Taking Charge of Your Health

So in the beginning of the year around
February they, the CrossFit Games headquarters, puts out five weeks worth
of workouts around, I think it was around 350,000 people tried to sign up and they tried
to do these five workouts and then at the end of the five weeks if you are
qualified with the high enough scores you move on to regionals which is where
I competed and the regionals is just like as it sounds a regional group of
athletes so for me it was Latin America South America and most of the southern
states. 50 men represent that region and the top five that place at Regionals
from that region move on to the games which is where they’re trying to find
the world’s fittest man. Before leading up to the games was
midterms so that was great timing but most of my preparation doesn’t change
too much my training is tailored a little bit just to make sure that my
body is fresh and ready to go about a week before but much of what got me to
this point I maintained just because it’s what was successful so my training
is is pretty diverse from weightlifting to gymnastics to endurance to exercises
and all of it is in preparation for the events at the games. Favorite event regionals was the one I
want I took first in event 2. It was dumbbell snatches and ring dips it was a
quick fast workout and it was a lot of fun just to burn right through it and
luckily I took number one, it was fun. I’ve been to the regionals before in the
East region because I was from Connecticut originally the East region
is known to be a very strong region with a lot of good competitors and the the
south region which I attended this year is also a strong region but maybe not as
strong typically but going to this region was you know a new experience
something different and meeting new people having a fun time in San Antonio
and getting to experience you know just like a different venue you know a new
atmosphere you know it’s always a lot of fun and it’s always a good challenge
though I enjoy going to a new venue and just testing myself against different
athletes really. The events are always challenging you
know there’s always one or two in particular that everyone really you know
tests themselves on physically and mentally I think the first one right off
the bat you know it was a long workout pretty taxing challenging and I think
that that was a good test for all of us just to start the weekend and it set the
pace and you know really just kicked off a good weekend of competition and give
us a good run. My father actually got me into CrossFit
I was a wrestler in college and in high school
and when I graduated my undergrad I was still seeking athletic competition and
my father started CrossFitting himself and then he suggested I start because
it’s very similar in intensity and movements to high intensity sports and
so I started CrossFitting and was naturally pretty gifted at it and then I
started competing after that. Roughly I trained an hour and a half
every day and that varies depending on the day of the week the weekend how many
tests I have to study for and and the schedule that my days allow for. I eat more than average person because I
am training so much and burning so many calories throughout the day. I’m usually
eating about four meals a day if not more including snacks and then most of
them are prepared myself so I make most of my meals day to day with a really
good concentration on on what fuels me and what will keep me competing in a
very high athletic performance. Almost the same passion for me because
you know fitness and exercise it’s such a big part of being an ND and and you
know it’s almost like you’re trying to walk you know and walk the walk and give
you know example to your patients so being fit, being conscious of your
exercise and nutrition being an athlete you know ties directly into becoming an ND and
hopefully one day that I can be a doctor for a lot of these athletes. Becoming an ND is is my number one
focus but having CrossFit as an outlet a background to to my schooling is
essential without CrossFit I would not be a balanced
student and it is what makes school so enjoyable. I want to practice as an ND hopefully in
a realm of fitness some type of athletic ND performance route but as well I would
love to still compete while I still can in the games the past couple years there
was an athlete who was in medical school so she’s kind of my model and my
influence to continue to compete try and get to that next level so as long as I
can keep competing I will but school is the priority and that’s going to be my
focus so in the future I hope to to really capitalize on the opportunity to
be a dual ND and athletic athlete.

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