Taking Charge of Your Health

Well I think our model and again another 10m naturopathic medicine is prevention and The goal is so you’re not sick. The problem with American healthcare is people only go to the doctor when they’re sick. And the only thing that gets addressed is their acute condition whether it be pneumonia or a migraine but if you had a primary care doctor that you had a trusting relationship with and That that doctor already knew you have a history of migraine and had offered you effective natural therapeutics to prevent that migraine that’s really where the victory is gonna be it’s not in coming and getting a shot of You know sumatriptan you know to relieve your migraine at the moment? it’s about a doctor taking the time to figure out what the cause of your migraines may be and Addressing that cause so you don’t get migraines in the future so one forty-five minute visit is gonna Save you possibly dozens of acute care visits in the future, so it’s worth investing a small amount of time to End up going to the doctor less

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