Taking Charge of Your Health

Growing up I always knew that I wanted to
be a physician, but I had seen that mental health was something that wasn’t really being
addressed. Which was hard for me because I saw and understood
that your supposed to look at the entire person. So when I found out about naturopathic medicine
I was like awesome! Here’s the name for what it is that I wanted
to do and so that’s why I’m here, and I want to bring that across to every single person
that they can be empowered and seen as their whole and not necessarily just their symptoms. So I started singing in a public setting when
I was 4 years old. The first song I sang was ‘Jesus on the Telephone
– Tell Him What You Need’ and for me singing was connecting with God and an expression
of my soul and so being in school has been a little bit difficult because I haven’t been
a part of a choir or on a worship team at church. You know, school’s hard, you have all these
different responsibilities. I don’t really necessarily have a favorite
genre of music. Music is this beautiful thing that connects
to your soul and helps you relax, get out some angst and your anger *laughs* or express
joy, you know, able to cry. Basically the gamut of emotions you’re able
to experience. I’m Gaynel Nayve and I’m a future naturopathic

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