Taking Charge of Your Health

This is the Rolfing week,let us see what happens here. For the Rolfing Week in Italy there are a lot of events. Monica Canducci, certified Rolfer, has chosen the quietness and magic of Vetan (in the Aosta Valley) to teach others Rolfers how to support people with acquired nervous system damages, after the rehabilitation program. The key word is imagination. Rolfing Structural Integration is addressed to all people who want to improve their relationship with gravity, for example their posture, their sense of balance. Rolfing is a manual approach as well as a kind of education to perception and movement. The Rolfers which are here are learning to teach their clients how to use imagination to improve their ability to feel and move. There is no action if you do not imagine it before.For this reason we are learning how to integrate imagery and ideomotor training in Rolfing sessions. There are areas in our brain dedicated to coordinate movement which is imagined, in fact, at an unconscious level, before being performed. So this is our goal in due to regain the sense of movement and re-establish it in daily life. Of course we do not expect miracles but we work in order to improve the quality of life of people with a nervous system damage. Let’s take an example. We witnessed a case of a young tetraplegic man who had a severe spinal cord damage (between c6 and c7) 18 years ago. He had lost the control of his trunk as well as perception, sensibility, and ability to move from the chest downwards. Within two years, using Rolfing combined with ideomotor training and imagery, he regained, with a lot of work and strong determination, the perception and feeling of his whole body, and the ability to manage balance and movement in his trunk. A result which had not been achieved with other techniques before.

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