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Good Afternoon, Dr. Vikram. Good Afternoon. Good Afternoon, ma’am. Good Afternoon. I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. Thank you, sir. Dr. Vikram, I would like to know where does she belong to and what were her problems? She belongs to Punjab and she has a disorder named Scleroderma which is an autoimmune disorder. It is very complicated and the patient has to suffer a lot in this. The Ayurvedic medicines which were given to her have showed quite successful results. The purpose of this video is to tell everyone that autoimmune disorders can be improved by Ayurvedic medicines so that they can also be benefitted by it. Ma’am, how long have you been suffering from this ailment? Sir, it’s been 6 years. Where else did you seek treatment for this disorder? I took treatment from PGI, Chandigarh for 3 years. Till the time I took the medicines I got mild relief but I never had a lot of relief. I had to take painkillers regularly. Since I started the Ayurvedic medicines, I felt better from the very first day. Painkillers create a lot of complications. Yes, painkillers are very harmful. After how long did you get off the painkillers post starting your treatment here? In the beginning, I had to take it once in a week then, once in 15 days. Now, I have to take it once in a month at times. Mr. Manish, what happens in this disorder is that our skin gets really tight. Yes, very tight just like a stone. It diminishes the elasticity of the skin. Raynaud’s phenomenon causes discoloration of the fingers giving it a bluish color due to the lack of blood supply caused by vasoconstriction which constricts the blood vessels. We correlate this with Ama (toxins) in Ayurveda which means the accumulation of toxins in the body hindering the circulation. It involves the obstruction of channels. We unblock those channels which promote elasticity and decrease the Raynaud’s phenomenon. Did your fingers turn blue? Yes, sir. All my fingers would turn blue. In winters, right? Did you have any other problem? I would get small wounds on my fingers, too. And since when have you not had these symptoms? From the time I started this treatment, these are my 1st winters. Can you open your mouth completely? Yes, sir. Kindly show us. Do you feel any stiffness? Has the elasticity increased? Not in my mouth but there is a lot of improvement in my hands. Earlier, I couldn’t clench my hands but now I can, to a great extent. That means this disease caused a lot of stiffness in your body. Yes, a lot of stiffness. Now, you’re feeling a lot of improvement? Yes, there’s a lot of relief. In Scleroderma, I would like to tell the patients to avoid milk and milk products. Did you also avoid them? Yes, sir. This is because milk and milk products produce a lot of toxins, cause morning stiffness Yes, mornings are very troublesome. What is the percentage of your improvement now? Around 50-60% How long has it been since you started your treatment? It’s been 7 months. It’s been 7 months and she is 50% better. Scleroderma is a complicated disorder which has a prolonged treatment. My biggest problem was taking the pain killer which has now been stopped. Just like she said, she took treatment from PGI for 3 years but found no effective results. Moreover, she has also got off her painkillers. She has also got around 60 % relief in 7 months. And her pain has also reduced. Yes, sir. Pain has decreased quite a lot. For that we use Guggul for that. I gave her Kaishore guggul, Gandhak rasayana. I would like it show it to the patients. Kaishore Guggul, Gandhak Rasayana, Boswellia Curcumin, Rumogin 5, Hakam Churna, a few decoctions and Manjistha capsules. I will highlight Gandhak Rasayana here as it’s really good for the skin and helps retain its elasticity. Gandhak is sulphur. In the modern medical system, Sulphur can be given just through diet. But, in Ayurveda we have a Sulphur based medicine called Gandhak Rasayana, it maintain and improves the luster of the skin. Gandhak Rasayana is a classical formulation in Ayurveda. Classical formulations are a miracle. The person who does not get cured by anything, improves after taking the classical formulations. For improving digestion and circulation, I have prescribed her some decoctions which are Dashmoolarishta, Punarnavarishta. Along with this, I’ve given her Manjistha capsules to improve the shine of the skin. Hakam Churna is for digestion and Rumogin5 is used to treat disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis, it is also digestive. All these medicines have their own importance in the treatment. Yes. These medicines are improving her condition gradually and I hope you get cured quickly and then, we’ll film your video again after 6 months. Definitely sir. I’ll take a little more time of yours. What message would you like to give to our viewers? My message for them is to take Ayurvedic treatment once because apart from this there is no treatment for Scleroderma. Please try Ayurveda once. Thank you ma’am and thank you Dr. Vikram Chauhan for sparing your valuable time. Thank you.

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  1. sir kya scleroderma problem bilkul khatam ni ho 22 year but i have this problem .2016 me test krvaye the usme .2 years ho gaye .mujhe daar lgta hai.

  2. sir mere bimari 7 sal se he me ilaj bhi. le rhi hno koi frk nhe he say adres btae Mike aapka ilaj Lena he

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  4. hello sir,
    mere didi ko karib 07 saal se bimari hai aur hamni pgi lucknow aur ganga ram hospital delhi aur na jane kitne doctors ko yeh dikhaya hai per koi fayda nahi hua ab unka ilaz AIIMS se kara rahe hai per wo keh rahe hai iska koi permanent treatment nahi hai aur ab to bar bar saas lene me dikkat aur body pain bahut hai aur skin bhi bahut tight ho gayi hai kya kre kuch smj nahi aah raha ,….please agar kuch ho sakta hai abhi bhi to please bataye …..

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  6. Dr. Sir, I live in the US and my daughter is sick with this disease. In much pain. She has a large lesion on her back that has moved across her kidney area and spine. Much pain. Can you tell me what these herbs are she needs to take and how much? Thank you very Much for posting this video.

  7. Sir Meri Biwi Ki Bimari Saat saal se main aap ke numer bhi bahut bar try kiya aap ka number nahi lagte63 my number 810 7843930. 6377154405

  8. My daughter was diagnose of scleroderma last year july 2017. How can we have this natural treatment. I need your immediate reply., thank you

  9. Hello sir I Am patient of scloderma pls contents sir my mobile and/WhatsApp number is 8699658025 pls apna number send kar dejiyea sir

  10. My son is also suffring from sceleroderma from last 4 year and its treatment is going on from medenta hospital it ocurrs more due to coldness and we are from uttarakhand in hilly region so what i will do continue treatment from medanta or start ayurvedic treatment plz give ur suggetion

  11. I want to order the medicine that was sent to me but i have a question. I am currently on prednisone 20mg once a day so should I take it while i'm taking your medicine too?

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