Taking Charge of Your Health

good evening this is where sometimes tehrani associate professor and head Department of Home sense and food biotechnology Fatima College madre actually I came to this hospital in the year 2013 or 14 I don’t remember I had some back pain and pain in my legs especially sciatica and a la Petite doctors said that I had to avoid for surgery and other things and then my friend suggested that I go for massage then at that time mr. Mooney krishnan of this hospital his daughter was studying in Fatima college and he suggested that here the treatment will do any good that they can try it so I came here and I just came because I didn’t know any of the doctors I just came and I was waiting outside in the waiting room and dr. the future so what he don’t have a look at that I was just praying to myself that I should get a good doctor so that my attachment will be good and I will feel better then by God’s grace and optimism as the person who was available that day that particular day but I didn’t have any particular game in my mind so I came there and then doctor asked me about all the discomforts I showed him the x-ray scan etc and then he suggested that I get admitted to Tomatis for a week so I was admitted for a week I had a massage oil massage then hot fermentation then steaming followed by enema and by the end of the sixth day I was feeling quite took even a second a third a sweet quite normal I didn’t have a pain and he suggested that I take the tablets given by the hospital because here we don’t treat pain as pain but we treat pain assassin and he gave in a buttery necklace and I took one in the night and that itself was sufficient and after six days I told doctor I feel quite okay and then he also disturbed me from then on coming here by 2030 I have been a regular patient coming here on and off whenever I have problem and some I will get that wish from dr. bill Joe and I have been at white I admitted for the third time now in between 130 years 2016 and 2015 I came I said how patient every day I come and get them aside and you go got 2016 January I was admitted then also there was a good improvement so I know for sure there is a hospital there is a place where when I get the symptoms back I can come and I can get to eat and then keep going actually because I am working as a teacher I understand for one hour in a day 1 or 2 / 7 a and then keep walking all that process and one more thing I like the food that is given here because it’s purely vegetarian food and very nutritious and balanced and from the time I came here I had a special desire to bring my students here so every year students of human action nutraceuticals they come here for internship 15 is internship and I get the permission from dr. Sri Devi and every day they come here they are being benefited and I’m really happy about the hospital and all the services done here and whenever I come here I feel at home and the last time I was in a deluxe room and my children also had and they got food and other things I’m the same I’m here in my copying class and I’m a hundred percent satisfied with the rice doctors and I specially and the treatment and the Turkish one shampoo the valley is taking care of me this time she’s very much concern time she finishes it she’ll ask how is your foot no I have did this day was admitted for numbness and she gives special treatment for my feet and she takes care that somehow I feel a little normal little better after that therapy so I’m very happy about the therapist I got the nursing care the food especially and everything so thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to talk about the hospital

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