Taking Charge of Your Health

Welcome to Resilience Naturopathic. I’m
Dr. Rachel Rozelle and I’m Dr. Jennifer Bahr. Here at resilience naturopathic we
help you get your life back. We help people overcome mental, behavioral, and
neurological health conditions using natural medicine. We’re known for helping
people who conventional medicine hasn’t worked for. We’re also known for helping
people who want to avoid medication in the first place. Our goal for treatment
is to help you avoid, reduce, or eliminate your need for psych meds. We listen. We
treat you as a whole person. Not as a diagnosis and we don’t rest until you
have your life back. As the founder one of the things I’m proudest of is our
doctors and staff. Every single person who works here has a personal mission to
make the world a better place. We firmly believe that we can achieve that by
helping you to be at your best. So you can use your talents to help others as
well. Every single doctor and staff member has a personal experience or a family
member with a mental health condition. This means we get it. From the person who
answers your phone to your doctor we understand and have compassion. This
matters. Our approach to medicine works because we focus on two things others
don’t. We remove obstacles to health and we stimulate the body to heal. This is
important because our goal is to help you feel as good as possible with little
to no medication, and it works. We have many tools to help us achieve these
goals but the most powerful by far is homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic
medicine uses a whole person approach. This means we treat both your mental and
physical health. It works because it is prescribed based on your individualized
experience and you as a whole person not just your diagnosis. It works quickly
safely and without side effects because it’s a gentle stimulus to help your body
heal. And it reduces susceptibility so that you can have lasting results. Sound
interesting? Have questions? We would love to answer them. Give us a call or visit
our website and let’s see if we can help you get your life back.

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