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The subject as relationships causes
people a great deal of pain now human beings are social creatures
and relationships are important to them whether this is real personal
relationship work relationships family relationships it all matters. Yes to some extent some
people will find their happy home coordinating, getting
right but many people do suffer so at
divorce with the divorce rate near about 40 percent and in surveys of financially successful
couples showing that the equally unhappy if not more so .. Anything you read in the press saying
that happy relationships are based on finance are utter nonsense. Happy
relationships are based on treating each other in the right way and
yet, why is it that intelligent people in the
relationship will have an utterly miserable time. I’d put
forward that a lot of people are utterly clueless about what a relationship means and this
is not due to the rational components of the mind but the fact is that we operate from
the emotional level and we are very often quite unconscious of our bejeweled behaviors so over the years we found rather than the
regular marriage counseling type approach which has limited success we’ve used hypnotherapy an coaching to help people get a better
understanding of themselves and what they want in a relationship. Its a fact that some relationships do need to end there’s no doubt about that, but people are just not suited and not willing but what has puzzled many many people is why do people who
are perfectly capable of learning and excel in many areas of their life
why do they carry on repeating the same mistakes in relationship simple question worth
asking because very often couples will leave
the situation get worse and worse knowing that it isn’t working, but they sit there hope that it gets better, that’s not how a
relationship improves, it takes understanding and it
does take effort and we have the expertise to help you in
that process and we offer a free initial assessment
so please consider coming in to talk to us before you leave it and then too much
resentment too much pain ends up finishing your relationship. We’re here to help We’re a team of experts we understand how you feel and we are very ethical in our approach, thank you on the move

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