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Hello Sachin Ji! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda center. Sir I would like to know, where did you come from? I am from Moradabad (U.P). Sir, please tell us that what made you to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I had kidney disease. My blood urea, creatinine, uric acid etc. were out of range. I have been suffering from this problem since one year and was taking treatment from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi. My creatinine level was the same throughout the year. One of my friend suggested me Dr. Vikram Chauhan and I searched on net about him. I consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan and had medicines for a month. Just within a month my creatinine reduced to 2.8 from 4.6 which is clear in reports with me. Sir, please can you show us the reports? Yes, please see… Creatinine was 4.6 mg/dL during 30.07.2014 and urea, 88.1 mg/dL. Now I have repeated the same after one year and on 21.07.2015, creatinine is 2.8 mg/dL after only one month medicines intake. Physically I am very much relaxed. Sir, how are you feeling now? I am feeling very good. Mind is relaxed a lot. Sir, please tell us which and all Ayurvedic medicines you had? Can you mention those? Absolutely yes, I can… Here these go…. Rencure Formula, Punarnava mandur, Varunadi vati, Coral calcium & Navkarshik churna. Total herbal treatment. Sir, were you advised with some dietary recommendations by Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Yes, Dr. Chauhan Ji advised me to avoid high protein diet and I was supposed to consume particular vegetarian diet only. Sir, any message from your side to people who are suffering from kidney disease? Yes! I know how disturbing this situation is as I have been gone through all this. Mentally you get very distressed so, first of all I request sufferer to relax and just take out your problem from mind as it makes you even sicker. Secondly, as there is no treatment of it in Allopathic and Ayurveda has it in proper way so go for Ayurvedic treatment only to treat it from the root. I have one more request that please don’t go here and there and consult a degree holder Ayurvedic doctor only so that you can be guided better. Thank you Sachin Ji for visiting Planet Ayurveda center and guiding people so nicely. Thanks!

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  1. Respected Dr. CHauhanji
    My son Mayank Singhal is suffering from kidney disease named "Alport Syndrome" for last five years. We have treated him with allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines and lastly with Tibetan Ayurvedic but all in vein. Now he is on dialysis for last three and half months and continuously admitted in Hospital. HD dialysis is failed due to narrow blood vessels. At last doctors decided to adopt Peritoneal dialysis. For last fifteen days he is on peritoneal dialysis. You have advised in your above shown video that protein based food be avoided but doctors here are preferring protein based food. Please let me know you phone number and address. So that we can contact you at your clinic. With Regards,
    Virendra Kumar 
    e-mail address [email protected]
    mobile number 9219878050

  2. Dr.Vikram, we are in South Africa, my wife suffer from stage 5 kidney failure, is there a way you can assist us, she started with treatment but no final decision taken what to do next. Please assist

  3. Dear Vikram Chauhan Ji, You should get the content written in English written for all the interviews conducted so that it helps the patients world wide. My husband is a CKD 5 patients and i have taken medicines from your group, still i feel that i should talk to you as his creatinine levels are not decreasing and he is on dialysis.

  4. Hi Dr.Vikram Sir, this is Revanth from Hyderabad, My sister had a 1st Delivery on 3rd october and her creatinine Levels are continuously increasing. At the time of delivery it was normal., 0.8 and it is increased to 3.9 . And also she had a major problem as high BP and headache and backpain after delivery. Please help me how to come out from this. Thanks &Regards

  5. Dr vikram,last 2 week I'm suffering back pain chake my blood test creatinine level 1.7 General doctor suggest me to nefrolgest . doctor any big problem this matter plz reply I'm in kerala plz plz reply .I'm tensiond

  6. sir,my father creatinine leval 5.20 and three time dialysis and blood urea 200.please sir comment & medicine.
    thanks sir

  7. Sir mere father blood urea 53 hoga konsa treatment kor sakta hai ,day by day mere Papa ka halat bohut kharap ho sakta hai plzz this problem solve me …

  8. Dear Dr. Vikram Chauhan,

    My father has CKD 3 disease and is diabetic. His serum cretanine is at 3 (+/- 0.1) and blood urea at 51 for about three months. His hemoglobin levels are at 10-10.5. Need to improve this. He daily medication is as follows:
    Lasix 1/2 tab morning + 2 tabs Himalaya Punarnava at lunch + 1 Amaryl 1 mg at breakfast + 2 tabs Himalaya Diabecon at Lunch + 1 Amaryl 1 mg at dinner + 1 Tab Urimax night + 1 Tabs Citraphos morning and evening each + 1 Tabs Nikoran morning and evening each + 1 Ecospirin morning and evening each

    Please advise how to improve his Kidney function and hemoglobin levels + bring down Urea/ Creatanine
    Note – For last 3 weeks his blood sugar levels have improved and consistent – around 90 at fasting and 170-200 after meals.

  9. My father had got serum critenine diseases we went for mums hospital the report went for Delhi and came back the diseases will control the tablet was gifticip tablet was using doctor informed that the diseases will be control by this tablet but not controlling the patient was becoming black in colour the patient was poor are gaya see card can be used or not when we are going government hospitals the doctor informing this diseases not see hear and writing to private hospital near by war Angel district mahabubabad to replay us please contact 9052374172

  10. सर मेरे पिताजी का भी यूरिया कृतिनिं बड़ा हुआ हे

  11. Sir cretin level 4.40 he or pair me sujen bhi he. Rat ko nind bhi nahi aati he plz help sir me aapko report kese bheju help

  12. Pakistan men ye dawai kese mangwayen link bhi bheja tha aapne per pata nahi kese mangwai jasakti he aur price kia hogi pakistani rupees men

  13. Hi, sir can you guide me i have taken treatment from last four years but still my urea level is at 90 and cretinin is 3.0

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