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– [Man 1] Neil, times have really changed
over the last couple years, and I don’t only mean our age difference,
but also in the bikes. – [Neil] Yeah, that’s true. You may have
seen my recent video where I rode a Proflex 957 to see how far bikes have come
in the last 20 years. Well, today we’re putting it to the clock
to see exactly how far they’ve come. – Well, so again, I’m racing you. – Yep. 997 retro bike against a
modern cross-country bike. ♪ [music] ♪ – Today’s retro ride is a 1997 Klein Pulse, 26 inch wheels, alloy frame.
According to the Klein catalog, it’s got a full-on, trademarked, race
geometry that gives it a nimble but aggressive ride in the most demanding
conditions. The gradient chain stays… – Shut up, granddad. I’ve never
heard you get so excited about a bike before. I’ve got this Canyon. It’s a Grand
Canyon, full carbon fibre frame, 29 inch wheels, Rockshox SRAM fork, and
it’s got electronic shifting. – How many gears you’ve got?
– 11. – I’ve got 24.
– Yeah, but you’re stuck in the Stone Age. – What ball ends you got? – None.
– Rubbish. ♪ [music] ♪ – Back in 1995, I actually started
racing on a bike not too dissimilar to this.
Back when there was just mountain bikes, no cross-country, no downhill, just
whatever. Aw, the good old days. – Yadi, yadi, ya. You finished
reminiscing yet? You said you wanted to race. So let’s get down to it. – All right, let’s do it. – Before we go, don’t forget to
start your computer. ♪ [music] ♪ – Hey, grandad. Get a lot of dust
for your lungs. Come on. – Cheeky bugger. ♪ [music] ♪ – These gradient chain stays aren’t quite
as much of a pleasure as I’d hoped on the climbs. Luckily, I’ve got a full-on geometry help
me get some time back on the descent. ♪ [music] ♪ – Well, I think the results speak
for themselves, really. Clearly the Canyon’s a lot faster. I mean, we’re still waiting for Neil. Anyway, for
more great videos on GMBN, why don’t you click just up there for the
top 10 most important bikes of all time. And if you click down there, you’ll get to
our modern versus retro with the Proflex. – I’m beat. You know what? The thing
about nostalgia is it’s not what it used to be, though. Anyway, if you
want to see more videos… – No, wait, I’ve done that already.
But I’ve left the subscribe part for you. – Just click there to subscribe.
It’s free. – And, if you enjoyed me beating
Neil, regularly happens apparently, then give us the thumb up like. – Or down. No, don’t give us thumbs
down, actually. – Don’t, none of that thumbs down.
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100 thoughts on “Retro Vs Modern – The Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

  1. ciao:
     questo è un nuovo canale di mtb, ogni settimana pubblicheremo un nuovo video, inscriviti se sei un appassionato di mtb, sul canale troverai svariati contenuti, come recensioni girate in mtb ecc. BUONA VISIONE

  2. Compare the price and divide the difference by seconds. Do you need to spend this amount of money to be faster if you are not a professional rider?

  3. This race proves absolutely nothing about the bikes. It just shows one rider is stronger that's all. The 26" wheels are much better on twisty technical trails and are lighter & stronger. The 26" wheels require more skill, where the 29" are for new riders who are just getting started with absolutely no skills.

  4. This is a nice and fun video! I was surprised how well the old girl Klein did. Also, both of you, Neil and Scott, seem to be Beast for Riders! with Scott being the bigger and stronger beast… I am sure Scott would have won on either bike 😉

  5. Why evryone doing a jump do turn their handlebar like that ? it's not a competition of freestyle everyday in the real world you know ?

  6. What was the difference in weight? And, putting a granddad to a granddad bike. I mean, you should test it by changing the guys too. And tires choice. So come on. Not a fair test at all.
    Canyon bikes are nice. But there is something pleasing to the eye with the Klein geometry.

  7. This is definitely an unfair comparison if you are going to compare just the machines. The Klein Pulse was the low end budget line. If a Klein had to be chosen then the Klein Adroit or Attitude would have been the fairer choice.

  8. the only thing i learned from watching this is the guy on 2-9 is more fit than the guy on the 2-6. if you put Nino Schurter on that Klein i can bet he would leave the 29er guy in the dust

  9. However the fork on Canyon costs more than the complete Klein Pulse bike even when adjusted for inflation. The pulse had low level LX components The Canyon a full carbon frame. Pretty stupid comparison. Give me information not commercials.

  10. Hahaha try riding a 1991 hard tail Gary Fisher Procaliber which I rode in Moab that year. Best riding I ever did.

  11. kids nowadays are spoilt with their carbon fibre efferjys old skool meams harder work better concentration meaning much better skillset. like to see them on these old skool bikes for a year and see how they fair??

  12. You should totally do a Retro VS Modern using fully rigid cromo cantilever brake bikes. That'd be just awesome.

  13. so unfair. carbon frames are just better in every aspect. try someone with a giant mcm team from 2000.
    or try that mcm with a rigid fork, old crossmax sl wheels with v brakes and with stylo oct cranks. THE MOST RIGID BIKE EVER. it goes up like nothing else. incredible.

  14. The bikes weren't even in the same price range. I bet the difference isn't as big as it looks here if the bikes we're from the same price bracket

  15. I still ride a '97 Ventana Marble Peak FS that I put together with quality parts. Not only is it beautiful not look at, it's fun to ride. I love it.

  16. I’m riding a 2001 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR XC on 26ers and regularly kick the ars of young guys on their new carbon 29ers LOL. It’s not the bike, it’s the rider!!!

  17. Still riding my 2000 Davinci MTB hardtail. I hate it when they laugh at old tech. Carbon fiber frames delaminate after a while too.

  18. I love my modern 29er but I still have my old large frame 26er in the shed too. Feels unstable but at a push, I'd still take it out if I had to and be fine.

  19. …and here I am, with my 1995 GT Zaskar, 24 speeds, Rock Shox Judy, Mavic rims, Rock Ring, XT grouppo, and Onza Porcupine bar ends.

    I STILL DIG MY OLD ASS BIKE! After all this time I still haven't broken the damn thing.

  20. неправильное название. это скорее 26 vs 29. или хардтейл vs двухподвес.

  21. Oh the way that Klein made everything look just ever so sketchy. Brings back memories. I had a slick tired chromoly Fuji and the way it would wiggle and slide on everything, particularly wet bitumen after a brief summer storm, was a blast.

  22. Cool video. A good friend of mine gave me a 94 klein fervor with girvin forks to get started and begin to mountain bike as age 38. Im excited for sure.

  23. "The moral of the story? Riding mountain bikes is fun: ride the bike that you can get your hands on" and that really is the bottom line!

    I recently tried a full sus modern bike against my old clunker of a hardtail (Marin Pine Mountain with 70mm of fork travel!) , it was blisteringly fast on descents by comparison BUT I can get the same buzz and excitement at a much lower speed on my bike.

    I don't compete in races so the absolute speed is simply not relevant, what does matter is that I can get my adrenaline fix on my bike at a speed that won't smash my body to bits if I bin it whereas I would have been in severe peril at the speed I was travelling on the modern bike.

  24. not really a fair comparison. Too many of these videos seem to be just telling us we need to buy new bikes. sponsored by manufacturers? I find my older bikes have more fun factor than my newer full sus bikes

  25. klein pulse is a myth!canyon is a faulty piece of shit!!!!!!personally i prefer 100% the klein.if i want a real hardtail carbon bike i would go to a cannondale…

  26. why MTB stem became short?
    i feel retro MTB stem is very long

  27. So mountain bikers go from 11 to 24 gears in the last 15 years. Road cyclists went from 16 to 22 gears. I don't know why I find that interesting.

  28. Used to have a 98 ‘savoy’. Was cheap, but still out-performed everything near me. The thing was bulletproof. If you have a old one, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Keep it. Nowadays the same price point makes garbage bikes.

  29. Why not compare the modern carbon fibre frame bike to a retro carbon fibre frame bike like the Trek 9900 from 1993? Or maybe compare the retro alloy frame bike to a modern alloy frame bike? It seems like an unfair comparison since carbon fibre is inherently lighter than an alloy material, and the modern rider ends up with a large advantage meanwhile his bicycle technology actually existed in the past 26 years ago…

  30. O my god!!!!!!!! I ride the pulse now days in 2019 and it has brand new parts including xtr shifting

    Xtr rim brakes anyone?

  31. It's very OK to ride a bike new to rider (even if it's old, and especially old) slower than one which gets regular use. Muscle memory and all that stuff.

  32. The good ol' times weren't nearly as good as we use to think in retrospective. In fact, the bikes build pre 1990's were mostly crap as cottered bottom brackets used to be standard and this made me almost quit biking. Square taper were the game changer. Never ever again an old bike. Never.

  33. I love these guys' videos, but it wouldn't kill em to mention how much fun an old bike can be, never mind how much cheaper, during some of these comparison shorts. We get it $150<$7.5K. Not everybody wants or can afford a modern high-end bike. No need to make a young guy/girl feel the need to excuse themselves for having an old bike.

  34. The funny thing is that the Klein just gets more loved for each day, as we get old and even the price goes up. Same can not be said about the new modern plastic ones, they will drop in value and then be forgotten 😛

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