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Dr Sandra Cabot and Margaret Jasinska ND SC: You know, if we talk about fatty liver,
we have to say that Syndrome X is the most common cause of fatty liver. Its not alcohol.
People think, oh you know, “How did I get a fatty liver?” The doctor will often say,
“Well, you’ve got to stop drinking? And they will say, “But doctor, I don’t drink!”
Well then how did you get a fatty liver? MJ: Yes, yes, exactly. SC: So, how does that occur? MJ: Well, most people think that they’re
never going to get a liver problem unless they drink alcohol. They can’t imagine that
in fact sugar can cause just as much harm to your liver as alcohol does. So people are
often quite shocked when they get a bad blood test result, and the first thing their doctor
often thinks is that they drink, but often they don’t, and so now non-alcoholic fatty
liver disease is what’s so common. SC: Yes, indeed, its the most common cause
of liver transplant. Fatty liver disease. MJ: Yes. SC: But the good news is, you can reverse
it. Yes, so, you know, your liver can take a lot of punishing. So we have done it clinically,
on fatty liver disease, and found that you can reverse it through a combination of low
carbohydrate diet, superfoods for the liver and a good liver formula. And we’ve have
had thousands of patients in whom we’ve reversed fatty liver. So its one of those
things that you don’t have to put up with. It doesn’t have to become a disease. And
its interesting to know that the high levels of insulin, is the imbalance that’s telling
your body to store the fat in the liver. MJ: Exactly, yes. SC: So syndrome X. How would you best describe
this syndrome X, because, you know, it is an epidemic, and I don’t think people really
understand it. They see the tip of the iceberg. I’m overweight, I’m tired, I’m craving
sugar, I’ve got a bit of cholesterol, I’m getting old. You know this is syndrome X.
It’s inevitable. And we treat the symptoms, we give people drugs to lower their insulin,
to lower their blood sugar. But how would you best describe it so people can understand
this hidden epidemic? MJ: So, there are blood tests you can get
done for syndrome X. You can get an insulin test, a blood sugar test, a triglyceride test.
Your blood pressure will often be high. But, just by looking at a person, if they have
a big waist, if they carry weight around their torso, they are bound to have some degree
of syndrome X. If they have a relative with type 2 diabetes, they’re far more likely
to have syndrome X. And syndrome X is often called metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance
or pre-diabetes. They’re all different terms for the same thing. SC: Yes. MJ: And basically people with syndrome X produce
more insulin than they should. And whenever any of us eat carbohydrate rich foods, like
sugar or flour or grains, cereals, starchy stuff basically. Whenever we eat any of that,
we digest it into glucose. So our blood sugar goes up. And when your blood sugar goes up,
your pancreas releases insulin. In order to get that sugar into your cells, where you
can use it for energy. But people with with syndrome X, their insulin doesn’t work as
well. So to compensate, they produce more insulin, and it still doesn’t work brilliantly.
So those people aren’t able to burn sugar for energy like they should. And instead,
they turn a lot of that sugar into fat and store it either in their liver, and get a
fatty liver, or as body fat deposits. And so because they’re not burning the sugar
properly, they are often still tired, they are still hungry, they tend to be hungry people,
and they crave sugar. SC: Yes, well insulin is a powerful fat storing
hormone. It makes you hungry, ravenous indeed, and it also suppresses the production of fat
burning hormones in your body. MJ: Absolutely, yes. So your fat burning hormones
won’t work as well, even if you do a lot of exercise, if you’ve got high insulin
levels, you’re not really going to lose much weight. SC: Yes, you have to get the insulin down,
and go into the fat burning zone, don’t you. MJ: Yes. SC: And most people with syndrome X don’t
even realise their insulin is high. MJ: No, most doctors wouldn’t even test
it, and most people are unaware of that. SC: Doctors don’t test it because it can
be expensive and the health insurance system of that particular country can’t afford
to pay for it all. And also it’s a bit of a sensitive test. But generally speaking,
you know when you look at this graph, and you see the insulin going up, insulin levels
should never go above 80 during a glucose tolerance test. But in people with very significant
insulin resistance, they’ll go up to 200, 300, 400, they go through the roof, and they
stay elevated. And while ever your insulin levels are high, you will not go into the
fat-burning zone. So that is the key, to get the insulin down. If you don’t get your
insulin working, what can it lead to Margaret? MJ: Well, apart from fatty liver, apart from
a much greater risk of fatty liver, a bigger risk of type 2 diabetes, and most diabetics
get heart attacks or strokes eventually. SC: Yes, so we can use drugs to lower insulin.
I know there are some very effective drugs such as Metformin, but there are also some
very good supplements that you can take. Magnesium, how does that help to get your insulin working
better? MJ: So magnesium improves insulin sensitivity.
So it makes the insulin that’s already in your body more effective, so therefore you
don’t need to secrete as much. So over time, your insulin level with come down. Magnesium
also helps make people more calm, and relaxed, and helps them to sleep better, and therefore
makes their life easier, and so its so much easier to stick to a diet when you feel calm
and relaxed and you’ve slept well. SC: What about chromium? MJ: So, chromium is a mineral that a lot of
people don’t get enough of, and chromium helps to keep your blood sugar level stable
throughout the day. So your far less likely to get a crash in
blood sugar, which can leave you really hungry, give you cravings, it can make you sleepy,
it can make you irritable. Sort of generally those afternoon sugar cravings can be a symptom
of chromium deficiency. So chromium keeps your blood sugar more stable and even throughout
the day. So it makes it a lot easier to stick with a healthy diet. SC: I think so, and also there are various
herbs you can use like gymnema. That’s a wonderful herb. Gymnema sylvestre. MJ: Yes. SC: There are some funny names, aren’t there?
And bitter melon is a wonderful herb. MJ: Absolutely. SC: And you can eat that and grow that. One
of the Naturopaths I work with, she grows bitter melon and eats it. I frankly don’t
like the taste, but I take the supplement, you know, with gymnema, bitter melon and chromium,
and I give it to a lot of my patients, and its just magic, because they say “wow, when
I take these supplements to get my insulin working better, my cravings go. MJ: Exactly. They really appreciate that. SC: They can’t believe it. So bringing your
insulin down and your blood sugar just a little bit and stabilizing it, can kill your cravings.
What a relief. And, what kind of eating plan would you recommend Margaret, for people who
have high insulin levels? MJ: Well, its important to eat protein regularly.
So protein at every meal, because protein helps you feel full and satisfied. Protein
doesn’t cause you to secrete insulin and so it helps to keep your blood sugar stable
throughout the day. Good sources of protein are things like eggs, fish, poultry, red meat,
whey protein powder is a really good source of protein as well. So any of those, as long
as you have one of those at each meal, with some vegetables, is ideal. SC: Yes. You know, I hear people say “Oh,
I thought too much protein is bad for my liver and bad for my kidneys, because it makes you
acidic”. So what do you say to those people who are worried about it? MJ: Well, its not a high protein diet that
we put people on. Its really an adequate protein diet. SC: Yes. MJ: Whereas in the past, they may have had
two eggs on toast for breakfast, we ask them to have two eggs on a plate and have some
vegetables for breakfast. SC: Yes. MJ: And for lunch, they may have had tuna
in a sandwich, well we ask them to have that tuna with vegetables. So its really a vegetable
diet, and that can only be a good thing…surely. Music SC: Research has shown that diets don’t
work, and this is because they don’t really balance your appetite hormones. MJ: That’s right. SC: The key is balancing the appetite hormones.
We’ve talked about one of them, which is insulin, but there are some other ones which
are really interesting that are newly discovered. You see, syndrome X was discovered in 1988
by Professor Gerald Reaven. He called it syndrome X because no body would recognise it. X for
unknown. He said, “Wow, I’ve found the holy grail of weight loss”, and I think
he probably followed on the footsteps of Atkins in a way that, you know, they both thought
the same way, that carbohydrate was the main enemy here for people who were overweight.
And I agree with them. But then about 10 years later, we had these other hormones being identified
in research, and the ones that I find interesting are leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone
produced in the stomach and its secreted when your stomach is empty. It makes you hungry
straight away. And something that’s really interesting is that new sleeve surgery, you
know the gastrectomy where they remove part of your stomach, that’s sleeve gastrectomy,
they’re actually removing part of the stomach that makes the ghrelin. And I spoke to someone
recently who had just had that operation, MJ: Me too… SC: Sleeve gastrectomy, he lost a huge amount
of weight, 40 kilograms or something, and he said to me “I never feel hungry Sandra,
I never feel hungry”. I said “Oh, I think I’d miss that feeling of hunger”, but
then you know, I don’t have a weight problem, so its easy for me to say. He said “yes,
somebody has to tell me its lunch time, or I have to tell myself you’d better eat otherwise
you’ll waste away”. I thought, you know, that really is strange, but it had worked. So grehlin from the stomach is obviously important,
but the other hormone leptin, which is produced in our fat, is important too. MJ: Exactly. SC: So how do we need to balance that? You
know, we’ve talked about protein and insulin, but what about leptin? MJ: So leptin is a hormone that’s made in
a few places in your body, but mainly in your fat cells, and it travels to your brain to
tell you you’ve had enough to eat and to suppress hunger. So based on how much fat
you have on your body, if you’ve got a lot of fat, you’ll make a lot of leptin, which
travels to your brain and say’s there’s enough fat on my body, I don’t need to eat
any more. So that’s the theory, which sounds good, sounds like it would work, unfortunately
in people who have been overweight for a long time, their leptin doesn’t work as well.
Their brain has stopped listening to it. So they’ve got a lot of body fat, they’re
producing a lot of leptin, which is travelling to the brain and trying to say “stop eating,
I don’t need any more food”, but they’ve developed leptin resistance. Their leptin
has been so high for so long that their brain is ignoring it now. SC: Yes. So yeah, that’s right, the leptin
is knocking on the door but the door is not being opened, MJ: No SC: its not having any effect. And I’ve
read some research that said that healthy fat is important for reversing that leptin
resistance, and that, you know, when people have been on a low carbohydrate, low fat,
low calorie diet, that because they’ve been having too much carbohydrate to compensate,
the resistance becomes very bad. MJ: Yes. SC: So what kind of fats can we have in our
diet to reverse that leptin resistance? MJ: Yes, people don’t realise that food
has a hormonal effect on you. So people often think that their hormones are responsible
for their inability to lose weight. And that’s true, but it’s the foods you eat which then
affect your hormone levels. And, so carbohydrate and sugar produces all of the wrong hormones
and protein and good fats will help you produce all the right hormones to make you less hungry
and to make it easier to lose weight. So ideally, the good fats that you’d be eating would
be omega 3 fats from seafood, and you may even need an omega 3 fat supplement such as
a fish oil supplement because its really hard to get enough omega 3 just through diet, and
monounsaturated fat is really good for your hormone levels and ability to lose weight,
such as found in extra virgin olive oil, avocadoes, macadamia nuts. And, we also recommend that
you have some saturated fat, which is actually really good for you. Its often high in vitamin
D and vitamin A, foods that contain saturated fat often have those nutrients with them.
So good healthy sources of saturated fat are things like organic coconut oil, butter can
be really good for you, depending on what the cow ate. If the cow ate grass as opposed
to grains, then the butter is quite good for you. And even meat, red meat, lamb, so any
grass fed or pasture fed meat is a really healthy source of fat as well. SC: Yes, so lamb or veal, seafood is wonderful.
Also flaxseed. I like flaxseed but I don’t really like the oil per se. I like to grind
my own fresh flaxseed and that gives me some omega 3 as well. MJ: Yes. SC: Yeah, so, you know fat is important. Your
brain is made of fat. There’s a lot of cholesterol in your brain, and cholesterol is very important
for protecting your brain, for insulating your brain, and there is nothing wrong with
eating it. If you eat cholesterol, your liver will stop making it. So that’s the process
of homeostasis, where everything stays the same, everything is self-regulating. And,
you know, if you look at unprocessed food, its generally got fat in it. MJ: Exactly, and fat makes you full and satisfied.
It makes a meal taste better. It helps you absorb the nutrients from your meal. And eating
enough good fats and protein is the best way to stop craving sugar. SC: Yes, and to balance this leptin, you know,
this naughty little leptin, to which we’ve become resistant. So if the leptin starts
working, our hunger won’t be nearly as excessive. Music

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  2. The Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet is endorsed by the Swedish Government. The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare concluded that a low-carb diet is "in accordance with science and well-tried experience for reducing obesity and Type 2 diabetes."

    According to a 2011 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, restricting carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories or limiting fat for individuals who want to reduce the amount of fat in their liver.

  3. Mayo Clinic list risk factors for fatty liver: certain medications, gastric bypass surgery, high cholesterol, high levels of triglycerides in the blood, malnutrition, metabolic syndrome, obesity, rapid weight loss, toxins and chemicals such as pesticides, type 2 diabetes, wilson's disease.

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  35. Dropping the carbs, sugar and saturated fat is the key. Been diagonsed with fatty liver and had insulin resistance for years. Since dropping the above, increasing exercise, taking milk thistle and magnesium have been losing weight. But will look into her books and Livatone too.

  36. Excellent videos..You’re helping me & folks who struggle with weight & health issues. Thank you ! This Englishman Professor Roy Taylor impressed me years ago at reversing diabetes within weeks..Using a 600/800 Calories per day routine..Brilliant under rated man.. but very little Doctor or MSM interest..
    Big Companies cannot make money from Roy Taylor’s strict short term eating plans !

    This is Link to Reversing Diabetes by specific diet alone, by Professor Roy Taylor Newcastle University England.
    Cheers for all your excellent ideas !

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