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so today we’re making sweet potatoes
with kale and so to start we’re gonna boil our water with some lemons in there
and the reason we’re adding these lemon slices is not only to infuse the sweet
potato with that like nice vibrant citrusy taste the peels will also add an
element of the bitterness and that bitterness is important to balance the
sweetness of the sweet potatoes so while that’s boiling we’re gonna get started
chopping up some potatoes I love a variety of colors so I grabbed a few
different kinds we have a Japanese purple regular sweet potato it’s gonna
be delicious chip chop so I actually like to leave
the skins on the sweet potatoes personally I think it tastes great and I
also feel like I’m getting more of a whole plant experience another
ingredient that we didn’t list on these recipes is a light mood a cheerful
attitude in Ayurveda whatever energy you have in the kitchen while you’re cooking
is considered an essential ingredient it’s infused into the experience and so
the idea is that you fill this recipe with love so that when people are
enjoying it later they taste that all right so now I’m going to add the sweet
potatoes to this nice boiling lemon water mind the splashes in the bath you go so we’re not gonna
finish cooking them in here we’re just gonna start them cooking in here and so
adding that that moisture element is also important to keep the sweet
potatoes from drying out and to keep Vata happy oh i’m hungry! so now I’m gonna
prepare the kale to be mixed in with the sweet potatoes once they’re off the the
oven and so we’ve got roughly two heaping handfuls of kale chopped up and
we’re gonna add our lemon juice to start to really break down the kale so that
it’s nice and tender and then we’re gonna add some nutritional yeast in here
as well I love nutritional yeast on my kale especially when baking so squeeze
on about a tablespoon if you like it a little bit more citrusy you can
definitely add two tablespoons and still be alright when I’m mixing something
with my hands I like to add a little mantra to it just either spoken aloud or
in my head and so I’m just wishing easy digestion and nourishment or whoever is
gonna eat this and once that’s thoroughly coated we’re gonna add the
nutritional yeast and mix again so now we can set this aside that’s
ready so I’m going to check the sweet potatoes to see if they’re ready we’re
looking them for them to be tender but not falling apart they’re gonna finish
cooking in the oven with the kale so yeah those are about ready so now we’re
gonna add them all together in our dish and I’m going to use the same pan here
to cook up our ghee and spices to coat all of this before we throw out of the
oven so I added a ghee to the pan first you want to get them be nice and warm
when you’re adding the spices and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add
the brown mustard seed first and we’re gonna start to get them sizzling away
whenever you have a whole seed that you’re cooking you want to add them
before you add the powders because we need a little longer to really mix with
the Ian and awaken their prana so the mustard seeds are just starting to pop
so I’m going to go ahead and add my fresh ginger and my salt and cinnamon you can give it a good toss around the
pan and then the important thing here is as soon as that cinnamon aroma begins to
lift this is ready to go over our goodies so now we’re going to pour this
goodness over all of our sweet potatoes we’re also going to add about a cup of
this starchy potatoes sweet potato water and that’s going to also help hold the
moisture involved we’re baking give these a nice toss and then we’ll add the
kale on top it smells so good something magical happens when you put cinnamon on
sweet potatoes I don’t know reminds me of the holidays
so this is just about ready to go in the oven we’re gonna keep it in the oven for
about 25 to 40 minutes depending keep an eye on it we’re gonna take this out of
the oven go to little tops and so there’s a couple of reasons we’re doing
that the first is to make sure it’s done or it’s getting close to done and the
second is to rehydrate all the sweet potatoes with that yummy spiced liquid help getting nice and crispy and so that
crispness and that lightness of the kale is a good balance for the heaviness and
the sweetness of the sweet potato okay this is gonna go back in the oven for
about 10 to 15 minutes remember the pan is hot oh wow that looks good it smells like I can smell the kale I
can smell the ginger and the cinnamon I’m just the hint of lemon in there as

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