Taking Charge of Your Health

this rahi a decided today we have this
at full throttle special guest on today our rates he’s a certified advance
rocker who has been teaching bodywork properly brought before a response they
represent physical therapy since nineteen eighty eight well
internationally and at the san francisco school besides in u_s_ lately has been
conducting workshops this positive spin on the missile programs to include
depression lamar powerful skills for therapeutic work are also the author of unpopular manual
decreasing the size of visual guided techniques which has been translated
into eight comedy atlantic languages and unit an eleven-hour dvd series to a
lifetime of hard physical activity and high-level athletic rhubarb desserts
included alternet marathons led to pigmented bodywork first as a graceful graceful prabhu
recipients and later as a student on the fulfillment huge principal receiving
them perform bodywork led him away from his graduate studies in exercise
physiology at the university of caroline on california-berkeley two full-time
career as a ralph reed teacher quiet lives in oakland california install
sophie instead gave rate continues to pursue his primary passion of doing
bodywork welcome tonight art trying to straighten up so how did you get in the world to know are out there are split actually election silhouettes where
aren’t related it in what they had excellent insurance
from a lot of money com athletics office and struck opted for our children n_r_a_
group that message is never whatever suffered by work source close to forty
order and just friends just outright off in an
unlocked for freedom or whatever uh… less treatments work and i thought
that i had uh… visited the chiropractor corrosive traffic or some
of the congressional western restaurants i went to the series ’em brothers who are concerned about reductions typos in situation service as
well let’s try it that’s just a that production cutback didn’t involvement and support its own
defaulting on their capella i think that’s what you want to get right into
the coffee but of the required to pick up beside certification so that’s great that they think it is not hacienda experience robotics uh… etc
saga solicitation and it just a little bit of aside from a visit by the time
until i could get into the rockets to medic had a every chance i actually
prefer for trade munich germany which the first set a
time out of united states finished up they haven’t i would start working in
addition to the district probably obviously might instructors have had a
lot of the scriptures finally uh… your place it’s a struggle marathon starbucks
steps like that arm i can do better physical therapists
treated in the sense that you have standards sorry start working in
physical therapy clinic hook asserted that actually destructive have
some people start practice but excellently for me and i think uh… she
right up indictment really got experience working
with injuries and are that’s for the copy away from just janine like sized
watched people often to go through the cancer is area i think this s_g_ allotment relief for
millions of the problem solving cutbacks in the front and not to uh… justice
please ritual songwriting uh… i believe that when people come and even
if they’re looking for relax ation massage bodywork uh… great emotional
sense except that almost everybody has to corporate surface body it’s really
nice to the just richard much closer uh… situations people to be discussed bad
evidence start working on a program says to work with that food if you had knee replacement then aapko ulcers first go ahead uh… fight back surgery site idea
football injuries he had to say at least a watering uh… what a basketball here and
studying how about we tried it for about ten
years and offenses for computers promises great blackmun stuffy dot the
refund competition in your book bottleneck normal decent
news here except for error uh… evaporate faster
or obstruction buck factory artwork or what about uh… anything host of
problems i have uh… but i’ve been proudly better after
that i think some types of electricity to realize that there’s only so much do
a that bottle surfers fair or sell web site called surgery socks
and spent quite a bit anything with westerners stat was helpful for me to be
in physical therapy c uh… yes whether assets uh… strengthening uh… flexibility exercise site but i didn’t
have a lot of pledged for her to go to people photographs people twelve teachers golfing i think it’s really helpful for me brown
he said the uh… supplements and herbs uh… if you
have about heather olympic upscale and i think a lot of practitioners in paris would start work at it must
have been strippers i think there’s instrument architect rituals practice always takes
off inquiry yet and then dumped do you have a
full-time practice right now are how many massages a shipping given no
indication that treatment ultra attractors will be l well credit for it guy i spend a lot of time uh… traveling back teach broadening weeks
for taipei former japan at teach so it’s a little hard for me to get
another regular schedules off about three weeks at a time in that i do have for a lot of time or binder this is white i have to be a book a puppy no clout if you think q_v_c_ your dvds there uh… at is squid seventy use start altogether an uh… that’s
dvds i think those because i didn’t what
basically what i was teaching i noticed itself that we get into way for me to
students at teaching at bodywork text leno’s twenty two that are you teach of
use that students from an early test prep traffic absolutely everything class uh… so that that’s just like apples
taking money out stuff together pockets that u_p_s_ i think that often chess dosto scripting and notebooks try to
remember subsided of then you will for the placid they are
still talking about publishing company capsule that’s on the couch star incident
teaching and some error also perfectly natalie got involved in
the long both in everything else is because of
that same reason to hand sometimes because the students that they don’t
show coffee expected me to go over it sold and actual recorded by information
so here look at this instead because again you could he can’t possibly re
refresh the students all the time with everything so right it europe’s go off ability chain four o’clock satisfaction
district first few days next weekend at the earliest essential order people
interact states was summer innovative practice somemore hyper i’ve just
checked taking classes use it’s just something that keeps you alive
always correct that’s why uh… i’m still working on ten people
because sometimes bit hectic for me but uh… you know it’s just a little
less wordy not only for take classes that every single player our travel
report differently and look at is a your objectives sexual m just change your
life in what i don’t want to keep him too continued education account it set the fire back in to youtube so
when you start getting the right cynthia no casts object classes working looks
videos uh… idea i had to share a couple of
people i talked with her practice chito but i’d better check plastic pay for
itself truck because corrections csc just for us off at her class uh… you jim new techniques had that problem joining if people come in and and and
one sessions whatever happens for and the comeback further friends one of the
things that are really uh… try to talk to most lessons about
use so many people predict p be even better at some support general picture quickly
think soch robotic rather yet uh… units and i think they’re afraid of stepping
outside of that comfort zone and on they’re competing is huge mass of people and better really means a lot of things
to do a lot of different people read you know whether i would say you know
extinguishers do something different don’t be afraid of breaking out of the stuff one of them biggest problems i’ve seen with releases
consistently they’ve had absolute inculcated or even indoctrinated that wombs this isn’t such uh… you have to work sixty percent of the back of the body
and it gets a chess game what would be provided with a cup of coffee
send he worked with into the same thing up to virtually everybody make it work
with the order the someone’s corporate cars your well in protective uh… people live rebecca feedback questions which is so
great to break out of that straitjacket he had to gay people uh… about not being afraid with vic seidler even
for an apartment yaaro you know two things that people say well ever
have that done before but i think of a powerful austin’s co
have these wound stripped out of the necessary training tech by many people took to learn the basics
before they can to start breaking away from map uh… always have to do the whole body uh… communicate about dent’s farm worker bee figuring were
than an hour charge letting people know about the eventual
providers uh… something like that so uh… yet i would say thing to do assign which would have
passion at a particularly we’re not and and form your classroom pastoral
rather than try to form your skills brown uh… what you think the players or
feedback i get my students sir uh… what they really really hard
pressed left with a different people they come back use lecture different makes them feel
different rather interesting body that’s a bystander patino altman often don’t keep the bulk of the
people in what do you think separates because
she was far from regular swedish massage would you say while un let’s talk about that i think
terror concerning differences in degree out i think one of the
problems that i’ve seen with body work is that alone people think they’re doing this or observers technical specifics that i
could say deep tissue working really told boxed
speeches eleven british uh… what picture she was which really that
our park and working or you know things like that well clear of the bottom sayaka worked very very hard on a
superficial fascia or but it’s really hard got that politics
rather markets uh… europe roosting ready to be it prom soul enough just picture credit card or talk with the hansel
greasy rat are hoping that you are perhaps platt uh… you realize how certain tasks face
much more complicated fugotsten research so uh… deep tissue how much ecstasy skinny motion war uh… if we do decide but for promotion
such socks and um… a two-mile toward ed dot com he said repetition at whatever later or
still astley park reoccur we’ll cater to keep
workers performance promotes all those helped if you’re
sliding over cunanan’s slow-motion out there but if you are able to serve rather
grapefruit moves without sliding over the years right helpless lawyers so
about lubrication uh… i think that the telescope is a
little bit more therapeutic pretty tissue but some people just like d work uh… graduation rhythms lighting british view
outdoing stopped work people currently have problems certian burkhart sell more
cars through something like that but on the
other side republic pontificators profit about pictures ten years eight fifteen this thanks so
much for repudiate work that people or specialize and fifty-nine
only do that by a fair to say i don’t do switch sarcasm relaxing soch and
attributable to the requests that are i’m dockings kitni because one after that after this it
societal so i think that that basically cations
weakened by ethics which people true that the church skills because they
relieve themselves out with the court room suite ritual so that helps uh… but fissile fsx with or without really help
shift gears um… can work with those of the other
side which i don’t have much purposes over
there’s a lot of people that are as senior marketing workshops sugar
workshops whatever it was just great teachers are eric uh… activation uh…
preferrably thinks about that gold and uh… to look out uh… with a low transmit are doing a lot of how to work in the
people graduate with that and then they stopped can be enjoyed
really being placed people with here uh… you’re getting that benefit so that people have to make a decision
by keeping relaxing aside from ruby tution massage tonight i try to get your picture should work as
well a few people pleasure and i’m not interested all too to do that there’s a lot of therapeutic
work in reelection energy workstation webmail uh… whatever that if you could called
personality makes a few good for an hour weather strip startling chronic pain
that’s ahead because people smile important and what’s on your bio to you mentioned
that you armor started teaching tissue inspires yes our i think that’s fucked because of
sponsors for mardi when uh… neesh of uh… find work let’s talk about separately purple xansa environment but i don’t know how to
become accustomed uh… yet but i’ll figure track so of where they are somewhat i_f_f_ taught
us supposedly west they have a little different philosophy
from disposing of the west coast probably east coast n so many of their clients are lurch types uh… your we’re off to the
office marketing a promotional such and that there are more inclined to relax
ation but by cutting uh… workshop remembers your
excuse me it way and had a very very developments for four seasons edb just great replaced scripture are big
island of colour i regret that uh… indicate to you know rhapsody
aromatherapy wrong with that but the research shied away from a therapeutic
work in so we could do a deep tissue art workshop with him immediately feedback
from students are getting a better check see if they’re working
uh… in a swedish mortality uh… pierce you’ve been talking to
people find out what’s going on the argument that rebekah tissue and
stretching tissue uh… sarda computer uh… just uh… at six fifty seven cancel your not lou it’s emails people two people don’t look to the four
seasons and people to speak at a workshop dupage
selection except you know this piece of the bay area do you have any pictures of
works like that i can’t find anybody like that one roll back to the store managers it
was just a thought ten years premature for the website psycho worksite so
that’s what we’re doing is to try to be sports you like to speak to him wally
therapy work and other sisters stuff fought dr steve anderson you’ve quicker retain
people and then the difference between deep tissue dropping would you say was
there a big difference certainly chickens made public uh… refuse and i think it very clear
teach them about teaching watching you can’t help but each game schedules
bunker too absolutely i think i really have a big
emphasis fresher and yes the problems we have a body are
from shortage at least bs massage therapists work with by his techniques they use purple but
usually work with the tissue archive offers uh… similar question assistance in
europe you’re going to open their uh… absence
of discreet that rathod beatrice braude just so happy
right right understand at uh… profession office work force feeding he’s sorry of uh… interpreting the body one thing to speak to shoot you can’t do that were two sessions so
you know the the bruins bookmarklet is it’s a cool pc player to identified make it work unresponsive still have people that come
to be full of because type atmosphere ten years for juniors at this disparate group
that’s image architecture’s and some thunderstorms offers to settle you just
put the body of work and bob test is going to particular bristle
poured into south reality through harasser people produced here char
application route humanistic much zest for me but you’re quite card the strip papers
so basic state uh… the i wonderful uh… philosophy theory of nobody work to doctors have been apart which a lot
of people think but to move better written for your of a lot of things from our people uh… techniques they use the baltics
portuguese deep tissue son in a little different way i can spit it
out statistical yeah most people for each such problem you know and with a big difference between are
dropping in advance for offering all fund at that point extra quick um… castroville ca activities best logs that have patricia
agroforestry our viewers of it’s which or approach it wrote the truth that eucalyptus totally changed about him but use you’ve
worked with it for a while but it just pictures cost
extra job with expect cecil uh… but you might roles but he did it
come back for class warfare uh… he returned later but inaugural speech the workers well liberals together use of the royalty you
fast walk techniques uh… the basic uh… from the biggest difference this
talk about that two other hope your researcher keywords
i don’t think about op exchange v of moving from the baseball ticket sales uh… scotsman workshop for credible but compact discs that there’s not a sharp
line eyes i start working with bombs and i just can’t phone you know your
your people uh… watching desktop or couldn’t be
takes the workshops gets worked for people but don’t let themselves just working on
must profession uh… most of the uh… soft-tissue how does he have
manifests substituents m if you look at choice that that would work for that
won’t bite working on soft tissue but also all experts are not talking
about chiropractic karachi arctic uh… guinevere roof shoulder about fido restricted i
would say where the biggest change like last
people very well could have had a rubber classes have set up migrant workers imprint position i don’t care about that if somebody’s
ltd it doesn’t make sense for me to try to
work in muscle advice often message but it has a holding pattern so i take it to the immigration portion
will particularly here at the bustle at work to try it won’t be captures a
sense wonderful lifestyles comes and that most soft but that’s because
that’s what she’s source and i would say that’s the big
difference trips relief teacher shipment uh… the body christians versus most
places that you know a few rate after side for about an hour to that answer back and i think that’s the first post had
relax but you haven’t really resetting uh…
neurological wives unit you have a workgroup wins either conscious or unconscious
holding patterns uh… u that’s what the secure message for dot
what do you think it’s not too long term growth resulting well crowd asap i think it’s fantastic one expensive uh… and uh… tend to be difficult
program are what i did only change professions that background teach domestic pressure vers her okay she approximation caltrain
complicated to exercise prescription absolutely president instead money for that in i
had to go through at right fruitcake paperwork which i don’t believe he
actually war uh… i had to get a whole lot of bodywork and it was a torturous process so there’s a lot of workshops out their
absolute quickly more uh… this is that of course is a lot of new programs out there a bit are made after the person make them over uh… some sort of thing worked out that yes that’s correct and i think the second thing is step uh… walking such-and-such servers uh… alone will persuade a the people
or try to get people commit speak to the best picture itself here uh… i think both back twenty
years ago have reputations reach uh… working on a hot coals over uh… chemistry type uh… exorbitant a little look at is a little bit further
fanatical wishes size prudently science uh… that’s coming up to document
writer ralph keep up with the rehearsal reporters that somebody some fantastic compared to
say that the use of role techniques even if they have been going to school and
smokers the yourself at alone hostile and i i think first success
bahut pyar of the office to is precautions out
uh… you’ll have people see the roofers acceptable test so uh… and can’t do that i to refight that would keep do that opportunities there’ll always be pushed
her which i don’t think offering particularly when the dust park near true people say that principle
techniques uh… enquiries srishti expected wealthy sections times
on squirrel were uh… expression uh… things like that uh… p_f_ stretches from despaired beer
or pop f_-twenty site you know i would prefer to be
considerable because i think a lot of people at the stroke patient may have
been told that that i got off to protect people that about that of real built are uh… political system and along will probably still get into the uh… the population in the pictures and stuff
too and pictures for which or proud
trumpeting what withholding personal experience this twister scripts of ways for people to see the
changes on the other side they have a tendency uh… first the redistricting carcasses
surcharge expert quantifiable based horoscopes what’s shift work from a
personal level things it’s the truth of the body of work a few
weeks of much much were internal how do you feel in your
party well-qualified selection of autographed by the
exception of the car body in of knowing that people werewolf juries say a on continuously server software i think
that that barbara but body uh… salam apply
to bribe talk about air precise off of my body were fluid levels pacifica probably
became a bit was rejected by few life particularly or
something you know and uh… what do you think makes a
successful practice that you’ve been some so successful throat with all these
years and well conference escort question programs
questionnaire ac was practice bilaterally practice i have great warts pro about your book purple ribbons if it was
a super busy at work and people like go to school with the borough three people
week outside of the year i didn’t have meatpacking district was
just fix websites uh… magic square advertised answerable to missiles lest
stressed the concept of retirement yet i’d like to see this him reporting for us tonight but i think
most people were talking they’re watching her probably excuse abuse appliance which
are part of a practice previously practices that truth successfully click uh… idle people who work for
replacement but i would consider to be projects off the point where personal
wonderful barbour pursued neither into the tree fort forced with our team of
their orchestra but at one of the work network creek
week or five people will be or for promotion at week you know which helped before if we get a
up i’ve successfully argued and i think that’s what the car much money do you have crop-killing
press korea i think it would have the right to be a
tremendously successful practice eight to ten people week outbreak
recreation worked there parents to take care of their kids they spent time with
the kids not to be successful practice and what you think people it hamper for people from having to
successful practice what you think ok council different ecstatic back with of
heart attack twenty work expletives she could have to use disperse cd if you need to support
yourself with this but i would say the biggest things
looked with similar recover use home but i will not look at work
objectionable work i think between directly coverage team where your justin’s thing every course the people of immediately pickup beter
just uh… valuables strip her of the persons guild t_v_ it do we know long whether
sweeney says love or detection stroke where you don’t notice or we will be a
stroke that their bussell instruction very pleased to
apples doing the same stroke website right
salary uh… things like that uh… dot be
limited to it related to him put yourself into uh… balls uh… people successful practices people the companies insist they are special
told friends this first step acquittal befriended want classwork let’s expect bombs suggestion class but
walking the people’s tasks uh… parcel receiving it she’s got people beating down her door
because overwhelm other peeps criticized exceptionally dusty ten-fifty assistant
district seat back some rehearsal route sheets just pushed herself so at english seed ref with people covenant right now of celestine routier inflicted sister
fearful of having people but they’re doing is
out of the work there and com so they just competing against contents of the people and uh… you know that’s pretty hard it work being mixture experiment being a
problem solver uh… switching gears having still stone
corner baxter work best if somebody comes in that you feel
burdened cover use worker logical facial anymore
exactly uh… words spb p distractions
extractions work or other reasons worst first paperwork
work uh… but only the second don’t try to be
tactful trees asked for uh… that you know what i relatives yes
alexia goethe persons restless level of their skills project from astral travel
too uh… psychic surgery too uh… you know action surgery are canceled at isobel wonder you will
of course is minuscule abap but i think the big parade practice cessful uh… potentially might cancel
craigslist org bombs via i hate approach for every person considered while people
like last just finished a that’s class yesterday uh… work for kato fire and we spent and i were
fighting rents repeated sab margaret weaver instant purchase out but
for sure it first the cops in desperateseller book retract
reforms tax yet were pending were side bending repeating week for work listed
stocks look like a stock quarter press picture point out and being able to rather than just
lighting wildwoods donors who wants to scriptures pushback
speak in stock stopping here wrapping everything being around all the
settlers lesko slider uh… you know the person really really notice that song uh… so they don’t practice of i was just feel guilty about this on the
pretty old guy and a white people and i used to it beat myself up tonight schematic but i
would say that because i think that you’re asking equipped stops big
successful is conveniently compartment cells and uh… antigua classes your ski wakeboard
sickness your hot school he learned to speak often which into
doctor which accomplishing don’t try to fix people working perfect but i think by factors hope burns boundary
issues and by people blaming us compete without there are some of the cuts out of or
that disturbed by that i had my first came
off to spirit clinicals looks like a psychotherapist you talk
about yourself to keep their indo session i don’t mind you know have
people try to escape from but still start talking about their will
be the soulless forever excellence victory convinient feet blacks building up like
this should be instantly um… i think that’s actually public practice
is not the least feel guilty about uh… but i think that’s part of the party
practice epc personal collection people that’s one of
the east side clever not working fitzpatrick about
opted prescription drugs people at least connections but i have a quick achche groundwork people uh… weird uh… buckingham meinhold you’ll
probably best for them expert castro uh… so irresponsible acts that i actually
recoverable little balls that i had a device that took place for you’re not
having people work for a break objection the earth is worked out tactic to resist nazi sartre the last few years to be uh… predicted to enhance medical
profession here atmospherics curiouser operator retreats or worse clerk proprietor practices are at risk
such really have more questions for clients
including it’ll keep proper bankers into thinking on the five generals does is massage is trying to find itself in a
way to visit install brought up to the senate
definitely exceptions teacher c differences uh… between different
countries uh… homepage wait wait wait there back
twenty years talker europe’s time of their careers type of sorts general
population acceptance uh… soch great britain missiles organelle uh… in someplace a little bit more
differently but for market leader cash but the united states there’s a lot more
therapeutic massage in great britain now uh… there isn’t is america say they
still marketing to relax ation massage the people that are finding that sound like it’s dot blot they’re here
waited and waited q river their holsters and so other spock uh… application with their therapists
exports of goods package arrived so uh… in the united states have seen salvage
crews accepted boardwalk versus way of of happy people and i think that’s really good but i do
think will just work by sort of lack of works in in the weeks of asylum
street talked uh… in workshop states like that i would say that that quality touch
burger purpose inspects uh… about what really happened
alaska’s groups feature executions problem groups we still have these not leave
power that swedish massage use the best way to conduct layers blackburn body mechanics old or fat soul gotten soccer what equipment switchfoot uh… i’ve skills are over research your right uh… by to see removably there was
confusion about who have money as purpose if people feel her republican response will be guilty
of that there about this map that i have to
prudential old uh… one were quick to take about six
ballistics study olson success your school a consumer reports holds like fifteen thousand per readers
what option the bolts for fibromyalgia austin or right as victory back pain and the rated at about twelve delegates from surgery chiropractic physical therapy uh… election such programs culture in in all four characteristic tissue
sufjan overworked trim sort of people paying out-of-pocket reputation so if
we’re off when the chiropractors uh… three types of leaks times of i think it’s protest to the way the
he’ll get the people here are accepting that and asshole quote unquote cool we’re
talking to people if he were what we were told over and he did we had
to follow too and so hard to branch out asthma rosenthal frost freedom of
movement softball yeah password use right casting redacted unit sit collectors as
free workshops uh… and i feel bad in a lot of people live
hovers response workshop uh… it may have to go corroded all
that stuff uh… investment there are a lot of videos up up there uh… interview with the delicious
program really good accepted uh… mine workers get that work yourself and provided what teacher anti-choice a little research and it’s worth a lot of pittsburgh
electrical work it out at is everytime i walk out there uh… working our clients and let’s explain you very very
difficult to cover is kept or uh… move if you will be working at this for
a long time neutropenia that’s that’s just not dot waco uh… in a few things that would be true display goldberg prejudices i suppose one of the things that issue hitler’s
people uh… spit development group everybody news but is that uh… i think because of the school particularly and because of cold warriors of lost her
sexual harassment thanks within a huge differences with the nazis
for from university chances upholding sf levels were emphasis upon correctly in it i have respect for him he will of course it’s lost its units or
the sizes stat rapidly up swipe no is week absolutely here clients her your policy issues but for me to making his world and of modesty i think we next project a lot of our
clients has become a hostess feedback loop that uh… response where people very often get their first
swatches which selection cecil predicted that
that people think that’s the way uh… were actually father toward myself
but it’s exportation the uh… last issue uh… slush fund
workers column of question answer started a subject that greek philosophy
task because so that is whatever at which you but you a lot of the uh… farmworkers including such service tell people you know actually draperies
because of traditional after philosophically set i’d like to be around i’d like to put
schumacher positions i think to stretch disposal apples and yeah if you’d like that for the jury rather close wherever clubs
perplexing unless students helped bring about that but i think uh… not likely strips mediums affect
scratches controversial stranger we learned or apothecary that’s right huge loophole your weeks work italy will give worker or you cover that
up esteban arrest side in it on the work that i can with ralph
reed would attract each was students is that artwork mainstream to get a continuity uh… across bc body parts we don’t just walk away after working all of them are the poster palace or if they had to
your calls working watch you would you want to help move across
body parts you want when you’re working on weight you want people sportbike
proportionately it real housing suspicions that rich berserk locket yes
i actually occurs society uh… hot out there if you’ve got a
personal wrapped up uh… slight all identified which
further wrapped up in your communicate but builders s would stop shipment perjury directly
purple-topped so i thank you hope that the vehemently
agencies tell people his cup reps with your views drapery in in realized that as support is intense it to solicit itself to all sorts black
market has tations in those texture negotiable with your client really really i mean that’s the good
thing right topic story from pledged either his wealthy where hotspot and that was pretty pretty havel retort
or simpson uh… at people were urgent respect i had an incident that wish but very
boring her reports is that the other sensor bridge lecture after this uh… this i think republicans addressed uh…
ridership at parker she said well that is absolutely notices
for dot the worst paper hats that i’ve ever seen no vintage right a lot of
uh… she said himself reading to be to see group body p uh… without this succession about
three p let it go with that bloody glove that have movie too robert reich accomplish spot which is the difference between
cookie-cutter sarge uh… young about twenty or uh… problem
solving size the cover so much you kisses or strokes and or i think more specific barber your kisses spark plugs well accomplish that somebody’s square stylish uses a lot of oil uh… treating everybody applicability uh… thinks like that are
counterproductive work locations thanks and we have to do pathetic absentee brown over classic
comparable but about let me know what the shackles theater thoroughly or
native people look like heroes the headlights we start
talking about working on the air carrier deck uh… competitor his review obscene means a strip club this order maybe you could uh… huh uh… law school life it’s like this because do we get these early fears uh… in
early trading of network program ever cougars don’t do this that those things even if
we a rational level vote for pat one of the country’s social level
infancy doing if i understand you have a lot of fun in
your class for clients to uh… but i think that’s all direction expected barber classes where the teachers put pedestal uh… very very serious walking around with
his funeral ever are terribly serious pop-under but at the speed of camp for unit it’s a quick last word plants that
lasted for about speaker shall com especially where uh… the goodness veterans ice-t_
converted my classes sex life in so i’d like to opt out of the few
drugs uh… if you plan for drug struggle at cell at your apartment postcards seventy
different feedback was spell ethics really felt that they heard a lot because it
just decorations huh so on yeah i i don’t really know it would be
talking artillery he uh… laughing xxx but at extras org repair like our in amazing
sight picture looks great bachelors all the studies cape peninsula is
tremendous temperate to summer hits are i see people be way to our selves popular that
because i think a picture four hundred artwork and are srivastava particular coupon broker of
record a pretty good data uh… uh… item olympic coaching career much-vaunted report we work together but i think myself up classes victory
this complicated fiery the verbal treating other liquor uh… future talking about for europe pick restricting repeated treatments
leftist repeat where’s tristen works was stockpiled might be sure high-speed wife beater practiced
patricia yet i realize that that killed her sister and she’s going
to change but it’s also their currently greater at this and require to uh…
have to be overwhelming and uh… europe travel uh… yeah i think that crisscross hero uh… it’s really nice police teachers
hair the pain just what you have to start from scratch an wrists are really good what to do it’ll probably restricted chess
restaurants teaching and try to justify they tried to be the
best it could be obviously competition with are zero starter you about every single pleased with the very best
less working together hypothetical admits he doesn’t see
rarely practice but you can with what where sheepish we have pictures i think that’s a whatever recall notes
that this witness for the person sitting out here about writing weighing that uh… abbasi happen sometimes people
that i was trees rivlin’s that at the most preferred changes so all victims very pittsburgh at that
level don’t hurt yourself work express patrick
let’s best-fit rights sort people but god restaurants religious people right cohost people i work with the students
that just have such gratification uh… impression nation propagator
people and in the beginning the first part of
our was a little bit hard for you because your mail than unique little
hear from some analysts opened fire in question definitely available started working in the reelection massage occur it up his foster heart and i i i or questions yet uh… if you were going to stop looks
ribbon-cutting roberta preferably apartments that have
a choice uh… the receptacle while at experts here their it because spokesman
spent uh… this is really coming in for
therapeutic work is frequently worked out but what about
talking about sexual one of the whole her sister’s woodstock and i think a lot
of deadbeat cultivate that perjury tops but for many of us helped me because of just the other side veteran
speaking record of hasi of women very very specific part of a precise
before surgery go ten weeks carpet i have two different physical therapists
purchased contest if they could never forgets deeply but as an offer or uh… there was a
false you know that it’s really deep hardwork supplements
for yes danced with three days ecstatic gesture barbri it’s where
whatsoever it’s always uh… it practice here uh… almost always noticeable thankfully having a hard time m_p_t_p_ before stiff indeed you mama because the year two
golden dot because the iraq war on the scene at all point just work stronger uh… opera you
know and right require all you know a person call also naa penny stock price took
over at entrance distinctive your usually uh… quality at that and i was was particularly press with how about said t trevor of what ralph fiennes but it’s pretty hard rock so if it’s a
lot of people you know incumbency broadly evolving exchanging
in the near future all or webiste police arlen specter jupiter
suites easter chef uh… or poor of offers or addict the
class will feedback to me operatives for work obviously
manipulation without i myself most uh… roxanna
brown for a while went to a lot more with all i’m anxious but i just don’t have squares fight workers stop with each other
instead of having a birthday but just staff at uh… governmental
problems due to my potential disputed by early uh… massage classes and working what we’re right next to
another understanding problems hedges sort of watching the relevance of
priority of research pictures rubino instantly nato says that course or slightly so but i think rocket is continuing to
focus be about scuba of interest of the west western-style fashion where even
ten years ago uh… the questionnaire fashion hookers
work industry unit atropine there’s transmission of people were even aware
of electrical energy all confession which most won’t work uh… car buyers uh… work an athletic uh… work as well dat uh… there’s so much work to fashion relax
when i took a battle between parkersburg post for your scope at cal the first
thing we had to do good work efforts uh… was to get all that professional
race favorable ex post it’s between lovers point of this path so along a defining a lot of love uh… stage that experts or for what recurring and then dump i know you’ve written a
lot of articles in the powerful can articles that you written in stone well i have tried to keep playing
although i have several stockholder there are specific collegue before
transplantation interest is touch uh… so occurs as i said he’s great other
teachers right or mentioned uh… there’s tons of other groups out there absolutely that’s that specific spent uh… in asked for a lot of specifics
but that’s not to be true i don’t think so uh… so i had a considerable number of
aside bodywork pixie i want to win three uh… uh… issues long because the
reflections pages lol uh… but the referendum on chapter of the uh…
what this column on official completely ah… victory uh… every
issue or questions that i see people coming in the company with questions about uh… their partner
practice uh… how much we put it to you you boastful uh… mission with people
who are we playing a virtual psychologists uh… the package uh… levaquin about people having very swamped preach
that uh… misconception that de klerk asking people like this
one of us cruces just byproduct work that first yours to a
private work rehearsal found have break let’s look at aiti gov table not offer
any to persisted depan happens at uh… all exposed tense and capture twice options swings bodywork not only to speak to you should be
painful uh… slupic selection kept locked on
uh… europe without right mouse click it and i think
that’s for specific skills uh… back six years is special practically asks people to
fast sold university blasts reporters any player
ten years old to work just put jurors were selected best
killed we could walk a lot of work distribution it’s not only would want to do so with
what dot t_ stitching could strictest perfumes most speaker strobes strokes and have worked fine slowdown really x work your exp your
beverage stocks artfully will too maybe two or three periods that how can
i have dispersed walk off the table in beautiful city him really looks difference here at one p machines icy mark have two
people project report in here butthead spartanburg repeat with plaxo
now have a lot of those articles two and one of stroke friction coming
out the next uh… her um… literally think guarded by space there love byron special for are hitters last at least protector every
just service pius uh… trust people dispute you have to continue to work
together correction hitters towns villages working in the other direction uh… that you can if you want to distinguish keep or speak
expressjet he get uh… regard particular dropping out of
the bodies all crop started sir hanging there like uh… instigators
work that interspecific sixty or weeks working toward the body school people uh… etc press busts elsewhere
constructed to boston it does make sense to try to workshop so uh… helped out uh… social of articles but but i’ll
select wildwoods liberal murphy personal peter to go into details
paraprofessional of course polls looking injuries do you see that they’re
working for him well was was working i’d either two-party fast or to replace
outbreak inaugurations but dissects icy or kid
interest of injuries uh… people other than death helpful
sponsor wonderful poodle don’t wear a belt where people can succeed and trigger through tues where people
don’t care so absurd stuff categories you’re out there directly report their it’s inexcusable
shoulder injuries uh… for people definitions of it
working with bustles uh… in large part because the state
close uh… to the prisoner of their class so that i stood there to expose
bluntly facilities muscles that cap anywhere but troubleshoot the problem uh… novak’s pro proc improper for place either lever at your feet parallel to body can’t push forward backward produced his
picture this tab for dork productive parallel or help with the
backwards before work and accused however from any other at dinner they’ve got a fairly warm stroke
substrate or perhaps to pick up that phone flipped out which factual
biomechanics twist or but you know if you put people preferred by
mechanics awarded while infrastructure uh… pest problems i fight cyclic motion perpetrator worked
worked hard to please people by southwest party fast which is quite a few weeks
outsource work trip but uh… absolutely salvage your career carpal tunnel truer words aunts uh… figures we can’t do that virtual i
think that uh… using uh… homes fists florists nancy kimmelman california polls
regulation not the best asked about that yes alone service flux as offer of pipes or five different channel i
threw a lot size search for having a hard time for any prove or perot class and like iraq persecutors square dance pool people coffee and make sure that we don’t have iraqi troops out there are tourtelot display people wherever
really hard time having taken a lot of experts courses
pickup hours for winston lost track of takes a look
at it is catholic district heating s from okay samplers populist politics people
that i think we need some standards but one of these theaters triggered by
politics rose objects preferred by the or schools networking check seller fifteen thousand
for about their embarrassed wherever waiting for test purposes making cohort
of risk to get out of stock market password
remember intake workshops uh… personal sequestered speed luck coverage ish
thirty alphabetically a collective work replace actual uh… a lot of lot of you don’t want happiness palpably logistics console entrances for help and what do you see yourself in the
future home providing working your see yourself requiring more for the
at apart what sport island it’s sir or for for
likable elsewhere skills workbook words comp uh… you know i just life song i suspect what works for sites looks a
lot more of the people i grew up with a uh… brutality or professor her father
and that was expected the fifty cents regretted murkier sixty-two risks for
retires rock chair electric while he was unaware of what work and forwarded the
letter written to frightening for me too that dealing with that about rich selected nbsp companies or
work as a celebrity so i i p dot catch about teaching ichikawa titles is
work people but objects i service usage people teach occur her generous uh… or why csd and i look forward to it’ll virtually every
class costly uh… etc sensor are fantastic speaker uh… if not no boardwalk what’s quickly
k and i really didn’t work he wilson or
the thoughts or but i think about usa user there’s letters uh… i really don’t want to uh… off a lot
of detail pal the properties work a_t_m_ uh… id westlake try to accomplish quite subdued
strikes severe by nature that peace deal that personally uh… yugoslav up and put them on
promises people executive director because what workshops but they go back to a p particulars for
city it’s hard work discreet fun stuff to to reno cohesive
integrate charge and i think about what had been
predicting about that hopes may be picasaweb do that either
but i have a workshop called expertise deep tissue socks uh… the tacit
howitzers actually three day workshop had a good word it will work out for
sized we’re ready for football’s reach uh… each section had pushed roasters strip sexual uh…
into this class are pretty much have to take a breath of classes because i’ve
talked to people that have taken their and they’re still wrapped up a
particular workgroups or uh… kathleen’s hold sticks the week it was sidetracked uh… so e
vast workshop about people that whatever classes uh… works quite well part
first full-scale damn company uh… soch here so maybe i will do this
time readers for example through backward forced back how u how do you
interpret schindler uh… to the back uh… how you get the sentencing over
the back before you start working on uh… somewhere else if you were
controlled record you know to be triples previous capital
programs headed for the cuban restaurant skeptical order bostedt uh… that’s all interview tips on what has to be
experiencing uh… woody’s take proportionate would
ask that you think about prioritizing korean trade will
complete report mostly lakes helps concert i got the bureaucratic
strictures quarter-century ppm unita fort lewis ideas a good group bear welcome store
repeatedly outpost references socks there’s structural had influence
elections expert worked hard to explain status yet and one of the best way for people to
get a hold of them gosh what i’d try to keep up but i a
precursor excitement australian lease emailed me again if you don’t get back uh… what questions ontario actually
resort that’s right vascular tied up in africa hitchcock
probably level reshmi through no hong leaks workshops a refugee us w_r_k_f_ schedule p s at gmail dot com wrote right up uh… to get back to you in person to
travel to about stewart’s popular dot uh… regardless but great britain
midwestern job fair right tourist from closer council trackback
right beginners attraction try to get back to everybody are a pretty good albeit florence dot we’ve got a blasphemy but
except rocky road backtracked exporter let’s go
to top of that hers printers geological uh… did place everybody theo thank the
good tuning in started it

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  2. Excellent and wise counsel from Art. Will study with him when he comes to England in March. Thanks very much for this 🙂

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