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Hello guys, If you’ve been struggling with
chronic acnes for many years no matter how much expensive the skin care products, treatments
and supplements you have spent for, this video is for you. Please watch it because it will change your
life. I’m 30 years old now and I had been with
chronic acnes since I was a teenager. After I got married, I tried the birth control
pills. But believe me, they left me with a real disaster
with my overall well-being. And I will have another video talking about
the truth about the birth control pills later but today I want to focus on chronic acnes
and the most effective way you can get away from it. So you guys, I know that having chronic acnes
can definitely reduce our life quality a lot, right? And sometimes it feels like we are stuck or
we get lost. But I won’t waste time talking about those
feelings in those … in this video because we all know how difficult our days are with
those stubborn inflamed spots on all over your lovely faces. Today I want to share with you a very simple
and effective way so that you can win chronic acnes. And remember, every time you are going on
a complicated way, you might be heading the wrong direction because the TRUTH is always
very simple. So let me tell you the first truth about chronic
acnes. The first truth is that your skin care products
can help you maximum only 20% of your problem because 80% must come from a healthy DIET
with the help of some useful supplements. When you hear this, please stop wandering
around online shops for acnes skin care products for a while because I will have a separate
video talking about some very powerful and helpful products for such external skin cares. The next and most critical part of stopping
chronic acnes is all about stop consuming sugar. But wait. Am I saying something as old as the hills
because you are hearing this again and again and you have followed strictly this advice
but the blemishes are still there? Guess what? When I am talking about sugar I am not only
mentioning the table sugar that you put into your coffee, your cookies, donuts, your cake,
your ice cream or the one already in your soft-drinks or canned juices, chocolate and
candies. Of course, they are the ones that you should
put a stop IMMEDIATELY if you want to run away from chronic acnes. And even later when you are healed from chronic
acnes, even later when the blemishes are gone, you have to stay far away from them
so that you can maintain the precious outcomes you have achieved. So what are the other sources sugar may come
from? It is from what we are convinced to eat in
a big quantity everyday: STARCH or carbohydrate such as Rice (especially refined white rice),
white bread, usual pasta and noodles, potatoes and similar foods high in sugar that is measured
by high glycemic index. If your condition is very severe, very serious
at the moment when you are watching my video, I highly recommend that you stop eating starch
or carbohydrate for a week. That means only protein (a medium amount of
protein) and a large amount of fruits, vegetables. And when I am talking about proteins I am
not talking about the ones you can find in fast food restaurant like KFC or MacDonald. The scientific base for this is not hard to
understand: The spikes in blood sugar which arise from eating high-glycemic foods cause
excessive oil production in our skin. And guess what, it is not surprising to know
that the high-glycemic foods list includes the white rice, white bread, the usual pasta,
potatoes and so on. They are the foods that we have been advised
to eat in a large quantity every day since we were children right? And this is the reason why there are so many
people out there these years are fighting with chronic acnes. Ok guys, if what I’ve just told you triggered
your curiosity about chronic acnes, let me explain you more scientifically: The higher
carbohydrate and sugar contributions in high-glycemic diets, generally lead to increased plasma
levels of insulin – a hormone produced by pancreatic cells. It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates,
fats and protein by promoting the absorption of carbohydrates, especially glucose from
the blood into fat, liver and skeletal muscle cells. High-glycemic diets also promote increased
blood levels of another substance called free insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). IGF1 plays an important role in childhood
growth and adulthood anabolic effects. IGF-1 and insulin is thought to promote acne
in a similar way that is NOT ONLY promoting follicular obstruction through inducing androgen-mediated
sebum production, but ALSO a thickening of the outer layers of skin called hyperkeratosis,
as well as an epidermal hyperplasia, a proliferation of skin cells. All of this means WHAT? It means you have traffic jam in your pores
that attract bacteria causing acnes. And guys, if besides chronic acnes, you are
also suffering from chronic dandruff, this video might be talking about you right
now. There are many reports from scientists which
try to alarm us about the relationship between chronic acnes and insulin resistance. So after this video I suggest that you google
this issue so that you can know more about chronic acnes and insulin resistance. Now let go back to the week that you say No
to STARCH or carbohydrate. What happens after that? After that, of course you can then get starch
or carbohydrate back to your normal diet every day but you have to follow 2 things. Not one of them but both of them. The first thing is you have to change the
type of carbohydrate or starch that you are eating right now to brown rice, to quinoa
several times a week, to whole grain varieties of pasta, bread, noodles and so on. The second thing is that you should cut the
quantity down to maximum only 1 cup per meal only, no more And according to my own experience, during
the NO-STARCH week, you may suffer several times a day cravings for sugar. So in order to not fall into temptation, you
should drink a lot of water during this time, and you should always have your favorite fruits
with you. I usually have apples with me even though
… When I have to go out I prepare a bag with several apples inside, so that whenever I
feel that I really need to eat something sweet, eat the fruits only. Now in order to illustrate a minimum starch
or carbohydrate meal might look like, I prepare one for this video. You see: a lot of vegetables that account
for around 80% of the whole meal, some protein and very little starch, each should account
for 10% only, specifically I am eating a one hundred ml cup of quinoa. I like quinoa because it has very low glycemic
index so if I eat quinoa in very small amount like this, my blood glucose after the meal
is maintained pretty properly. In addition, it tastes quite similar to brown
rice, and so I have no difficulty eating quinoa. It is not as difficult as it may make you
to think so. And you will be absolutely happy with the
outcome. Remember: No PAIN, NO GAIN. Please do not miss my next video about a very powerful
natural healing method for chronic acnes and some useful supplements that you should make
friend with during the journey that you fight your chronic acnes away. Thank you for watching my videos, if you like
my video, please like it, please share it and subscribe. Thank you again and see you guys. Goodbye. Have a nice day.

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