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Hello everyone and welcome to So Fresh
& Diet, the chain that gives you fishing! Today video recipe and we find our dear Emmanuelle, naturopath. And we are also welcomed in a nice place, the Gite du Jeu de Paume,
located at Noisy s / School in the 77, that’s a nice place and ideal elsewhere if
you like the forest, so that you can discover the Forest of 3 Gables in full
heart of the Forest of Fontainebleau. I make this video following an article that
I wrote on my website on the 9th September, on the theme of snacks, afternoon tea
of your children, young and old. You can also read directly
this article on the website and you can also take your appointment
for a personalized assessment on this site. So Emmanuelle, how are you?
today ? Very good, thank you Solène, thank you for your invitation
again. With pleasure. So little reminder I am Emmanuelle Perrin,
naturopath, you can discover me on the video of Solène during his interview
on Asian dietetics, you will find the video by clicking on the link that is found
right here. Super Emmanuelle, so today I have
appeal to you so that you can deliver the recipe for a healthy snack but
also energizing. So what did you choose to share with us?
In this perspective, healthy, energizing and then interesting nutritionally I
chose the energy balls. The advantage of this snack is that it is
easy to implement, fast, no cooking, and easy to take away too. And in addition we have the choice of perfumes. We can let go of our creativity. Cocoa, grated coconut, praline, seeds
sesame or cracked pistachio, you can really explore the flavors. And it’s super good. Indeed, you see you tickle my curiosity. I can not wait to find out. We put this in action. Is it gone we practice? We will put on
our aprons and we will show you how what do we do? Last but not least Emmanuelle will show us. Go away! So we are ready for the realization of
these Energy balls. Ingredients: about 200g of dough
date, about 1 tablespoon of oil coconut, 100g of almond powder. And for the flavors, with Solène we chose
cocoa, praline and grated coconut. Usually on the recipes you can
find in Energy balls, we put all the in gradients in the mixer, it homogenizes. But here, for a practical side to achieve
our video, we chose date paste directly. Yes because otherwise we can hang dates
fresh. And whole almonds or hazelnuts
and all mix. We chose the facility.
ok, how are we going? Let’s go ! Ok Emmanuelle I see that you put everything in
the bowl. What shall we do now ?
There is no more ! At work Solène, your turn ! You have to knead. Ok so while we do that is this
that you can explain a little bit the interest nutritional and benefits on the body
of these 3 foods. So I remember we have date paste,
coconut oil and almond powder. So the advantage of all these ingredients
: Already the date brings good carbohydrates, it is
so energizing. Fibers Many nutrients, vitamins, minerals,
trace element. really interesting. And some protein too. Almond powder is mostly good
fatty acids too, including omega 9. It is also a source of vegetable protein. And then, like many trace elements,
minerals. So really at the nutritional level without
go into details, the two ingredients main dates and almond powder
really great contributions. And coconut oil is good acids
saturated fat. (cut the little mess). Studies show that it’s very good
for the nervous system. Yes, it’s actually a saturated fatty acid
who has the property of not storing himself and that will be totally used. So in summary it’s finally a snack
who will really be energizing is a good source of energy. Interesting also for sportsmen. But in addition with all the nutrients, vitamins,
minerals, trace elements that it brings, fibers. Fibers, good for digestion and transit. And then all the nutritional contributions
will be as protective, for the physiology, for the body. Protector of the heart function precisely,
you talked about omega 9 balancing the good cholesterol. And then it makes me think that then
me when I talk about a balanced snack, so I necessarily say that you have to systematically
a touch of pleasure. So we talked about flavors, we’ll see
see you later. But it’s important that a snack contains
at least 2 nutrients. Proteins or lipids, lipids or carbohydrates. To optimize your assimilation and a sensation
satiety effective in time. So here we have everything, proteins
with almonds, a little bit too with the dates. Lipids with almonds again and
coconut oil. And good quality carbohydrates with the
dates that allow us precisely to have a global energy of very good quality. So ? Ba listening I think the texture
she is nice you see, I was waiting there to find out what size roughly
you make the balls. Ba normally hears bites. So it’s true that it will quickly fill
also, it’s the advantage. Ok, so we’ll make them. During the mixing video, move it to
mode speed up and put the generic So Fresh & Diet in the background and unwind
a banner on which is written “Subscribe at Youtube channel So Fresh & Diet for
videos of nutrition counseling and recipes videos » We have finished making small
energetic balls. As you have seen so well
knead before rolling them so that the texture is homogeneous and that
the ball is solid. Now let’s go to the small
greedy touch. We chose chocolate, praline and
grated coconut. Emmanuelle, can you give us
a little nutritional interest that you see in each of our ingredients. Which are still gluttony but
despite all the healthy ingredients. So yes at the level of perfumes. So cocoa is a source of magnesium. Praline is hazelnut bases
crushed so good fatty acids again. And then our grated coconut, good fibers. Great, so we really stay in the theme
: healthy. In the theme of naturopathy, in the
theme of dietetics. And it’s greedy, so that’s it
the base. So how are we doing for
flavor them? There is nothing more than to roll them in each
perfume. We have a pretty sticky texture so it holds
easily and elsewhere it removes the texture sticky. And here we are finished making
these pretty energy balls. I thank you Emmanuelle for sharing
your recipe and then to have explained what was his nutritional interest. As you can see it’s all cute,
it makes me think about truffles, where the really greedy touch. A little candy itself, which can be very
appreciated by the children. Portions, I would recommend
3-4 for a snack for a child ?
Oh yes it’s not bad. 3-4 it’s good because it’s quite dense
in energy and nutrients. And then the interest is that it will bring
e energy to children so they can to do their homework. To know what are the rules of
the balance of food at that moment I invite you to watch a video that
I made this theme so that you can know what to put on your plate to your
meal. You can find this video by nailing
on the link that appears here. So Emma we taste? So I’m going to take
a little chocolate. And me a coconut. People who know me know that
I like chocolate. It’s super good, it melts in the mouth. And as you can see we
did not use any added sugars. The date is sweet enough, but
interesting sugars. And here it is very very well balanced
at the level of flavors. It is really delicious. So I invite you to test the recipe. I invite you also in comments
to give us your impressions, your feelings, tell us simply if you liked
or not. I invite you to subscribe to the channel
So Fresh & Diet, to click on the bell, and of course in 15 days for a new
video, and in the meantime, enjoy!

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