Taking Charge of Your Health

When you’re working with Rolfing around
an issue such as dealing with breast cancer, there’s so many changes happening in a person
emotionally and in the body often. So it can help to keep bringing you back into balance
even as the stresses of treatment and all of the emotional stresses start to pull you
into your more habitual patterns. Rolfing is designed to bring the physical
body back into a better, easier relationship with respect to the pull of gravity. You mentioned
scoliosis, this sometimes happens as a result of breast cancer treatment. And you can see
how that would happen when we think about the body responds in a spiral. If you have
a part of your body that you have an unfinished relationship with and you pull away from it,
now you have a spiral in your spine. So it’s a lot about reconnecting with that side of
your body, reconnecting with the space on that side of you to help bring you into a
better balanced relationship both within your body and within the space around you.
Rolfing always has a logic to it. It’s about how to unfold this structure so that it can
come into as best a balance in this moment as possible. It’s not just, let’s rub
everything really deeply, it’s let’s specifically get the short things long and then let’s
look at how to get the things that have not been toned enough, how to get them participating
in movement. For manipulation I use hands, knuckles, forearms,
and I have lots of toys in my office. I have lots of balls, I have orchid pots to balance
on your head [laughter]. I have balance boards to notice what your balance is doing. So we
do a lot of manipulation and then a lot of playing. We do think that this really balanced
way of being in the world is wired into our systems. So it’s a lot about, rather than
totally learning something new, exploring the things that have covered up that good
coordination so that you can clear that off and come back to what is your birth right.
The more I can help someone to understand their whole pattern, then it becomes less
mysterious as to why things are happening. And people learn very clear and easy ways
to bring themselves into better balance very quickly that will address the whole system

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