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43 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts to SCRUBS | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

  1. Doctor is the last thing I want to be, I cannot bear the thought of shouldering such a heavy responsibility

    Much respect for all of the doctors out there! ?

  2. Had to jab a needle into a person while i was doing my blood collection course. Failed at it badly becasue i am afraid needles/poking needles at people.

  3. I once took my 2 week old baby to the ER because her temp was 100.5. I thought I was overreacting and would be sent home. In the 20 minute drive to the hospital her temp rose above 102. Within hours she was diagnosed with meningitis and we had a full team of doctors covered head to toe checking on us regularly. I remember rounds being so scary listening to them all talk about her. But it was also very comforting knowing how many people were working on making her better. They said her case would likely be taught for years to come because of how crazy it got and proved the importance of doing a spinal tap on a seemingly healthy infant with a fever. Forever grateful to them. She's a spitfire 4 year old now. ?

  4. I'm so happy that in vet school when we do rounds we don't have patients that understand what we're saying, plus they love us regardless of the outcome

  5. Hahahhaa 3 or 4 patients to see on arrival is a dreamy on call shift in the NHS !
    But in fairness I have never woken up before 6am.
    So swings and roundabouts 😉

  6. Uhhh hey so i want to be a pathologist and i understanding having to do different rotations during yr 3 and 4, which is ok. But, i wont have to do all this during pathology residency right? RIGHT??

  7. A Registered Nurse can put in a NGT. Why ask a doctor? They can insert IV’s and they can prescribe paracetamol/acetaminophen. Registered Nurses can also pronounce death. Guess things are different in Australia.

  8. Older episode I know but you would just have to see more episodes. The main cast and secondary characters change and grow in a very relatable manner. Even the "mean" doctors show how they came to be that way and have big hearts.

  9. R.E: the whole having knowledge doesn’t give you experience thing, my consultant neurosurgeon very seriously joked that I’m right to avoid A&E at all costs seeing as the drs there (bar the consultant) know diddly about squat ? so accurate to my experience

  10. Dear Doctor Mike, please get a shirt a size or two larger. Looking like you're wearing a woman's XXS shirt makes you look ridiculous. There's fitted, and then there's looking like you took someone's laundry by accident.

  11. My toddler was trying to get my attention with his hands on my chest and all I could think was "chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions " and I burst out laughing

  12. I work in the ER at a Children's hospital and all I do is get basic info and insurance info from the parents. But yo, let me tell you, trying to get that sort of stuff from a parent whose child just died, not fun at all. So I cant imagine what it's like to be a doctor having to TELL the parents the child is dead

  13. omg you're a doctor who praises nurses… my husband and inlaws are doctors and the most pompous people ever lol I'm a scientist and we're cool though

  14. I know nothing about medicine, however some of the things Dr. Mike says honestly I kind of already knew due to the simple fact I’ve visited enough doctors and hospitals.

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