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Digestive Aid has helped a lot. Many thanks to you. As i was watching youtube on sofa, i dozed off. Then i thought it must be because of the Hair Oil ok ok Sir, i took the digestive aid i am feeling better now results are good happy to hear that I am feeling happy What did your Aunt say? Now she is 70 years old. And she was in lot of pain. So i slightly heated the oil and applied to her knee. After sometime, She said she is feeling better I asked if the pain has come down. She said about 40% the pain has reduced. After only one use? Yes Yes. About 40% You were saying something about scalp itching? This is the best hair oil i have used till now. Glad to hear that. Hair has become silky and shiny Split hair has reduced. I experienced that, roots are now stronger How is the effect of diabetic care that was given to your husband? Now its better. From many days it was below 200 mark. But Last time we tested it was around 85. Oh is it? Weekly we do test for the progress. will let you know about the progress. My husband mentioned that, since he started taking Ankush Diabetic Care, it has come to normal level oh is it? i have been applying hair oil from 3 days ok ok seems to be working. effect is good. what difference did you see? hair fall has stopped. while combing i can see the difference. i am very happy to hear that.

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