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Questioner: I had chronic back pain, so I
started taking Siddha medicines for the past one and a half months. Now I am feeling better and am able to do
my Yoga practices. Is there metal in Siddha medicines? Can You compare it to Western (allopathic)
medicines and to Ayurveda, and explain how Siddha medicines impact our body? (Sadhguru): Essentially the difference between
Ayurveda and siddha and allopathy is just this –
allopathy is purely chemicals, chemical manipulation of the system. When it’s an emergency,
you must use it. But if it’s a long… you know if it’s a chronic
ailment which is going to be with you for a long time
and you’re going to take some medicine for a long time,
definitely popping pills for long periods of time is not a good thing. So Ayurveda is herbal;
herbs are also chemicals but in natural form. It’s way better than taking it in a synthetic
form. Ayurveda needs a certain amount of application
and knowledge because there are over three hundred thousand
okay? Three hundred thousand Ayurvedic formulations
according to the ancient texts. Three hundred thousand formulations you have
to understand if you have to really prescribe Ayurveda. So prescribing or practicing Ayurveda is a
it needs a lifelong involvement. These days I see people come from outside
the country; they study Ayurveda for one-and-a-half months
and they are certified ayurvedic teachers or doctors,
practitioners, which is a very dangerous thing to do. Three hundred thousand formulations,
how to give it, to whom to give it,
when to give it is not a simple thing to understand, it takes
a lot. Above all you need a phenomenal understanding
of the body to be able to prescribe this. Siddha is very different in the sense,
siddha is essentially elemental in nature. This
there are herbs but essentially it’s elemental in nature. It comes more from the yogic science
because the fundamental of yogic science is in Bhuta Shuddhi
or in cleansing of one’s elements. This is an evolution from the yogic science
and siddha vaidya was essentially formulated by Agastya Muni
and they say Adiyogi himself practiced it and Agastya brought it to the south and
only in the south, it lived; nowhere else. And it’s elemental in nature,
which needs less study but more internal mastery for the person,
who practices it, which is again a problem today. We hope these young people,
who are starting their sadhana at the age of six
and they are going to be in sadhana throughout their growing period,
these kind of people can take to siddha very effortlessly
because the necessary sadhana is there within them. Siddha vaidya cannot happen without sadhana. Today they have set up colleges for siddha
vaidya, which
it will not work like that. They’re picking up bits and pieces
from the text and trying to practice that –
quackery siddha quackery is happening;
siddhavaidya is not happening because siddha vaidya has to be practiced
by a siddha. It is a siddha who can practice siddha vaidya. Siddha means an established one;
one who is firmly established within himself because it’s elemental in nature. Because it’s elemental,
it’s not really a medicine as such. You are dealing with the fundamental material
which makes the body you are not trying to infuse some other medicine
into it. So usage of metals is very much prevalent
in siddha. I know the western medicine will immediately
brand it as nonsense
but in siddha, all the things that you consider as poisonous
are used as a part of their medicine. Nine deadly poisons
you heard of NavaPashana all the nine deadly poisons are used as medicine. Lead is very frequently used;
mercury is regularly used. So Rasa Vaidya is very much part of siddha
vaidya and for those of you who’re calling for
God’s help when I mention the word mercury,
mercury is not poisonous, it is just with mercury oxides people have
poisoned water. It is irresponsible usage in the industry,
which has done this. There is mercury in the soil, okay? We did not import mercury from Mars,
it’s always been in this planet. It is not poison. It is mercury oxides,
which are irresponsibly used in industry and let out into the rivers and lakes,
which poisoned the waters on this planet. Now they think mercury is poison. No, mercury is not poison
but if you drink it, it’ll kill you
not because you can absorb it as poison; it is because of its sheer weight. If you put it into the stomach
it will not go through the pipe, it will just drip through the stomach
because of its sheer weight, because it’s specific gravity is almost
fourteen times that of water, because of that …because of sheer weight
– if you place it in your hands
it just goes into your hand through the pores. Similarly if you put it into the stomach
it will go through the stomach, it will not go through the intestine. Because of that,
it may kill you because it bores holes, not because it’s acidic,
simply because of sheer weight. But consumption of mercury is very much a
part of the yogic system and very much a part of the siddha vaidya. I am still alive only because of mercury,
not otherwise. So siddha is a very completely different kind
of medicine system than anything that you’ll find on the planet
but it needs a siddha to give siddha medicine. If you are not established,
if you can’t hold the mercury, you don’t give mercury to somebody else. Yogic system has always used mercury. Mercury and yogis are always together. you cannot
even you will see traveling yogis will carry a little bit of mercury with them
always, if not in liquid form,
in solid form, solidified mercury. People do practices,
keeping it in their mouth and doing things and whatever. There’re various aspects to it. Nobody try that here, okay? We don’t want you dead. It’s not just bad things that kill you,
good things that you’re not ready for can kill you.

51 thoughts on “Sadhguru – I am still alive only because of mercury!

  1. Devi herself is scaffolded by mercury, all the devine in this land is usually scaffolded by mercury 💟💟💟

  2. As a person who was poisoned with mercury and know the devastation it does to ones nervous system. i hope people dont get the idea of messing with mercury. listen to him when he says he doesn't want you DEAD. And trust me if you dont die you will wish you had.

  3. Mercury damages liver and brain. Causes chronic life long and lifetime mental illness . It's a heavy metal.

  4. I think Sadhguru is taking in considerable quantity. I have touched and played with liquid mercury. I remember holding little bid in my hand, it did not go thru the hand. May be it was very little and did not weigh much and I was able to hold it. I do vividly remember one of my classmate stating he swallowed little bit of mercury, may be vety very little out of curiosity and had loose motion next day, that’s it. He did not die: again very very little. Certainly he did I not drink glass of liquid mercury.

  5. Mercury bores a hole? Not true.
    Siddha colleges churn out quacks? What a statement! In one sweep, you've labeled hundreds of students useless.
    Great respect, but this wasn't one of your best.

  6. I love Sadhguru and I have read 3 of his books and always watch his videos. I deeply respect him ❤️
    I know that in dentistry practitioners handle mercury very carefully. Amalgam (the filling material) has mercury in it and although over 99% of the mercury goes into the chemical reaction while making Amalgam some countries still ban using Amalgam as a filling material. Some studies show that free mercury in amalgam may causes depression. Please research holistic dentistry and mercury caused depression.

  7. Modern day Doctors do not know the formulations of medicines (medical Chemicals.) Their knowledge is not even better than the medical representatives of the the company producing the medicines.
    Present day Doctors are just front office experts treating patients.
    It's irony that in spite of the so called 'education', people gone gullible & ignorant.
    Unless the Indian Education system is completely changed and reformed to teach Indian scientific ancient knowledge,Indians will be ignorant and idiotic "believers" of these business corporates of doctors, pharma Companies and hospital mafia.

  8. Let's be clear – Mercury is poison whether you drink it or put it in medicine !! Don't listen to random guys on Internet!

  9. I've noticed how in most his presentations Sadhguru avoids to speak about Reincarnation, we now know how complicated subject it is , ,,. Actually reincarnation in gnostic teachings is done Consciously you Know people like Shiva, Krishna and Jesus Christ came to the world Consciously… We mostly come by a system called RECURENCY which is unconsciously according to our karma

  10. Liquid mercury is often associated with beings not from this planet and those who constantly visited our planet

  11. All Sadgurus followers should drink mercury everyday with some herbs, and they'll achieve siddha. India is overpopulated, this exercise with mercury will invite voluntary natural selection of the species.

  12. He had very well said that, and I quote, "Good things which you aren't ready for might kill you." As an example, if you drink 100% pure water it will kill you instantly, because 100% water is highly polar in nature (as it isn't combined with any other impurities to reduce its polarity), which makes it compulsory to tear apart our essential minerals from our body once taken in, which could immediately paralyse our nervous system, and drag you to your death. Thank you Sadhguru for yet another knowledgeable video.😊😊

  13. Better use Ayurveda than Siddha unless you are getting your dosages from the legend himself
    You know him…….,…..

  14. When I saw what comes after life in this body, I could see my immortality. Knowing this, I would not drink mercury with a man who says he will live forever. 😉

  15. Lead will block calcium to get into your bones and system causing development health issues, lowering IQ in children and straight up poisoning your whole internal system.

  16. Some yogis draw Mercury into their bodies through their urethra they essentially suck up liquid murcury through the end of their penis into the bladder they then push it back out.

  17. Sadhguru is not talking about taking mercury. He is talking about taking a medicine MADE from mercury. Not the same thing.
    Homeopathy also has medicines made from poisonous substances, such as mercury, arsenic and belladonna.

  18. We slavs call mercury "alive silver" literally translated, us slovenes had the second largest mine of it on the planet at one point

  19. Siddha medical system is in Tamil. It doesn't come from North. Is there any text in Sanskrit to show that it is from North? Sadguru mixes facts and fiction to glorify North.

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