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100 thoughts on “Satisfying deep corns removal with callus

  1. I thought I randomly understood what language they were speaking mid conversation when I heard "thats why it hurts so much" 1:48

  2. People should really walk barefoot more. You can have healthy calluses if you clean them and scrub off build-up.

  3. Does the Chinese community in London care deeply for and offer support for the elderly? In the US, for typical Americans, the answer is NO. The sick and elderly fend for themselves or pay out the nose for assistance,

  4. may i ask ??? my corn is bleeding because i cut it then i use corn plester , my corn become smaller than before but that doesnt gone ㅠㅡㅠ what can i do with my corn ??? i stop using gentamycin oint

  5. I had one of these, just cut away at it and over time it got smaller and smaller, just cut away the surface and repeated that over a few months


  7. Lack of exercise. You want this to go start running running a lot. Trust. Also get a tennis ball and use it to roll out the soles of your feet everyday with running. Works magic. It will make more blood flow to your feet causing healing

  8. Can someone please explain to me what exactly a corn is? Like what is it made of and why is it so deep in the foot? Amazing video by the way 🙂

  9. I’m 19 years old and I got multiple corn on both of my feet that are bigger. Should I be concerned? (I’m in the military and have done a lot of hiking with a 80lb pack)

  10. How does it heal up after? Do you just leave it or what is the best way to allow it to heal? Extra moisturizer and rest or the foot as much as possible?

  11. thank you for the video. what is the name of your scalp nr 2 ?
    I want to buy it here in Europe but can not find it here 🙁

  12. I have one on my heel that about 0.5cm deep by 5mm across. Have tried everything. This morning I took a knife to it and some pliers and wrenched it out.

  13. K I think I have this…I literally have something like a hole and some thick skin around luckily my mum is bringing me to a doctor

  14. I have a corn in that exact same spot 😢 what do you do with the hole formed after the removal? Do you just leave it or cover it with something? I’ve been using salicylic acid drops for ages with no improvement!

  15. this person didnt scream like it was hurting at all, last night, Im about to punch the doctor's face, fucking hurt like hell….

  16. What is the name of the tool you are using. I find the blade but not the other side that you use to dig. Really would appreciate a name or where I can get one thank you!

  17. Lets be honest we find it satizfying dont you fucking sare say eeww cuz u decided to see dis vid

  18. What Chinese regional dialect are you using? My neighbors once taught me how to say some phrases, but all I remember is a word for "stupid", lol. I don't know how to spell it, but it was pronounced "bUHnth", w barely an "h" sound at the end.😁

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