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Dr. Vikram Good Evening Good Evening Today Mr. Sharad has come whose grandfather’s kidney treatment is going on. So we want to know, what kind of case is it and the improvement so far? His grandfather whose name is Shiv Raj, is basically 75 years of age and has come from Panipat to meet me before 15 days. He had kidney failure. Kidney was small in size and creatinine level was also high. Sharad ji, as doctor said that treatment started 15 days before, so what was the condition of your grandfather before start of the treatment. Could you please tell us clearly? His condition was very bad and doctors there in Panipat told for dialysis. As they said he cannot survive without dialysis and said one kidney is almost damaged whose size was about 6.2 cm and 2.5 cm So you have the reports. I will show you the reports and it is kind of miracle that his grandfather whose name is Shiv Raj and on 2nd June 2016 his creatinine level was 9.61 mg/dL and phosphorous was 6.48 mg/dL, and uric acid was 7.43 mg/dL. The old report he has shown me on 8th of June, creatinine level was 11.56 mg/dL. So again underwent for the test. His creatinine level increased from previous level. They hadn’t any treatment and not even Ayurveda treatment. They started treatment with us from 24th June. So on 2nd of June, his creatinine level was 9.61 mg/dL which increased to 11.56 mg/dL on 8th of June. At 11.56 mg/dL level of creatinine, I usually recommend Dialysis. I also recommend dialysis above 9 mg/dL creatinine level. Doctor recommended you dialysis. Doctors said no other cure. Even I recommend dialysis above 9 mg/dL level of creatinine. But they were insisting that they don’t want dialysis. So I told them, that I can give you medicine for a week and you should have a check and keep on checking the creatinine level. Have done all the tests. So after 10 days that is on 4th of July. So you have latest reports. On 4th of July they went for the test again and see it’s surprising that the level of creatinine is 1.26 mg/dL It is within normal range. It is within normal range. His Phosphorous was 6.4 mg/dL on 2nd June and now Phosphorous is also within normal range. Uric acid is also 4.8 mg/dL which was 7.48 mg/dL. There is much improvement. Sharad ji, Can you please tell us, when his problem of Kidney failure was detected. One month before i.e. in end of May, he start feeling pain in the kidney and food was stopped. He was doing vomiting and he was under problem, so we went to allopathic doctor and they said that dialysis is very necessary now. The stage at which he is requires dialysis. Then I read about Planet Ayurveda on internet and then we came to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan and had medicine from him. After 10 days of Medicine his (Grandfather) creatinine level came to normal. As in these reports, there has been improvement within 10 days of treatment, so did you felt any surprise or the Lab assistant was surprised by this. We again had lab test and the owner of the lab was doubting about their test kits and they tested 2-3 times again, even they sent the sample to another place too. Okay. So you verified the test for about 2-3 times. Yeah… They even sent the blood sample to other place where the results of the reports were also normal. So the reports were same. They were surprised…. Doctor, What did you gave them, please share it. I gave them the same which is mostly recommended in our Ayurveda for Kidney known by the name ‘Mutra Vikar’. I usually recommend combinations of herbs recommended in Ayurveda for ‘Mutra Vikar’ to my patients. Like here is combination known as Mutrakrichantak Churana, which is a classical combination of certain herbs. Punarnava Mandoor is there and even separate capsules of Punarnava’s extract. In Ayurveda usually the Punarnava, people use in very less amount i.e. about 250 mg in the morning and 250 mg in the evening Or use the extract of Punarnava or uses the extract of kasani herb, or the gokshura decoction is used whose dosage is very less. Recommended doses like Punarnava with a dose of 500 mg capsule, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Sometimes I even recommend 2 in the morning, 2 in the noon and 2 in the evening as it is an extract not churna. In case Churna dose should be 3-6g and that too 2-3 times. Other are Rencure Formula, Punarnava Mandoor, Punarnava Capsules, Mutrakrichantak churna and some other combinations were given to his grandfather. So in Ayurveda there are so many herbs which are helpful in Kidney problem. Yeah, we know this, you use to give Mutrakrichantak Churna to so many patients. Yeah… Mutrakrichantak Churana gives good results in this. Sharad ji, what doctor told you about the diet lifestyle along with the medicines? Yeah… Like his creatinine was high so pulses and other proteins were advised to be taken in less quantity, not more than 2 g. Stone was also there in the kidney therefore quantity of calcium and proteins was reduced. As you got support from Ayurveda, so what is your opinion regarding Ayurveda and message you would like to give. Ayurveda is very powerful. Ayurveda starts at such a level where Allopathic Doctor can’t even think of it. He (Grandson) was telling that he is preparing for PMT and he wants to be an Ayurveda Doctor. We wish you good luck to become a very good Ayurveda Doctor and serve the people. Before I decided to go in Allopathic field but now I would go for Ayurveda. Very nice… My personal opinion and I would like to give my message to all Allopathic Doctors as well as Ayurveda Doctors. To Allopathic Doctors I would like to say that they should also study Ayurveda And if they think that nothing can be done with Ayurveda and herbs in Ayurveda do not work, should try once. Because Allopathic Doctors are very intelligent people who are learning such a science which work according to the logical and scientific parameters. But don’t consider Ayurveda illogical, it is also very logical and try to understand its logic. Study it and then you will feel about it there are also so many logic in Ayurveda and it also gives good results. Yeah right… If they will also study it, many people be benefited. Yes, they are very understanding people and their understanding can help a lot. To Ayurveda Doctors my request is that they must study Ayurveda in much better form. There is so much campaigning of the Ayurveda. Ayurveda has so many powers but sometimes some thinks it cannot happens. So many things are written in Ayurveda Texts, if explore it. There are so many old texts. If I show you, you will be much surprised. This Ravan Sahita, Ravan was a very good vaid. This Ravan Samhita is very difficult to find. Other is Charaksamhita which is of my college time and here is the text I underlined at that time. It is about 2500 year old text. We use to learn about so many explanation at that time. This I wrote in English as we had no knowledge of Sanskrit at that time. By chance I opened this page and it has been written here that whenever we detoxify the body all the disease get reversed. When we do Emesis and purgation – Panchkarma is used in it. Sir it’s my luck I saw you college time books. Thank you very much. Thank you Sharad ji you shared this message with us. Thank you Dr. Vikram. Thank you.

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