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Greetings, Sir! Greetings! Sir, I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. Sir, first of all i would firstly like to know your name. My name is Gaurav Sahay. Sir, where have you come from? I’ve come from Jamshedpur. Who is taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda? The patient is my father, Mr. P S K Sahay. He’s seeking treatment for Diabetes and Kidney disorders. From how long has he been suffering from these ailments? It’s been over 18 years since he’s been suffering from Diabetes. But from the last 6-7 months his condition was deteriorating and this is the reason which brought us to Planet Ayurveda. Sir, how did you come to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Planet Ayurveda? We were searching on the Internet and we saw a lot of patient’s videos on YouTube. After that we ordered the Revive Kidneys Pack and after that we’re still continuing the treatment. Sir, where else did you seek treatment for this Kidneys disorder and how critical had the situation become? We’ve gone to various hospitals in the past 1- 2 years. He has undergone allopathic treatments and Homeopathic treatment also but his kidney problem had been increasing day by day. Sir, now that he is taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda, how much improvement have you seen in his condition? I can show you the reports. These are the two reports. This one is from March 16th, 2017. His creatinine level was 11.64. We started his Ayurvedic medicines on 15th March and within 8 days that is March 23rd his creatinine level has come down to 6.3. Earlier it was 11.64 and it has come down to 6.4 within eight days. You can see here that his Urea serum was 266 which should normally be between 17 to 43 has reduced to 99. That means your father took medicines for eight days and there is great improvement in his condition. Yes! His hemoglobin was also very less. It was 6.9 and now it has increased to 7.9. Hemoglobin is also increasing with these medicines. What kind of medicines did Dr. Vikram Chauhan prescribe to your father? It has Mutrakrichantak churna. Please show us the prescription. These are a few capsules. Mutrakrichantak churna, Rencure formula, Cap Punarnava, Tab Punarnava Mandoor, Tab Varunadi vati. Sleep naturals, Syp vomitex and Tab Himcolin. These are the recent editions You have come for a checkup after eight days! Yes! Sir, we have a lot of patients suffering from kidney disorders. What message would you like to give to them? I would just like to say that it’s a huge miracle for us that my father’s creatinine level never came down from seven from the past 1 to 1½ years. From seven then ten then as you can see it increased to 11.64. But it has dropped to 6.3 in just eight days. I’m really happy and I would like to congratulate and thank Dr. Vikram Chauhan for helping my father in stabilizing his creatinine level. We’ll continue the medicines and let’s hope for better results in the future. Absolutely, sir. I hope that your father’s health improves even more and may he get totally fine and healthy. Thank you. Thank you, sir for coming to Planet Ayurveda Center and giving such valuable information to our viewers.

27 thoughts on “Reduce Your Urea and Creatinine Levels Naturally – Ayurvedic Treatment | Real Testimonial

  1. Hello! My name is Shikha Singh and I am 25 years old. I have a Creatinine level of 1.60 after done with several tests its still stuck at 1.60 which is higher as I am a female. I have High Blood Pressure and taking allopathy medicines past 8-9 months but it has worsen as now I am worried bcoz of my current Creatinine level i.e 1.60

  2. sir i just want to know wheather there is any complain of heavy metals in ur medicines have came till now..
    because i want take ds treatment for my father and it decreases very quickly is there any side effcts of ds and if any oatients want to give me suggestions i ll be very happy

  3. Sir ap apna koi no. De dijiye plz meri dadi ka urea-142.7,creatinine-5.17and haemoglobin-7.0 ho gya h.. Ap koi rasta btae unke swasth hone ka plz

  4. Hi Sir My Creatinine level has 20mg and blood urea is 98 so please help me that how to reduce my creatinine level

  5. Dear Doctor,

    require your assistance on below.

    My Mother (age- 45  yrs) was taking treatment for low blood levels and haemoglobin as per instructions of our regular doctor from 3 years.

    But the swelling problem has started since last three months . So we changed the treatment on 26.11.2017 .and new doctor found that the problem was due to higher blood urea level due to diafunction of kedney reports are attached.

    1-serum urea – 46.6 mg/DL

    2-Blood urea nitrogen – 21.76

    3-Serum creatinine – 0.8 mg/DL

    Doctor please suggest what should I do ,

    Feeling worried.


    Suraj Dond

  6. Sir Mera uncle ka creatine level 13:0 or bar bar bombiting hote rehta hai, unka creatine level ko Kam karne ka upay bataye

  7. My father, urea is 126 mg/DL and creatinine 4.2 mg/ DL.
    I m from pakistan. Koi contact num dain dail ya mailing ID, hum ap sy contact kr lain

  8. Dr you upload the diet plan on video for creatinine please I want to know witch kind of rice we eat means boiled rice or vegetables rice and how much quantitie we eat

  9. Hello sir I am from Tamilnadu my father have kidney problem cretin level – 6.5 Urea – 80 where I want come for medicine my father age – 66

  10. Hello sir
    Mere father ko multiple myloma cast naphropathy ha. Unki age 65year ha. Unka creatnine 5 nd blood urea 105 ha. Plz in levels ko reduce krne ka treeka bta dijiye. Pehle unka dialysis b ho rha tha but aab nhi ho rha. Pls tell me solution.

  11. Hello sir
    My father is diabetic person n his kidney is not working properly and his creatinine level is 1.8 and doctor is suggesting dialysis…
    Is there any remedy which works???

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