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Many people ask me, what’s the reason of your energy? That I don’t know but today I am really getting abundant energy . On 94.3 FM, you hear me and R.J Meenakshi is my name. Today you are watching me along because Radio can be seen also. Here I have come in Urja Sector-34 Chandigarh and I have extra energy because I tried this Arjun Tea This Arjun Tea from Planet Ayurveda is very energetic and this increases so much freshness in you, positivity in you! Meekashi ji is with me. I am Meenakshi and she is also Meenakshi. Wow! How amazing! When two Meenakshi meet, they always do some wonders. Okay!! Please try Arjun Tea. Come to the stall, come to Urja. Live from your heart!

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