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namaste everyone welcome to samaya yoga YouTube channel i am jyoti khatri your holistic wellness expert. In this video
you will learn simple effective acupressure point massage for your eyes
that can be easily done at your home and will be a great addition to your
self-care routine. Daily 2 minute of this self acupressure point help to
get rid of all those dark circles, puffy eye and under eye bags fast naturally.
This acupressure point massage will have to promote that circulation around your
eyes your nose and help stimulating Lymph drainage and flushing out all that
acumulated toxins swallow excess water from there and supply fresh oxygen and
nutrients to that area you will see instant improvement and 100% improvement if
you do it persistently and continuously daily very soon as of now let’s stimulate
those Beauty pressure points together begin by pressing and holding this first
acupressure point for about 10 to 15 times if you find pain or tenderness in
this eye hole point then massage it gently till pain reduces for about 30
seconds at least to improve the blood circulation into your eyes that helps to
brighten it more one you finishes , you can apply your
under eye cream, sweet almond oil or pure coconut oil second acupressure point is located on the
arch of your eyebrows stimulate this acupressure for about 10 to 15 times it
will help you ease up the tensions around the eyes. While pressing and stimulating the
acupressure massage continue taking deep inhalation and slow exhalation through
your abdomen feeling the calmness into your mind to
ease the stress tension anxiety and experiencing the relaxation. Start by
pressing and holding the third acupressure point that is located beside your nasal
hole. Stimulate this acupressure point for about 10 times then massage this acupressure points in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for at least five times each. It helps you clear
up all the toxins build up and you can immediately see the difference in the
way you breathe. You can breathe much better than earlier. likewise stimulate the fourth
acupressure point by first pressing and holding for 10 times then clockwise and
anti-cloclkwise direction for about five times each. Make sure to sleep well, eat more greens and take frequent short break from your laptop, mobile or computer screen. Helps relax those over strained muscles and will best for eyes. Make sure to watch other amazing videos on
acupressure points, easy yoga exercises that can be easily done in your office, or anywhere, whenever you find time. I hope you liked this
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50 thoughts on “Remove dark circles puffy eyes (FAST) | 4 Acupressure point for eyes massage

  1. I'm 21 years old mam ..I have dark circles and sunken or Hallow under eyes ..plz mam give any suggestions…..

  2. Your videos are very helpful. Can you make a video to reduce or better yet prevent Hot Flashes, Please and thank you

  3. Subtitles are already uploaded. Click and enable the captions. Do like, and share the videos . Comment down below the topics you want to see in the future videos. Lots of love and smile more. Namaste <3<3 Jyoti

  4. hello dear… do we have to do ds each 30 sec by pressing nd by clock wise…. can we put some cream on our finger n can masage clockwise to make it smoothly☺️please reply it


  6. Please let me thank you,I started doing this 3 days ago and everyone says it looks reduced and it did reduce,I am grateful that I saw this video,thank you.

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