Taking Charge of Your Health

Food is considered as powerful as medicine for our body. – as said by our acharyas Food should be taken hot within 2 to 3 hrs after cooked otherwise food becomes toxin While cooking, ingredients added has to be given greater importance Wrong food combinations i.e. incompatible foods like curd and kheer made with milk, curd
and fish should not be taken together By eating incompatible foods it affects both body and mind in accordance with its quality foods which are having opposite attributes is poison, this will spoil our mind If mind is affected it will directly affect our healthy thoughts Today’s food habits doesn’t consider well being of mind development, but focus only on
the development of physical body Food taken with positive attitude will nourish our mind, body and emotion Even if taking incompatible foods in unavoidable situation, think positively that this food
is for the well being of mind and body which in turn does the same If your are following no rules and restrictions while taking food, nothing will affects our
mind and body in accordance For example, lot of poor people are having left over food from road side and waste bins,
but they are not getting diseases because their mind is already accepted with this thought process
and no restrictions are made on the type of food they take For awadhoodas (mystic saints) it is not applicable. For them, there is no restriction of
taking or not taking any particular food No restrictions to be give to your thought regarding the quality of food. Take what you
want and reject which is not needed for your body Certain situations drink water to remove hunger. Water does not becomes toxin or
tamasic in nature or yama niyama is applicable We can take fasting when we face situation like this. Food should be taken in morning after bath Have food when you feel hungry. Taking food on morning and evening is best for our
body Even if it is good to have food on right time this will not support the digestive system so
better take food when you are hungry Food should be taken when cooked on the same day Take food not too fast or too slow Food should be served with love and affection Effect of cooking method, the feelings of the cook and of the vibrations of
surrounding atmosphere, the compatibility of foods, the time of cooking makes the food sattvic. Have food that is served with love and care Food we eat builds body, in this body mind and thought forms. According to
Vedas Mind is annamaya.

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