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Hi, I’m Hima Dalal, founder and owner of Vital Energy Occupational/Physical Therapy Center here. And I have Mr. Richard Cohn with me today and Mr. Richard, can you share your story of what was the pain and why you started coming to us? My story is very simple. I’m Richard Cohn by the way and I have for the last 20 years lived with back pain and I have tried chiropractic massages, I’ve tried everything and I was told by my wife that I should try reiki and so I got Mrs. Hima’s name and made an appointment and this is my 30th day and I think it’s my seventh or eighth session and I’ve had no back braces, and no pain in that period of time. and I’ve referred several of my friends here and told them that I know you might think what I’m telling you it’s a bit crazy but it isn’t, it works. I was a tad bit skeptical initially but then I decided after all these years, I was coming in with an open mind. and I can’t get over what’s going on with me. So to put into a nutshell, Mr. Richard Cohn had a lot of myofascial blockage and some physical trauma some emotional trauma, and some alignment issues and post injury from the football in younger life and it was collected stress and trauma on the body. When he came, he came just to get the energy work done, called Reiki That is the heating technique we use. But when I looked at his back and I thought, you know, he has more than just energy work that’s needed, so we combined occupational and physical therapy approach with the complimentary therapy here. and we worked on you to do the myofascial release, and we did the stretching techniques and the mobilization of spine and we used crystal myofascial release technique and the combination really gave you a lot of relief and you have more flexibility in your hamstrings and your back muscles and he has more rotation in the back now and now we are working on the deformity that has been there for many years with the leg and its because of the surgery or the injury? I had surgery from a football injury. And that has been changing a lot too and from alignment that was 30 degree minus with the thigh and the leg. Now we have it to minus 10 degree so we are still working. Thank you so much. Thank you for your time. Thank you

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