think" you know about someone based on their videos. You very well could have addressed the matter in a more mature light just as effectively without making a response video. She was solely talking about an experience and she DID edit her video. I just think its silly how you've used this video as a gateway to critisize her channel in general. As i do recall, youtube has always been the place to go be "entertained" by people posting much worse content than describing their own experience. for example people lighting off illegal fireworks in their garage. and im pretty sure if youd type in UTI water cure youd have multiple youtubers posting similar or worse "advice". I have more respect for Alyse as she has not disrespected your video and despite what she uploads, makes a constant effort to acknowledged mistakes and correct them at her best.

  6. Did she die? Nope.. well she explained what HER experience was and it explained how it worked for HER… why don't you just go and make your own content without trying to get attention from successful people .. Spread the love and spread the health to everyone you possibly can

  7. See the thing with UTI's is the symptoms come and go so if she did have one maybe the symptoms just went away and she thinks she cured herself? Cause I've had experiences with utis and my symptoms would come and go! It's so weird but I'm good now

  8. Drinking apple cider vinegar is extremely antibacterial naturally, I'd eat 1 clove of raw garlic due to its antibacterial and and antimicrobial properties. To really kick this in the bud. You can take things that boost your immune system. With the antibacterial x2 and the immune system working to kill bacteria naturally you can kill almost any bacteria on your own before it gets crazy. But when it approaches the late stages. It's smart to see a dr.

  9. This is what happens when people flock to a young 20-something year old who has no actual education regarding nutrition, health, counselling, etc.

  10. UK doctors especially will try to avoid antibiotic use when possible as it costs them a lot of money. I received antibiotics for a UTI last year only after a urine test. Pseudoscience does not help anyone, especially not the vegan community where there is so much legitimate proof about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to animals, the environment and the human body – there's just no need for pseudoscience!

  11. I live in the U.S and anytime i go to the doctors they are very quick to prescribe me antibiotics without tests.. it has been like this all my life as well

  12. Doctors in the USA ABSOLUTELY give antibiotics to patients all the time without testing for bacterial infection. The American health care system is pretty much a complete joke now a days and you should NEVER assume that doctors here are making the best decisions regarding antibiotics.
    Just saying.

  13. In alyse's video she said that you should talk to a doctor but it just worked for her. She was not recommending it to anyone she was just sharing her own experience. So I don't get why that video even deserves a response video. It is ridiculous. It's annoying how people use other people for stupid views get your own content.

  14. The water clense works for me. Here in the US the pharmaceutical industry is a huge income to doctors. What I personally have noticed is that they hand out precipitations to anyone. Being someone who has severe reactions to antibiotics I do believe that treating something holistically before it gets severe (if it gets severe then go to a dr) and fasting can be good for your system. Drinking water can help your body in so many ways and I don't see how what she is doing is dangerous though. Sometimes you need westernized medicine, BUT sometimes you don't…..

  15. Do you think there is a hidden STD problem among that the type of vegans she is involved with? The vasectomy club? If they aren't going to doctors for UTI labs then are they getting tested when they change partners?

    When I was 16 I got a UTI, I figured it out pretty quick and tried to cure it on my own because I didn't want my mom to figure out why I got it. 12 hours later my co-worker looked at me and said go to the doctor, I went got my antibiotics, my mom didn't get mad and yeah the next day I was fine. Sometimes you just need a doctor.
    This also applies to the time I had menegitis induced by Lymes disease, basically the symptoms of menegitis with out the actual bacteria/ virus. We all thought I had the flew until it had been about a week of my symptoms getting progressively worse. Then the day came where I was feeling better and walking around, two hours later I could not move out of bed my mom called the doctor and our doctor told her to get me to the emergency room. At that point I was throwing up because the pain in my head was so bad, being in Connecticut the doctors knew what it was. Without Western medicine I probably would have died a few days later, if that.

    Sorry for the long post.

  16. I cured mine with cranberry juice. I had severe kidney infection that put me in the hospital. After recovering, I had another one which I cured with cranberry juice.

    I did go to the doc later because I was afraid of getting another kidney infection. The test showed I'd cured myself 🙂

  17. I could never ever do a water fast for UTI. I can't even stand how they feel for a few minutes, let alone days, even if they do work for some people. I have antibiotics as a backup at all times, but I do everything possible to prevent the infection in the first place since I am prone. I am raw, too, and have been almost 9 years. I avoid antibiotics at all cost but I would use them if my other methods did not work. I use herbal remedies (either juniper tincture or Uva ursi tincture and d-mannose) and they do work but they take several hours to really make a difference in comfort.
    D-mannose has been my saving grace in prevention. I've had so many UTIs it sucks ass :/ I don't get them very often anymore.

  18. Not sure where about in Canada you are, but in Alberta they will give you antibiotics without testing if they aren't equipped with machines that can test for it instantly.

  19. I had a UTI and tried to flush it with lots and lots of water. 1 week later I started having blood in my urine and the doctor said it's a good thing I came in when I did. Don't do it folks, just go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

  20. wow, in israel we totally get pushed to take antibiotics for everything! and they never do that bacterial test, that you are talking about, it is really bad!

  21. Interstitial Cystitis is not a recurring issue with the urethra that can be resolved with abstinence and water. You should really research with IC is before making statements about. IC is a chronic medical conditions with different classifications and stages. Overall your video is great and has a great message, but you lost me with the the misinformation about IC. I am an end stage IC patient. It's very frustrating to see such a painful and debilitating condition condemned to a urethral issue that can be resolved with abstinance.

  22. I actually haven't seen her video this time but in here, doctors almost never give you antibiotics for UTI (unless you're really old and then it's a bit different). And I'm talking about everybody, we all go to the doc and non get antibiotic (after all the checks and stuff). The only one's that get it is thoes who ask for it or men. (Hello from Israel!) anyway best medicines for it are: beet, tones of water and cranberry juice 👌👌

  23. Seems you didn't listen to her video properly to be thinking that your views and opinions are right and hers are wrong.
    If you listen to the video and what she says she explains it is her experience.
    Why don't you tell us your experiences instead of slamming others.
    But of course, you're not, you're trying to help her🙄

  24. water fast works, I have experience with water fasting to heal sport related injuries and the rate if recovery is MUCH faster than the traditional way, I've never been sick with anything else so I can't talk about bacterial infections but there's a long tradition of natural hygiene curing all sorts of diseases, True North Health is a vegan clinic that uses water fasting,people should give it a shot before taking drugs prescribed by your legal drug dealer aka family doctor

  25. Yes 100% truth and I was vegan and raw vegan and I believe in holistic health and I am no longer vegan and I do believe vegan diet is unhealthy for kids. We are omnivores!

  26. I didn't think there was a vegan on this youtube planet with a lick of common sense, but you just proved me wrong. THANK YOU for this video!!! As a nurse, I concur with you 1,000%.

  27. Sounds like raw alignment cured interstitial cystitis. Not a UTI. But of course she would've needed a lab test to have that confirmed. If she self diagnosed a UTI and then cured herself with water fast I think it's a safe bet it was not a UTI. Good advise tho.

  28. Thank you! I love Alyse but agree that this was an irresponsible video. I hope she considers removing it at some point.

  29. When I had a minor UTI I cured it with a low sugar diet (mostly dark green veggies, and low sugar fruits), Uva Ursi, Cranberry Concentrait pill, and LOTS of water! BUT I surely did not JUST drink water! I had a doctor recommend that I take antibiotics, but supported my decision to try the Uva Ursi first for 5 days, then come back in for tests again. I did that and when I went back to get more tests the infection was gone. But unlike what Alyse did, I was informed and given the 'go-ahead' from a medical doctor! THANK YOU for making this video! I love the Raw Alignment videos, but I agree that a lot of her videos are miss guided and under-informed!

  30. Hey, she was thinking about viewers health! I had suffered for over a year with a uti. Antibiotics took the edge off but actually sent the bacteria to a deeper leyer of tissue. Litres of cramberry juice did not help. I tried anything and everything. It is nice to find alternatives to antibiotics even while antibiotics are lifesaving in the right instances, they are not a foolproof fix all. Basic common sense should be expected from viewers, I'm sure that Raw Alignment did not imply or intend for her sharing of a personal healing experience of a uti to lead people to put todlers on water fasts.

  31. I agree with this completely. She talks about how she doesn't use birth control (natural birth control) or deodorant and recommends those things to others. It's quite irresponsible.

  32. I honestly have never watched her video but antibiotics are so unhealthy. I've had doctors way over prescribe them even some have given them to me without even testing me first.
    and also…those people who watch her video and put their 4 year old on a water fast to cure a UTI honestly shouldn't be allowed to be parents. maybe people need to take what they watch with a grain of salt. her opinions shouldn't be everyone's opinions and people need to have common sense.

  33. I live in the US and between myself and my immediate family, doctors DO dish out antibiotics far more often than necessary. The worst is the dentist, who will prescribe them and tell us "take them just in case". Horrible practice, but it's not uncommon.

  34. @modvegan please look up the difference between cystitis and interstitial cystitis….you will find there is a difference.

  35. In Peru, even if you told your doctor that you don't want antibiotics if posible they still will push you to take them, and that is with no lab test, with so many doctors. Even people taking antibiotics for a flu!!! sadly I had to learn to not trust them and of course do my research to decide when to take them.

  36. A medical doctor knows nothing about nutrition. A chiropractor takes many nutrition classes; an MD usually take none.

  37. I'm very glad that you made this video as I think it's so important that people realize that sometimes the best meaning people can be too extreme. I'm not sure if many people really, really understand what an incredible change antibiotics have made in human history and how many people used to die from so many things that we can now treat most of the time with antibiotics. Of course, they're overprescribed, but no one is forced to take them, and there are times when a patient has the right to tell a doctor they're not comfortable starting antibiotics for a problem. There have been instances when I have done this and me and my doctor would agree that I'd come back in 1-2 days and get antibiotics if a certain condition didn't improve. Hearing that a solution for an infection would include a water fast with no food makes me cringe as that sounds so incredibly dangerous!! You can over hydrate yourself and if you're not eating while only drinking water you're likely not getting the right amount of electrolytes. I agree that Alyse absolutely means well and she has some great videos, but I do hope that she is open to your advice on this serious issue. From what I've learned, any kind of extreme thinking tends to create problems that one may be trying to avoid to begin with. Thanks again for your respectful, honest and informative video!

  38. In America western medicines have so many side effects and drugs are pushed hard here. They all care about the money. You walk in with one problem, you come back with two, end up taking three prescriptions. Certain medicines work best paired with another medicine because of side effects. That's how they make them, that's how they make money. You can hardly find a Dr that will let you go out the door without a prescription. Yeah you can say no, but they'll guilt you for it. Off to find another Dr and the cycle goes on again.

  39. I agree with this a lot! While I have a lot of problems with western medicine, and doctors DO over prescribe medication, you still need to seek medical attention when it could endanger your body or life! Its a balance! Treat a common cold and small health problems with natural remedies, but when it threatens your life then please go to a doctor and take the medicine that will save your life!

  40. Raw Kristina's diet saves life's, saved mines that's for sure.. this diet isn't easy, I do it myself one year.. she is amazing.. you on the other hand just aren't naturally beautiful like Kristina… but yeah god gives us the world and everything we need is on it… but then again maybe everything can be cured by natural things.. hey raw Kristina literally cured CANCER.. thank god for raw Kristina…

  41. I get frequent utis and I also have interstitial cystitis, I know my body when I need to see a doctor. When it hasn't gone away in 2 days and it's feeling different, I see my doctor. I live in Canada. But I first cut out all beverages that aren't water and drinking 4-5 litres a day and it really helps. But however if you have a real infection it will never cure it.

  42. Chiropractors are real doctors. They study for years to learn the physiology and anatomy of the human body, as well as the intricacies of the human spine and spinal health. To say chiros aren't real doctors is pretty hurtful considering how hard they work and how many people they help. Do you think Osteos don't help people? That they aren't real doctors? My osteo studied for five years (same as a law degree!) to treat me and has been amazingly helpful for my recurring conditions.

    Secondly, eastern medicine is just as valid as western medicine. Please learn some more about eastern medicines, as well as naturopathy and homeopathy. I've also been treated with these as a family member trained and practiced in them and has friends who still do. Please go learn more. Yes some things cannot be cured by Eastern medicines, Western medicine knows a lot, but so does Eastern medicine. There's nothing wrong with learning more and embracing knowledge. Please let me know what you think.

  43. I got a UTI and took antibiotics. I've been suffering and trying to heal from that for 2 years now. I went to many different doctors and they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I've since learned about biofilm, which antibiotics will not kill. In fact, antibiotics can make the UTI worse because it destroys your gut and bad pathogens proliferate. Science is now finding that people who have reoccurring UTI's can actually be suffering the same infection due to biofilm. My symptoms just never went away. Doing a water fast helps to reset the immune system and kill pathogens. This is based on science not magical thinking. I have also come to discover that many people who have been diagnosed with IC may not actually have IC but a biofilm problem that irritates the bladder. It's very hard to eradicate. Water fasting is not a pseudo science. I do agree that you need to have common sense, if a UTI goes to the kidneys that can be very dangerous. But It's not improbable that a water fast can cure a UTI infection while also inhibiting the formation of biofilm. You might be interested in doing more research on water fasting.

  44. I get where you are coming from, but if you want to be respected and say you have a better view, maybe make a video that isnt attacking one YouTube channel. Maybe just have an informative video about why you feel its important to see a doctor. Because if you are sincere on "saving" her viewers this is doing the opposite. Itll make people feel like you are either A. Trying to get a bigger following by mentioning her or B. Just want to hate on her beliefs for some weird personal reason..which in result will make people choose a cure method from whos side they are on, which for her followers theyll choose her way. Maybe even more now that you posted this.

  45. My MIL is a doctor and a damn good one specializing in healing through nutrition. She told me not to water fast…I had a uti when I was pregnant that turned into a bladder/kidney infection. I didn’t take antibiotics because they make me very sick but they gave me something else. If I had water fasted it could have killed me

  46. Don't understand why you name and try to shame 😂 … i personally think small minded like you have no opinion in the matter as you cannot judge waterfast until you try for yourself… research has been proven to cure cancer soooooo your actually irritating

  47. You can "cure" any state of dis-ease within ones body thru a propper water fast. Disease can not survive in an alkaline enviroment, get educated folks, if it is complex it is probably overly expressed, the truth is simple.

  48. As a person studying naturopathic medicine and as an herbalist I will say that naturopathic medicine is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. And it has been extensively documented that doctors in the US DO push antibiotics and other medications. Alice is not advising parents to give their 3 year old child a water fast. Understand her audience, alot of her viewer may not have done anything for their UTI because they have had so many bad experiences with medical doctors (which is a common reason for people to turn to alternative living ie veganism and naturopathic medicine.) There is many antibacterial herbs that have been studied and can be just as powerful as antibiotics without destroying gut flora. If this is the first UTI, antibiotics can knock it out quick and easily so you can get back to work and regular life. But if someone has reoccurring UTIs, as many as once a month, this is best addressed holistically so the body does not move into chronic illnesses for not addressing the root cause of the UTIs earlier. Taking antibiotics this often is extremely detrimental to the gut flora which can lead to so many other health issue such as leaky gut, IBS or worse. In this video there is so much scrutiny for her "not getting real medical advice" but I am not seeing much backed up information in this video either, while Alice did get medical advice from a respected practioner (wheather you agree with his practices or not) she was sharing what worked for her and this may help people that have never heard of water fasting or thought about alternative healing modalities before and this may be the key to their healing journey. Viewers need to take responsibility in discerning what healing methods are right for them and for many people, conventional medicine is not the sole answer. And the only way for people to really use their discernment and express their sovereignty is having people to present other options for us so we then have more power to choose what is right for our bodies.

  49. Thanks so much for this video! You should really discuss more health issues and vegan health backed up with facts. Its helped me and most likely a lot of people!

  50. Finally I hate that people don’t understand an untreated UTI will result in a kidney infection which can turn deadly VERY quickly

  51. Sadly I live in Alberta, Canada and I've been prescribed antibiotics without testing as well. It depends what doctor you see, I believe.

  52. After taking rounds of antibiotics in 2014 and completely destroyed my gut I recently found her video.. and guess what? It worked! Thank you Alyse for sharing! 🙌🙌🙌 let her share HER TRUTH

  53. It is because Alyse is pretending to be Raw Vegan (simply for the camera). In fact, Alyse pretends a lot of things.

  54. Ummm, her video was about "fasting" Why did you not even try to counter or disprove her method? You didnt stay on topic or keep a coherent thread going. Listen to it.

  55. girl you're only against alyse from raw alignment there are a lot of you tubers who have used the same method and saying that the results are good I think it should be more respectful if you have not mention anybody and just provided the information for the viewers to consider

  56. You’re body doesn’t go into a starvation until after 72hrs. Therefore starving for 3 days isn’t detrimental to health. Not intaking glucose or any food for the bacteria for this long would starve and kill them. She gave a disclaimer in her video about going to the doctor and she had been treated and knew the symptoms. She also talks about educating yourself on UTIs and the treatment she used. She gave her disclaimers there’s nothing wrong with her experience. She didn’t say don’t take antibiotics or leave all modern medicine behind. It’s not her responsibility how people take her advice if she has been responsible and given all disclaimers.

  57. Being a vegan or not isn't really very relevant on this issue. The fact is, one can cure themselves of a UTI in the EARLY stages. Having D mannose, or drinking lots of water or both, can do it. Having some e.coli in your bladder does not necessitate antibiotics. The body can overcome it. But if it gets to the point where you have pain when urinating (pain, as opposed to a little irritation) your body has lost the battle and you have to get prescription meds. Problem is, these meds can fail. Drinking loads of water even after your meds are finished, for about ten days, will help stave off a recurrence. Add D mannose to the mix, and garlic and you'll increase your odds.

  58. The key is testing for the right antibiotic. A susceptibility test for the specific bacteria is very important that a lot of US doctor do not do. At least not at the VA hospital. You can NOT trust all doctors in the US to do this professionally, if so, then you will be dead. I been there where she was at and had to go to an expensive naturopath to reverse the esbl antibiotic resistence problem that happened from going to US doctor.

  59. Just an observation|Raw Vegans happen to have the most subscribers out of the vegan community.Why is that?

  60. Have you ever intended a water fast? Water fasting is ancient and beneficial in every way possible, it makes me sad to see a video like this, hospitals and doctors are in it for the money most of the time, natural cures save lifes.I mean it’s from nature?!? I don’t believe in hospitals, I believe in divine natural health and nature. Stand in the energy of miracles and faith and watch the universe respond with all of your needs. I speak from my own experience but it’s amazing to think I am not the only one, it’s all based on what you believe to be true and what you’re open about for it to enter your life or not. Anything is possible and there are no limitations especially with strong intention.

  61. I also was very frustrated by how she talked about how you contract a UTI. It isn’t caused by anyone being “dirty”, the common bacteria that causes a UTI is bacteria that is very naturally occurring in human bodies, it is simply being displaced. This rhetoric that raw alignment uses in her video makes it seem like people who get frequent UTI’s are dirty and aren’t clean, which is not true.

  62. Has anyone told you the way you talk n then the short blonde hair which I think is newer but you remind me of the glee coach… Anyways I'm not vegan but I appreciate your Insite and honesty and fairness in this video. Kidney uti infections happen before you even know so a water fast will not cure that and I doubt a regular one caught quick but I don't know. What I do know is nothing but the doctors has cured any of mine. I eat meat I love it but I understand why it's an option that many choose. I wanted to thank you for being realistic and honest about the reasons people get scared off by veganism. I am from Maine one big hippy state and you are right vegans who go around blasting with unfounded proof and suggestions or at times out right telling people they live wrong bc they live different and I can't take that seriously or even consider but when you do research and acknowledge the bs that does scare people away and I just want to tell you I appreciate your input and I apologize for my poorly constructed comment. It's 4am.

  63. I had a kidney infection once and I was in the hospital for 4 days receiving IV antibiotics. I went home with a PICC line and needed IV antibiotics at home. I am very grateful for those antibiotics. The infection could have caused sepsis and I could have died. I will always take antibiotics for UTIs and strep throat.

  64. Also a kidney infection left untreated could eventually go septic and septic could kill you so I wouldn’t just water fast

  65. I live in Canada. I had chronic UTIs for a few years. I tried to treat with cranberry unsuccessfully. I was prescribed antibiotics until they stopped working. I went to a naturopath who gave me tincture that included Goldenrod and Uva ursi. * Please note uva ursi should not be used over the long term, consult your health care practitioner * I was also advised to cut out sugars, fruit, wheat temporarily and keep well hydrated. Symptoms dissipated quickly and I did not have another UTI for 2 years. I now take a cranberry supplement daily to PREVENT (not treat) UTIs.

  66. I'd leave the poor girl alone a lot of people make videos about their opinions on "what to does" about anything and every thing ! Not just natural remidies … I have natural rem. That a lot of Dr.s don't even know about. Nor care. When I've spoken to them about it they won't even back up natural rem. Coz they only want us to listen to them and their medicine. I've gotten a lot of push back from Dr.s for something as natural as coconut oil healing yeast infections. WHY DO YOU energise over this girl sharing her info? You sound like a "know-it-all" with smug smiles etc. targeting individuals just so YOU can seem smarter… is actually pure evil. She wasn't giving advice to parents with toddlers she's not responsible for STUPID YOUTUBERS but it seems like in this case SHE IS HERE!

  67. I'm prone to exposing toxicity and petty, bitchy, jezebelling can be cured with a natural remedy by taking a huge dose of "humility 3 times per day!

  68. She was just sharing her experience, what's wrong this that please? It happens that I also could heal an UTI and number of other conditions with water fasts. Sorry for not being part of conventional medicine, but it worked. There are a lot of problem with conventional medicine and you have to be a fool not to see them.

  69. Has her UTI confirmed? Or just symptoms? May be she was just dehydrated and several glasses of water is all what she needed it. If she was infected with dangerous bacteria , she needs to be treated as soon as possible to save her kidney or prevent from sepsis…We see many people come in the clinic with all different kind of symptoms due to dehydration. Many people drink large coffee thinking they are hydrating. I am a medical doctor in US getting really tire of many of my patients get ill from so call natural medicine people without proper medical training practice medicine blaming doctors for pushing pills…These multi billion dollars so call natural medicine brain wash so many people to believe western medicine is bad and their products will make them healthy…

    Do you know this chiropractor Doug almost killed the young lady name Leah who got infected by drinking water. She had underlying ulcerative colitis. This kind of people needs close medical supervision for long water fasting..She had none.Her mother who was a nurse saw her and took her to ER but this Doug guy discouraged her going to ER saying this is the process of getting better from fasting. She was admitted to ICU and started IV antibiotics. She was severely anemic as well. Doug guy charges over$8000 for long fasting in third world country without any medical supervision. I don’t know how many other victims are there that we do not know.. that is why he has this fasting place in third world country like Coast Rica. ..

  70. But she did cure it….why are there videos so against fasting when people cure their diseases. There’s so much science behind fasting too it’s not new people

  71. I just drink Indian golden milk every night before bed and eat a lot of garlic and it cures it.
    But in the milk, besides turmeric, I also add ginger, cinnamon and black pepper.

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