Taking Charge of Your Health

So I chose naturopathic medicine because
it really fit in with how I perceive my own health and how I wanted to go
through life and so I used to work as a personal trainer and I used to get
really excited when my clients would get off their blood pressure medication
their diabetic medication just from the exercise that we were doing in the gym
and so that really kind of pointed me in the direction of naturopathic medicine. When I first came to school I knew that I want to get involved with sports
medicine and pain management but I wasn’t sure exactly how to incorporate
that in with what I knew and so I actually took my first injection course
a little over two and a half years ago and that was really my first
introduction to what regenerative injections were and I absolutely fell in
love with it. I loved being able to put my hands on patients and help them I
loved being able to get people out of chronic pain who had tried other methods
and so this really fit in with how I want to practice what I was passionate
about and also to how I could help patients in a way that I loved to
practice and so because of that I’ve actually been practicing it very much
over the last two and a half years and I’ll actually be starting a residency in
October that will be here in the Pain Relief Center at SCNM where I’ll be
learning more advanced techniques in regenerative injection therapies. My name is
Drew and I’m a future in naturopathic physician

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