Taking Charge of Your Health

This image has been re-primed. It should now become a format-filling portrait. At first, I drew the eye. The iris is painted with pearlescent acrylic. In the side light there is an interesting shine. First I tried to use instant coffee for the skin tones. I mixed the brown coffee with pink acrylic and applied it with a brush … … and also different spatulas were used. I really wanted to get smooth color transitions. Some more brushstrokes on the eye … But all my attempts to get clean color transitions failed. I decided to try it with PanPastel. Here you use a spatula with a foam sponge and mix the colors with the powdery paint directly on the canvas. WOW – that works great. You can mix wonderful skin tones and get fantastically soft color transitions. Like the beautician – haha Even very fine lines can be painted well. Now the eyebrow. I am very satisfied with the result. To protect the pastel, I spray a fixative on the canvas. I would like to cover the right picture surface with a curtain. For this the curtain is nailed on the backside, moistened with water and tightened down on the front. Dry a bit with the hair dryer and … done. Thank you for your interest.

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