Taking Charge of Your Health

– Breast cancer. Two words
no one wants to hear. But as scary as they
sound, there’s actually steps you can take
to lower your risk. Here’s what you need to know: – [Narrator] First,
make exercise a regular part of your routine. – Exercising 45 minutes a day, three times a week,
can reduce a woman’s risk for breast cancer by 30%. Even if you can do it
15 or 20 minutes a day, maybe four or five times a week. Anything is better than nothing. – [Narrator] Next, if you’re
not at a healthy weight put in the work to
drop a few pounds. – We know the reason for
weight loss reducing risk is due to the estrogen
stimulation stored
in the fat cells. The heavier we are the
more likely it is to have a mutation caused
by estrogen stimulation. So the bulkier
our fat cells are, the more hormonal
stimulation that we have. – [Narrator] Dr. Krueger
also recommends switching to a high fiber diet to
help lower your risk. – A high fiber diet is
just all around good. It helps you lose weight,
it lowers the saturated fats in your diet which can
also increase your risk. Lots of whole grains,
eating closer to the Earth. – [Narrator] And
finally, if you’re a smoker, kick the habit. Smoking hurts our
health in many ways. – Don’t smoke. It also increases our risk
for developing breast cancer. The byproducts of smoke
cause double stranded DNA breaks in the
lung, in the bladder, in the kidney, and it can
also affect the breast tissue. – [Narrator] And
there you have it, some easy steps you
can take to help lower your risk
of breast cancer.

3 thoughts on “Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

  1. Watch body fat percentage as well! My mom is actually at a healthy weight but she has a ridiculous amount of body fat. Her stomach is incredibly large and she looks like she's at an unhealthy weight except she's not. Body fat percentage is really more important than weight.
    A low body fat percentage with a normal weight is better than a normal body fat percentage with a low weight. Body fat is what is important in reducing cancer risk

  2. How to lower risk of breast cancer

    1. Make regular exercise (10-15 mins)
    2. Drop few pounds
    3. High Fiber diet
    4. Dont smoke

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