Taking Charge of Your Health

(gentle music) – My name’s Mason. I guess I’m a graduate now of
Naturopathic Medical School. I am just in the process
of finishing up that degree with some board exams and everything. I live here in Vancouver right now. I work a lot with athletes
and injuries in my practice, and I grew up, I was an athlete,
I played a little hockey and with that came a lot of injuries. Yeah certain injuries
that kind of held back and were really locked
into my nervous system. I met Irene through a
mutual friend actually. You should check out
this woman, she’s doing some pretty interesting,
cutting edge work. So, I looked her up online
and I checked her website, and social media and all that and I just had this really big
inkling to reach out and I said hey I am really interested
in the work you’re doing. I wanna know how I can get involved and I wanna be a part of this. I know that I came in with a
lot of self-esteem problems, a lot of anxiety. The number one thing
that I’ve come away with, is the ability to trust myself. When you really find that you
can trust yourself there’s a real sense of peace and
at home ness with that. And when I look back at
myself four years ago, six years ago, I never had that and it was very chaotic way to go through the world. Now I’m not navigating life with a compass that is unpredictable, my compass seems more
straightforward and true to me. The program has allowed me to kind of, be my own calibrator and not
outsourcing this calibration, I can just kind of fine tune my compass and my trust of myself. Which has been great for my career, great for my relationships,
great for my patients, like I said with my career, and just great for the world. There’s always something
to learn and there’s always new perspectives that are gained and new realization to come with
even the simplest of lesson. The work has been a really gentle and thorough reminder of who I am, and I can’t thank it enough for even that. This’ll be my fifth year
going through the program and it feels like it’s brand new and I’m really really excited. Yeah, there is a sense
of accountability that comes with this work that
doesn’t just end here with me or you, there’s friends. And people are starting to see that.

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