Taking Charge of Your Health

So let’s talk about movement and exercise.
This is another one that’s really important and really hard for a lot of us. We drive
a lot; we don’t walk a lot. We’re on the go a lot, so there’s just not a lot of schedule
time. I’ll just say two main things about regular movement. It doesn’t even have to
be…it doesn’t have to be very vigorous. A 30- to 40-minute walk a day is great. The
main purposes here are that we’re improving circulation, so on a small scale, we’re
helping nutrients get into ourselves and waste products get out of ourselves. We’re just
doing that exchange much more effectively when we have circulation, and we’re getting
more oxygen to our brains so our brains will work better, and we’re also really helping
our lymphatic channels move. Our lymphatic channels, they’re like little vessels, just
like our blood vessels, but they don’t have any pumps. They don’t have muscles around
them. They’re actually surrounded by our own muscle, and when we move our muscles, that’s
how those channels move and that’s how we detoxify our bodies. It’s like, “Well,
what’s the detoxification plan?” It’s just so funny the things that come into naturopathic
doctors’ offices, right? Everybody wants like, the really harsh, abrasive, twice a
year cleanout, and that’s great and all and we can talk about the more drastic kinds
of detoxification plans, but taking a walk every day helps you detoxify. So just remembering
the basics so that we’re actually doing these as lifestyle practices because that’s
actually what’s really going to keep you healthy and keep chronic disease away. The
twice a year fast detoxification – okay, you might be taking a little bit of a load
off your body, but that’s not regular enough to keep you in good health. So just regular
movement is good.

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