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Namaste! I am Sachin Goyal and I welcome you to this program for public welfare. Let me tell you a yoga mudra exercise and a home remedy to cure sciatica permanently forever. To prepare home remedy for sciatica, you need milk, turmeric powder, cinnamon and honey. Take 1 glass of milk in a pan. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder and a small piece of cinnamon stick. Boil the milk properly. Now let the milk cool itself. When milk become lukewarm then add 1 tsp honey to it and mix it well. Drink this milk 2 times a day i.e. morning and in evening. Friends, drinking this turmeric milk improves blood circulation in back and leg muscles, reduces stiffness of those muscles. Cinnamon is not only a spice but it is also a natural pain killer. Drink it daily for few days to cure sciatica permanently. In yoga, Prana Mudra is one of the best exercises to cure sciatica. Just touch little finger and ring finger with the thumb of your hand and keep it pressed slightly. You can do it sitting in any posture. Do it for 15 minutes. It gives great relief in sciatica pain and cures sciatica pain completely. Click above to Watch More videos Click on My Photo in Center to Subscribe ME

36 thoughts on “Sciatica Pain Treatment at Home -How to Treat Sciatica Pain by Sachin Goyal (Hindi) #01साइटिका पेन

  1. Mere left leg me kamar se jerking hoti hai control nahi hoti neend aane par pata nahi chalta body swimming kar rahi ho laga hai bp normal

  2. Sir my father is suffering from severe sciatica pain,it prevents even from walking,hope this helps, he has tried every medicine but nothing helps neither allopathic not ayurvedic,if you have other solutions also, please suggest

  3. Hi sir
    Mujhe high bp hi and colestrol hi and auger bhi boundary line pe hi . Me Kya redmy beau ki meta tino control me rage.

  4. Sir aap koi video bnaaiye jo face ke pimple or chickenpox ke gaddhe wgera ko bhar de face bhut Kharab dikhta h ye gaddho me p/z help me sir ☹

  5. Sir Jin ko high BP ki problem ho wo bhi haldi wale ye dudh din me do bar pi skate ha please reply my husband facing problem

  6. Ye mudra Jo aapne 15 min Tak karne k liye btayi h, usey continuously 15 min tk karna h ya pause Lena h. Kitne din m relief ayega.

  7. It really works. I used this formula (milk + turmeric + Dalchini + Honey) to treat sciatica problem of my mother. Before the use of this, she was unable to walk upto 200 meter. Now she is fine and doing all agricultural works in my fields. IT IS REALLY WORKS. We used it only for 15 days and magic happened. I highly thankful to Sachin sir. Sir aap ko dil gahraaion se dhanwad aur tahe dil se dua…

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