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you this was beautifully done and she is an artist but here’s another poor individual she took accutane the amount of suicides from that one drug the amount of despair and the amount of what it did to the human body is beyond comprehension honey I see the picture I get what you’re saying here she cries every day you’re taking adrenals pituitary yeah I really saw what you’re on good girl good girl I feel for you honey eating lots of fruits and I gave up on meat and dairy protocol absolutely you got to message I have for you sweetheart is don’t cry roll your sleeves up and get ready to clean the body out no you’re gonna have to get this out of here whatever residues are in there and any damage that has done to cells can be repaired I mean you got it all realize that the body repairs itself beautifully yeah and this was my letter that you will see this I haven’t seen anything that an individual human or animal couldn’t rebuild and and and turn around and this is a particularly important what you’re talking about because of the genetics that we’re facing with your age and younger we’re seeing tremendous genetic weaknesses and then of course you’re learning about the lymphatic system which is unknown on this planet so as people become more aware of the lymphatic system you start to make sense doesn’t it everything starts to make sense why you have skin problems why you have different tumors and things like this and so all of that is easy to fix we had a man that his parachute didn’t open and he hit the water at 90 miles an hour Wow parachute didn’t open and so he was pretty much in in blood he was quite out of that crushed most of his bones I rebuilt him and two years later he’s out running and walking and enjoying his life not so much transplant the the cases of no return is going to be predominantly cancer cases or an extreme cystic fibrosis case extreme where the lungs have just become so scarred up very difficult with those cases to save them fast enough but and the only few people that we have a difficult time with is when their tumors are just huge and they’ve had chemo and radiation they’ve had lymph nodes removed that those are go to the tougher cases no question or where the lymph nodes have gotten hardened or atrophied in the body then you can’t because your lymph node is in between the cell and the kidneys our skin the eliminating organ so you have to cellular wastes are vital to get out of the body and there’s a hundred trillion cells that comprise the body and that there’s lymph nodes between the cell and the kidneys and the skin again the eliminative organs of metabolites or cellular waste and if these lymph nodes are a hard or removed then there’s no removing the waste from all these cells it would be like having a subdivision of houses all on one septic system and then someone removes the septic system every house on the block is going to have trouble with it yeah I’ve had cases where they were multiple transplants where they’ve had let’s say a kidney and let’s say a lung or something like that they’ve had multiple transplants and we’ve never had a problem now the only thing I can say to a person where they feel like their body’s rejecting the tissue is to then head down the road of health that takes all this acid and inflammation out of the body and it’ll bring a little degree of harmony to all the cells and that’s that when a person has that level of problem that’s the only thing you can do to get those tissues more in harmony get them out of the acidic zone cause remember nobody fixes why the lungs were removed nobody fixes why tissue was removed and we have to learn how to fix the cause of problems not treat the symptom because you see what happens when people treat the symptom nobody gets well accutane on a very bad bad dangerous drug a lot of a lot of suicides horrible the problem with the medical community they don’t understand acidosis so they treat with acids chemotherapy acids harder acids in the cell acids accutane extremely acidic felt like razor blades in people I got told people’s some guys who tell us don’t like broken glass that’s in their body circulating around one of the worst pharmaceuticals ever produced but that’s the problem most pharmaceuticals have fatal events or serious side effects and it’s like what we don’t need that because nature supplies everything and man simply has to look at his lifestyle look at the food you’re eating and that’s the problem the AMA does not are the medical profession does not understand your foods or chemistry you’re bringing into your body is the problem yes of course it would be the problem it’s chemistry and chemistry has an effect causing effect you know when you look at science there’s one word that describes Jesus so you reap what you sow Buddha karma and all of it is simply cause and effect and when you realize that and you change the cause you change the effect we had a lady down in the Philippines and I put her picture up there the before and after because she was just solid red you know rosacea she had eczema all over her body she had everything and now she’s Miss Philippines Wow no really oh yeah before after is that beautiful that I have it up on the web of one of the YouTube videos but it shows and it shows another girl in Dubai same problem major red all over and just one of our YouTube people got her healthy and cleaned all of it up and now she’s beautiful like you and that’s what this is about because the young people are suffering and nobody knows why or cares and we gotta fix them you that is probably the best question you could have ever asked because in our world there’s a theory that the medical community made up called diseases when you apply that theory there’s nothing in that theory about diseases that has any truth to it so when they say cancer and they have different names for problems as a chemist and as a physicist I’m going to look at the science of why someone is suffering what causes tumors what causes the body to have inflammation and so you have to kind of look at the two sides of chemistry I think everybody every young child should be taught the two sides of chemistry and the nature of the two side there’s only two sides like there’s only male and female right so there’s only two sides of chemistry male and female now there’s in between there’s all kinds of levels but there’s men and there’s females so understanding the nature of acids and the nature of bases or alkalis I think is important and understanding a little bit of how the foods are the chemistry of foods how what they their effect upon your body I think that’s all very important stuff to learn but what since medical doctors are not chemists there are not learned about how the foods work in the body the chemistry of foods and things they made up this concept of diseases but if you take that back and you look at all their their names of diseases all it is is acidosis in different areas of the body causing different problems with those tissues and factors that’s all it is and you can apply that theory and work with detoxification and it cleans everybody up now to understand detoxification is simple there’s two sides of chemistry the acid side of chemistry is the corrosive side it is the aggressive side this planet is not an acid planet it’s moving that way but it is not an acid planet because nobody no human no animal and very few plants can live on an acid planet so the predominance of chemistry on this planet is base chemistry or alkaline chemistry right that is hydrating and healing so when you look at different foods that man eats some foods are acid forming foods and some foods are alkaline forming foods the bulk of the vertebrates the humans all the animals the bulk of them except for cats the carnivores are alkaline food eaters in other words the food that they eat has an alkaline or rehydrating affect upon the body the cat family is the only family that eats the acid forming foods which is meat and of course there’s beans and there’s other foods that are acid forming but because of that cats are totally different in their milks they sleep 20 22 hours a day imagine you only have 24 hours in a day and you sleep 22 of them because your diet doesn’t give you any energy protein is not an energy food so they don’t have a lot of energy quick spurts of endurance and that’s it so man has to learn that the two sides of chemistry is vital and that the foods you eat must have a hydrating or an alcohol and effect which matches your blood chemistry so for the for when you look at the human body you ask yourself how did God make it to deal with each side of chemistry because the acid side of chemistry will tear the human body apart as you’ve seen so how does your body deal with the acid side of chemistry and that’s what the medical community is still confused over and the word that comes in there is the great lymphatic system it is the sewer system of the human body that is the acid removal system of the body blood can’t remove acids because it’s base chemistry and it’s as simple as that and so when you look at the body and its responses and everything you’ll see that when you eat acid your body now has to steal inside of it things that are alkaline like calcium so when people eat high acid diets they lose all their calcium their bones fall apart their tissues get inflamed and full of pain tumors start forming kidneys don’t filter all of those things happen under the acid sky see that’s the thanks and you got that they’re called lymphomas because they’re of the lymph system they’re not of the blood and you can’t see the lymph system again deals with cellular waste and byproducts matters back to your lymph system if you get in a car accident and you get hurt real bad your lymph system is what cleans you it cleans all the damaged cells because cells can’t travel through the blood they have to travel through the lymphatic system where the lymph nodes are because that’s where the immune cells that eat up these cells are so when you look at the body simplistically you start to see that this illusion called diseases is just an illusionary concept and it keeps man always seeking the answers of his problems and it keeps him in fear and it keeps him on toxic pharmaceuticals the prom and course it kills so many people if you were to do a story on how many deaths that occur under the Medical Association every year its worldwide it’s way up in the tens if not hundreds of millions of people and there’s none on our site because we we build people we don’t treat people we rebuild them detoxification is how you hydrate you alkalis and you clean out all the chemistry that shouldn’t be in there and then of course the other side of detoxification is it rebuilds tissue it regenerates the human body well because when you start looking at detoxification it’s actually an energetic experience and it’s something that the body does itself we don’t do detoxification your body does it and nature uses it on the animals so when you see an animal to get sick they don’t eat they don’t even drink sometimes they go into a fasting stage and let the body heal itself well man didn’t learn that but that’s what nature passed and and the people in the natural health field run out it’s looking how nature deals with life and how you use that in conjunction with understanding how the body works the two sides of chemistry the two systems that the to flood systems are the body the blood in the lymph and how that impacts the cells of the human body but there isn’t anything that you can’t damage or break down through acidosis that you can’t rebuild we’ve got them like ALS or Lou Gehrig’s and Parkinson’s and where their limbs are distorted like this the curb had turned I can’t speak or walk and within five to six months we have them talking walking their limbs are coming straight again your bodies if you have degeneration you have regeneration life is dualistic in creation so where you have one side you also have the other a lot of people don’t understand this other side but it’s there several ways but back when I was like you said about 45 years ago or so I was fasting on carrot juice and things like that and I didn’t have the response so I suggest if anybody wants to know the difference do a week on green juices or carrot juice do a week on grapes and then do a week on lemon juice and tell me which one was the strongest detox that you went through and you will find that the fruit is always the strongest and at several reasons it’s the most nutritious it’s the most energetic in the terms of vibration and frequency it has the I highest an electromagnetic energy of any food on the planet and it has high astringent it starts to pull and clean the body so you have a stringent you have power you have nutrition and there the food of man remember this university recently thought that the reason the primate brain and the human brain is so big is because of the fruit ins remember humans are not paleo humans are islanders originally humans are not paleo or cavemen humans are Islanders they’re primate ish remember the human is 97% primate 97% identical so when you look at that with frugivores and if you look at the hands you look at the teeth you look at the limbs we all match frugivores mm-hmm everything so there’s nothing wrong with vegetables they’re just harder to digest when you’re detoxifying and you’re eating hard to digest food you lose the toxification because the energy now is going to go to digesting your food when you everything in life needs energy and detoxification is one of them and this is why Nature pretty much shut you down from eating anything while you’re healing I think great should definitely are the outstanding ones I think that there’s enough in my world to show you about grapes I remember I had this model and she had lung cancer and bone cancer 43 days on grapes and lemon juice no more bone or lung cancer and it was like what that there was another young man I had had stomach cancer and this was observed by the local newspaper and I got a front-page story on it but 56 days no more stomach cancer left and I had it on fruit grapes in particularly probably out of 56 days probably 45 well amazing but no more stomach cancer left after 56 days those are nature paths don’t have a clue to what they’re talking about see I like to say the people that judge others in our fields then let’s just match theories in other words you take a bunch of people I’ll take a bunch of people and let’s see whose theory works I’ve always offered this to the medical community I’ll come into your office any medical doctor out there and I’ll take a hundred of your clients and let me show you what I can do with them but funny I never get anybody to take me up on that no one’s no medical doctors ever say ok come on let’s do it never because they know I can cure them all up we can the problem is is that when people judge like that other nature pass and the other problem with nature pass today is it’s controlled more by medical doctors they talk about high-protein diets things like this when you put someone on a high-protein diet that’s insanity and that shows me immediately the individual whether they’re in nature path medical doctor osteopath doesn’t matter they don’t know what they’re talking about because these type of diets are not man’s diets and they don’t understand chemistry and what I can do to you and yet there’s nature pasture all around the world recommending now high-protein diets and crap like that it’s a sad day and this is why I’m training all of you guys to go out and cure everybody up forget these guys because I don’t know where they get this ridiculous thoughts and stuff like that and and let you guys cure the world you know what it is difficult as you said in a cold climate to eat raw food because in the wintertime it is antagonistic to that because coal is alkaline so when you’re in a cold when you look at nature everything is balanced right and good for an example you look at the tropics these are acid zones however everything around the fruit the water our base chemistry so God has wherever you see alkaline there’s also the acid side so when you go up north in the winter you have a natural desire to eat acid forming foods because their heat producing the problem with it you don’t stay healthy in northern climates you know when the Eskimos were first ideas this were discovered at a bye-bye tunnel on that one but when they first discovered the Eskimos their age was only about 46 years old about the time of Christ when most people were living only up into their 40s so it’s interesting when you take a look at that that when you move to a high-protein diets your health starts to skyrocket downwards so don’t know you know you keep yourself warm with soups or with with hot teas you know like herbal teas to detoxify with keep yourself wrapped up because if you have a thyroid weakness you’re even colder still so it’s difficult but what we have we can’t do anything about it we have to get to you and to make you well because so many people are suffering and if you’re in Moose Jaw Alaska cover up get the fire on and warm up because I don’t know what to tell you you got to do this level up to get well so the raw food is not the problem it’s more the environment exactly how your food is the food design for men isn’t the pod is not the problem man’s thinking and awareness is the problem okay so when you take a look at energy and if you said you could you can actually make this statement that anything that obstructs the flow of energy causes dis-ease alright so anything that obstructs the flow of energy so energy must be moving right so mucus assets a lot of things obstruct the flow of energy but on a more spiritual note thoughts obstruct the flow of energy emotions obstruct the flow of energy so when you’re going into detoxification and even when you’re going into a trying to become more conscious you’re shutting down those things that obstruct the flow of energy because it’s energy that is conscious and it is energy that is the healer because why do we eat fruit for why do we eat food for do we eat it for chemistry or for energy why do we eat it for and if you ask anybody the bottom line is energy if you have no energy you know you’re not happy you don’t have anything you’re running around like this and the adrenals are down and all that thing so it is all about energy but in quantum physics they now have said that frequency electromagnetic energy and that frequencies of electromagnetic energy is just pure energy step down into duality and that energy has intelligence this is quantum physics now says energy has intelligence well that’s the leap from the physical into the spiritual side where you realize that everything has consciousness to it me right might be able to communicate to that level but everything has a certain degree of awareness fun stuff and that includes the food you’re eating so I think what a man has to do is get with what type of vertebra he is and what type of food he’s designed to eat we have to get there and we’re not vegetable eaters so it’s a big difference you when you start getting into the body and you start bringing energy and authorization into the body it starts what’s called an anionic environment and it’s an environment of fluidity where when you become acidic it creates an environment of a correlation or a cationic environment so when you again when you start on an alkaline diet it starts as an ionic hydration going on and then everything starts to move out but what begins to happen is you begin to walk backwards in time these healing crises are nothing more than you’re walking backwards experiencing and almost everything you’ve ever created in your life physically so let’s say that you had a car accident 10 years ago and let’s say that you hurt your head and you got a piece of glass in your head or something during your detoxification if this never healed properly because you were too acidic this will start hurting again after 10 years if you have any glass in there it’ll come out and then it’ll heal it’ll all be gone and you will feel the release in your consciousness it’s amazing but it’s a walk backwards if you had pneumonia plan on it if you’ve had tumors plane’ll I’m in other words you’re gonna be walking backwards and when you start cleaning out your body it’s not symptom free you’ve got all this mucus in the body you got all this mucus to come out if you’re mounted sort and you know what’s amazing to me as this planet does not understand malabsorption nature pass do not understand malabsorption and if you don’t understand mountain absorption you don’t understand why you get thin during detox because if your mal absorbed initially how are you going to put on weight with fruit you’re not but you have to understand what my own absorption is and that is they limp back to the lymphatic system again you’re back to that system so interstitial G along the intestinal wall then that expect nation and of course until you fix malabsorption you’re gonna be thin or thinner but then you can fix that and put on weight I had another model here she was 15 years old before she was a model her mother brought her in and mother said well I want you Fix might heard she had something something hardly anything wrong and I forget what it was and the mother said could you help her with this and I looked at at her mother and I said you know Mom your daughter has a much bigger problem her mother looked at me like kind of strange and she said what are you talking about and I said look how thin she is and about then that girl just started crying and everything and and she says I eat I eat I eat it I can’t wait I said I know because your mouth absorbed I fixed her and now she’s a model Wow yeah and that’s what you do remind to every people you we have to get good digestion absorption assimilation and elimination you hit it right on the head if you don’t do these four things how can you call diseases or deficiencies you’ve got to be able your body has to be able to do those four things well and then you can talk about symptoms and problems but I guarantee you you fix those four things and you will be clean and healthy as a horse well there’s water fasting that’s a very common thing and then I would say in the last 10 years I’ve learned a lot more about dry fasting because it is important that men understand that kidneys need to filter and a lot of people do not understand what that means because in the medical world your urine should be clear when you consider your urine part of your sewer system and you don’t want your sewage to be cleaner because it’s got all your stuff in it then what’s happening to all the sewage in your body if your urine is clear and that’s the problem so by dry fasting it can shake those kidneys open a little bit more and that’s another thing about fruit the astringent value of fruit can help to get these kidneys astringent a little bit but you want to start to see the sediment in the urine because the sediment in the earrin is your limp is your sewage from the cells that’s when we see the tumors start going down and everything going away if we can’t get the kidneys to filter the skin won’t clear thanks man things like this gives me won’t clear up so the filtration of the sewer system through the kidneys is key and it is probably the least understood concept out there well you can use some of these things I think you have to be careful with the clays in terms of constipation external use of plays yeah but I think with the botanicals we don’t need to move to the clay so much like with the skin once you get that you could use some clays or some dry skin brushing but once the skin is sweating and opening up and once the kidneys are filtering the skin will clear right up but the skin is tied to the thyroid gland remember that and your basal temperatures your body temperature should be around ninety eight you know to get a good sweat a good fever up and that’ll open up the skin channel remember your skin is your third kidney your largest eliminative organ of the human body and it’s an analemma native organ well what’s it what does it eliminate what if myelin skin is your largest eliminative organ what does my skin eliminate and what makes it so red and under that title in chemistry is called acids metabolites a cellular waste there’s there’s nothing else thanks doc chemistry doesn’t fly in from parts unknown I’d like to get this video we have several pro athletes and they have videos showing their ability on the raw diet and so it would be nice to have you talked to some of those but give me an example I work with mr. Olympia I work with a lot of Antonia a guy that trains bodybuilders we work with a lot of pro athletes the thing is is that when you go into high protein diets you create acidosis so the big problem with athletes is rheumatoid arthritis RA this is a big factor in their future they lose their joints they they lose their kidneys all this acid then touch breaking the tissues down so it’s a big deal so a lot of the pro athletes are learning that plant-based is an alkaline causing a diet as opposed to an acid ash diet you know acid ashley’s acid acid as its by-product you don’t want food that needs acids as the byproducts you want foods that are hydrating which is alkaline – foods and but those are for those are for most of the vertebrae so when the when the athletes learn this and here’s a good example we have one I can show you over this but this is a picture of it I saw video of her incredible she is cool baby and that that’s on the plant-based the endurance is more the speed is more you don’t get tired there you don’t huh it’s unbelievable for those long-distance runners and those looking for endurance you don’t get tired you get bored I’m telling you you can get your body so clean let’s give me that the endurance is off the chart I’ve done this to so many people before you know and if you look at that acids make you inflamed slow you make you stiff and sore and tight base chemistry makes you loosen and pliable well if you look at the animals the animals that eat the fruits and eat the vegetables are the strongest if you look at a wild horse all they eat is grass look at how strong a wild horse is look at an elephant like you said how strong is an elephant all on greens these animals can crush all the other ones the primate nobody messes with the gorillas and matter of fact nobody messes with a little bitty ones because they can they can kill a human and they’re the same species where’s our street where’s our power we’ve lost it by eating the wrong type of foods we don’t eat the foods that our bodies designed to eat well I couldn’t understand why people are worried about that because of the fruits when you look at there was a three doctorate professor in Canada and he invited me to speak one time down here and he has three Doctorate degrees around nutrition and he claims the bananas nature’s perfect food but he’s heavy into the fruits and particularly the berries like the blueberries and the blackberries their nutrition is off the chart there’s no other food that has nutrition let’s look at some of the foods for a minute grains they have no nutrition grains are starch they’re acid forming foods they have enzyme inhibitors – ik acid ok beans same thing high proteins high phytic acid enzyme inhibitors there acid ash forming foods meats acid ash forming foods dairy products are very mucus-forming pasteurized their acid ash forming foods so most of the foods are acid ash forming foods unless they are fruits berries melons vegetables that sort of thing very very few other foods are nutritious at all the only nutritious foods which grow out of the ground and our green or come up a tree with your fruits and now you’re talking about heavy nutrition and another thing how about energy heavy energy the fruit has the highest energy is an example a piece of broccoli on the ground has about nine thousand angstroms of energy to it a let’s say a apple on a tree has about twelve to thirteen thousand angstroms turrent difference particularly when you’re dealing with neurological problems like if you come to me and you’re in a wheelchair I need energy I need big-time energy to that nervous system and that’s where I get naturally I had a lady she was 43 years old MS advanced MS she was on a stretcher they brought her in an ambulance she couldn’t even she was so stiff but she was only about that thick she was very thin and she was stiff she couldn’t move two and a half months on fruit I have her wheeling her wheelchair and I have her feeding herself two and a half months all right so I said honey you’re so thin I want to build some muscle I’m gonna go to Green Drinks in a salad a day as soon as I did that she lost your ability to move again on raw fruit I mean all raw vegetables so I had to go back to the fruit level to get her about going it and then that’s what taught me that that nerve energy is electric of course and that we have to look at the electricity of foods as well well the first thing is when you start on a program like this you start growing spiritually because you start hooking to energy or consciousness more and of course we teach you on the youtubes to to stop thinking desiring so much as to start pulling back a little bit and watching things in your life instead of always thinking and planning and desiring you get lost in thoughts and pretty soon you don’t even know who you are because you’re always thinking and you’re trying to figure things out and you get depression and you have emotions you’ve got this this guy or that guy or whatever and so but when you pull back and you get into a state of observation it frees you from that and you start getting more energy you start seeing things that you never saw before because now you’re looking instead of thinking and you can always see more when you’re looking as opposed to when you’re thinking I realize that we are searching for a God outside while we have to maybe look inside us because we are all God and we are part from the whole and our mind like – like two separate things so we create duality and we create so the opposite of the goods are the bad and if we haven’t created the demand we couldn’t have expressed it so let’s think about it this way you remember we talked about earlier that we don’t want to treat the car the in effect we want to go after the cause the same thing in creation if you’re playing with your mind and desires you’re playing in the effect you want to become the cause well how do you become the cause quit playing in the playground in other words pull back and become who you are by not losing yourself with thought and desire because those are the two things that Buddha talked about it was it jesus said the same thing they all say the same thing if you know how to listen and it simply is just what you just said if you play in the fields of dreams then your life will be a dream but if you want truth and consciousness then you quit playing and you kick back and you become the observer of life instead of the the actor or actress of life and you begin to see things out-of-body travel is simply that the energy you just simply move your attention away from your body and put it somewhere else because remember you are not your physical body it’s just your car you’re using so when you’re done with your car don’t you get out and leave it in the garage at night or and then whatever and go in the house absolutely so at night you can leave your car your physical body and bed and take off going because you’re free to do that anytime you want people just don’t realize it here because your senses of the physical body is so good it locks you in pretty good here you generally need a near-death experience or a meditation to pull yourself back away from it you you got to grab your power back because man loves to take the power away from you even if you’re a young person people like to take your power away you want to grab your power because all of you are learning truth now and truth can’t go away truth is truth and so a lot of you guys are getting your strength in a society that is overpowering everybody with lies and propaganda everything’s about the marketplace sort of speak it’s about the money and that’s that’s so unhuman but so human you it’s the thing is you can’t care you can’t care because that soul is on its own journey and you can only be away so we’re in other words you can be like a Johnny Appleseed where you say this is what I discovered and see if that individual would like that if they feel like they want the same experience the problem with it is that so many people are so far away from truth right now they have an any idea in diet everybody does have it’s just people are tearing the thing apart so the the real beauty of it is that we have a following it based upon what works so people like yourself are coming out there you’ve cleaned yourself up you know it works now you’re learning why it’s working and now you’re teaching the world this same thing spiritually it’s easy to understand God consciousness it’s a bit of a trip to develop your ability that’s maintain it a little bit but it’s easy to understand to get out of your mind it’s doing it how do you stop thinking I’m glad to see you got your health back and you keep working on your health too don’t forget that keeping on you know I’ll get your eyes go we build your genetic weaknesses and you will be they clean good job sweetheart I love you so much you too thank you so much for the opportunity

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