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Joint disorders , also known as “Prameha waatha ” in Ayurveda , There are many other names for this disorder in Ayurveda treatment, “Raktha waatha “ is called ‘osteoarthritis’ in western medicine “Aama watha” (rheumatoid arthritis ) is a very serious condition but “sandhi waatha “ ( joint pain ) is not a severe condition but it can cause Chronic pain Pain in the joints /swollen joints and joint redness and stiffness/ joint inflammation/ Damaged joint cartilage / Decreased synovial fluid lubrication
(Which will cause to bone defects are the symptoms of this disorder There are many treatment methods and medicines in Ayurveda for these disorders It is must we should take “Kasaaya” Ayurvedic herbal tea for these disorders apart from the medicines apply externally “premaha waatha “ ( there are many other different conditions for this ) caused by the lack of nutrition for bones Ayurvedic treatments can prevent happening bone defects & Bone pain These disorders can be cured expect for the patients who have been suffering from a very long period of time( but can help them to get a relief from the pain by using Ayurvedic medicine ) All the treatments for this type of illnesses /diseases can be done at this place through our most recognized Ayurvedic doctors

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