Taking Charge of Your Health

– [Presenter] For over 20 years, he has passionately
studied the art and science of natural healing and made it his mission to spread the word
of health and wellness to the global community. Since founding Global Healing Center in 1998,
he has led the research and development team in formulating groundbreaking nutraceuticals
designed to promote internal cleansing and good health. His approach is based on the understanding that disease is caused by an accumulation
of toxins within the body. Tonight, Dr. Group will be sharing with you his expert opinion
on how you, too, can discover the secret to health. Dr. Edward Group is a doctor of chiropractic,
a naturopathic physician, certified clinical nutritionist, a holistic health practitioner,
certified clinical herbalist, and a diplomat of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition.
A published author, frequent radio and television guest, and internationally known speaker his
accomplishments in science and natural medicine have garnered worldwide recognition.
Under his leadership, Global Healing Center has become one of the world’s most respected
natural and alternative health resources. His passion and integrity truly solidify his
position as a modern-day renaissance man. Please join me in welcoming to the stage.
Dr. Edward F. Group. [applause] – [Dr. Group] Thank you. Thank you. Thank.
I appreciate that. I don’t know about renaissance man, more like renegade man. Thank you so
much for coming out and listening to this tonight. This is very important, and it’s
close to my heart because originally I wanted to be a medical doctor, and ended up meeting
somebody that got me into natural medicine and kind of had an argument with him. The way I was trained really was that medicine
is everything. It wasn’t until I actually went and started looking and breaking down
the prescription medications, really, and found that was just a band-aid. It was just
putting something over a symptom but not addressing the root cause of disease. That’s what led
me to develop the secret to health, because really disease is not something that people
should be fearful of. Right now, 10 out of 10 people, pretty much,
are suffering from something, whether it’s a headache once a week or joint pain or muscle
pain. It’s not something that everybody needs to run to their doctor for. Even when I was
going through training and trying to learn everything I can about natural medicine, still,
even when I was meeting with medicine men or if I was going through chiropractic, or
I was going through naturopathic or whatever. It still didn’t teach me the root cause really.
Still, all of that was . . . Okay. Well, instead of prescribing a medication, let’s prescribe
white willow bark for your headache or something like that. Now chiropractic is awesome because
there’s so much that it does to reactivate all the organs and everything, but what I
wanted to do was figure out what is it that causes all negative health conditions. What
is the root cause of all disease? That’s what I’m gonna share with you tonight. So basically everything is in simplicity.
You can look for all the answers out here for years and years and years. I had a degenerative
disease clinic because cancer was really something that I wanted to focus on. That was . . . I’m
the type of person that I want the hardest thing, and then I want to learn every single
thing about it. If nobody in the world knows how to cure cancer, I want to figure it out. Myself and a few other people just dove really
deep into that, years ago, while we were studying all this, and said, “We’re gonna figure out
how to teach people,” because everybody has a self-healing mechanism inside their body.”
That’s what’s not being taught. The best medicine and the best doctor is you,
but you’re supposed to listen to your body, and you’re supposed to listen to your symptoms
that the body gives you, because the body will always give you symptoms. That headache
is not your body telling you, “Run to get some ibuprofen.” That’s your body telling
you you ate something wrong. You slept wrong. Something is malfunctioning within your system.
I was young and getting out of school. We just . . . I went down. We trained with all
the doctors in Mexico because they have to go down there, because you’re not allowed
in the United States to heal disease or teach somebody how to heal disease. Anybody that
starts to become successful will get run out of town, or they’ll get raided or anything
like that. Some of the stuff that I’m gonna talk to you
guys about, hopefully a lot of you already know it. But if you pick someone off the street,
and you start going into a lot of the stuff we’re gonna share tonight, you have to have
an open mind, because some of this stuff . . . Every single thing that I’m gonna tell you tonight
is 100% true. Whether you agree with it or not is up to
you, but what I say is I’ve spent 20 years doing research on every single one of these
topics that I’m gonna share with you tonight. If you want some of that research, feel free
to contact me, but I always recommend people do their own research because that’s what
really changes you. Somebody can come up to you and say, “Yeah,
gluten is bad for you.” Maybe that person will believe them, but I’m the type of person
that I want to see all the research behind it. So when we felt comfortable with our theories
and with what we had learned, we opened up a degenerative disease clinic and cancer clinic,
even though everybody told me not to, in 1999, here in Houston, actually. It got so big, so fast, because we had such
good success rates. When the patients would come in, and we would talk to them, I would
say . . . We ended up having people from all over the world flying in, with all different
types of diseases, that had already seen 10, 15, 20 different doctors, even natural doctors
that still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them.
So they would come in and look me in the face, and they would usually be upset. They would
say, “Well, what are you gonna do that none of the other doctors did?” I said, “Okay.
Well, what’s wrong with you?” “Well, I have cancer.” “Okay. Well, tell me why you have
cancer. Explain to me why you have cancer.” They said, “Well, I don’t know. My doctor
just said I had cancer.” I said, “Well, don’t you think that you need
to understand why you have cancer first, before you learn how to get rid of your cancer? Did
any of your doctors explain to you the root cause of your cancer?” They would say, “No,
nobody ever did.” I said, “So what did any of those doctors do to take two steps back
and cleanse you and detoxify you, because obviously your body is already toxic, before
they put you on chemo and radiation and before they put you on all kinds of natural stuff?”
They would say, “Well, nothing.” I said, “Okay. Well, that’s what we’re gonna do that’s different
than everybody else.” Then we would take them through a two or three-hour lecture. It’s not only cancer. Every single thing here
that you’re gonna learn in an hour and a half is more than all the medical doctors know
out there, the majority of them and majority of people out there. You’ll have all the answers
that you need, and you’ll totally understand what causes disease and negative health conditions.
We were really successful with that clinic, until the word got out. Then we ended up getting
raided and was told that we couldn’t do what we were doing, here in the United States.
Basically I had to shut down, and they still come in my office two times a year. Matter fact, they were just in last week,
the FDA, for five hours, harassing us about what we’re trying to do, because we’re trying
to help people. So first, I want to start off by giving you a little background about
how health came about and science came about. From Christ to the 1600s, the mission of science
before the modern era . . . This is before pharmaceuticals . . . was to gain an understanding
of the natural order, so we can live in harmony with it. But then we had the scientific revolution
up to 1643, and that was the start of the man made science. Nature had to be bound into
service and made a slave. She was to be put in constraint. The aim of the scientist was
to torture nature’s secrets from her. Since that time, everything has been going downhill.
The new mission statement, after 1643 to the present, is to obtain knowledge that can be
used to dominate and control nature. You see everybody across the world right now who’s
suffering from sickness, but what a lot of people don’t know is the whole world is suffering
from sickness. We’re losing 200 species a day, that are eliminated forever. The Earth
is just as sick as everybody else is. So what’s the difference between modern medicine
and natural medicine? Modern medicine is that an organism is controlled from inside the
cell, that the genes control the organism, and heredity passes the traits, which is called
genetic determinism. That means if your mom had breast cancer, you might have breast cancer.
What’s crazy right now is that you have women that are going in and getting double mastectomies
because their doctor told them that they have a chance to get breast cancer, because their
mom had breast cancer, but that is not true. That’s actually been proven by a guy named
Dr. Bruce Lipton, who’s a cellular biologist. He once made one of the greatest discoveries
of all time, that natural medicine is an organism, being us or any organism, a tree or something,
is controlled from outside the cell. The environment controls the organism, which is called genetic
adaptation. So we’re basically going to adapt to what we’re exposed to. That’s what makes
sense. Obviously if we drink a bunch of gasoline or something, that’s gonna affect us.
What exactly is a gene? A gene is a DNA segment that determines your individual traits, characteristics,
or susceptibility to disease. Now if we look at it in natural medicine, the way that it’s
supposed to be, that the genes get the signals from outside of the cell, that all the commands
and body function is determined by the energetic reading of the environment, either the internal
environment and the external environment. It comes from the outside, in. We smell it.
We taste it. We’re exposed to EMFs or something like that.
Modern medicine is just the opposite. It says that the genes get signals from inside of
the cell, which is impossible, really, if you think about it. All the commands and body
mechanics start in the nucleus of the cells. Right? How many times have you heard the nucleus
is the brain of the cell? That’s where everything starts. Well, Dr. Lipton wanted to prove that wrong
and actually removed the nucleus, the brain, from the cell, and the cell still was alive.
The cell still lived. It respirated. It went to the bathroom. It couldn’t replicate, but
it was living. It still lived. So that means that modern medicine is completely
wrong, that the outside of the cell, the cell membrane, is really the brain of the cell,
because when he removed the cell membrane, it’d be like removing your skin. Then the
cell died. The reason I’m explaining that is because
all disease starts at the cellular level, or all malfunction starts at the cellular
level. We have 100 trillion cells. Cells clump together to make tissues. Tissue clumps together
to make organs. Organs work to develop systems in the body. Then all of that together is
the human body. So what really causes malfunction or what
really causes disease is the perception in alterations in cellular function from the
internal and external environment, what you’re exposed to, the air you’re exposed to, the
environment you’re exposed to, if you live in a big city as opposed to out in the woods.
That would be your external environment. Words that are coming in at you, the people that
you meet, those are all external things that would affect you and stress you out or cause
some negative harm. The internal environment is really the majority
of stuff we’re gonna be talking about today, is how the internal environment affects you.
That’s gonna be through the foods, the beverages, the heavy metals, the drugs. Physical and
emotional stress is gonna be an external. Microbial infestation, parasites would be
an internal. Negative belief patterns, blocked elimination routes, which is one of the reasons
why we have too many toxins coming into the body on a daily basis and not enough coming
out, where your cells become confused and start malfunctioning. Now if you look at the way that life is, in
general, every living substance or every organism, living organism, is composed of at least 80%
water, minimum. The Earth itself is composed of 80% water, minimum. The cells are filled
with water. Your cells are filled with water, and around your cells is water. It’s very
close to sea water, actually. It’s almost identical to sea water, but it’s water. What happens is the water in your cell and
the water surrounding your cell starts to become toxic, and your self-healing mechanism
that you were born with, the one that’s the most powerful that you have, starts to fall
down. Your self-healing mechanism can’t be activated. It’s hard to activate your self-healing
mechanism. I talked about how your body is water. This
is very interesting, because there was a guy named Masaru Emoto, who did a lot of research
on water structure and function. He found that the water can change by toxin exposure,
your thought patterns, belief, the frequency, exposing the cell to potentially dangerous
conditions, or it can change when you expose the cell to healthy conditions as well.
So this is some of the findings that he found in the structure of water. So what a perfect,
clean water should look like, the slide on the left. It’s a crystalline structure, just
like your cell membrane is a crystalline structure, when it’s normal and it has everything it
needs. Because as a crystal, it acts as a semiconductor. It has gates and channels that
open and close, and it can receive frequencies or signals and send frequencies and signals.
That’s exactly what you want. So what he did was he took two vials, one
with pure, clean water and another vial which was contaminated with toxins. He looked at
it under a microscope, and this is what he saw. So you can see that the one that’s contaminated
with toxins is altered and is malfunctioning. One vial, he put the word “thank you” on it,
with clean water, and the other vial he wrote, “You make me sick. I will kill you.” Then
he tested the water again, and that’s what he came out with. He then wanted to see how sound affected your
water. So you can see that Bach’s “Air for the G String” has a six-sided crystalline
structure, where heavy metal music completely breaks the structure of water. It can’t function
properly. So even though the sound and the music that you listen to is very important.
After he did all that, which were external factors on the water, trying to figure out
how that was gonna affect water, then he said, “Well, I wonder if we can affect water just
by thinking, just by thoughts.” So there was a pond, and this pond was heavily contaminated.
He took a sample of it, the water, which is on the left, before offering a prayer. There
was like three or four monks, I think, with them.
He took a sample of it, and then they went to the pond. They sat around, and they all
thought positive thoughts, like love and blessings and all this stuff, into the water for like
15 or 20 minutes. Then they took another reading, and that’s what happened to the water. So
that is pretty amazing when you can think, put good thoughts into something, and have
it go from that contamination to a perfect, angelic-looking crystal right there. The one thing that I’m gonna be talking about
this a lot later, that really worries me and a lot of the physicians, the natural physicians
that are out there right now that are seeing this in their practice, is electromagnetic
radiation. What worries me is when you can’t see something
and you can’t feel something, but it’s there, bombarding your body in a negative way, and
you really don’t have any choice to get away from it. That’s electromagnetic radiation.
What he found was the water was the worst with electromagnetic radiation, because on
the right, you see water influenced by electromagnetic waves, continue to be broken because of the
waves. They can’t reform themselves into crystals. That’s what TV, cell phones, electromagnetic
waves, and other different types of frequencies, microwave radiation, etc. Looking at all the
different types of toxins, all the different things that can cause disease, after so many
years, we actually went through so much testing. I had over 300 different nutritional supplements
that we were using with people. But again, I only did that for a while because
I realized that there was something even simpler than that and simpler than that and simpler
than that. I’m not talking about stuff that you get at Vitamin Shoppe. We had individual
supplements that were really high-tech, coming from Germany and Switzerland and all different
areas of the world. We started researching. It was like, “Why
is this stuff not taught?” What’s going on here? So we looked at all these toxin-exposure
pathways and said, “Okay. We know that the air, the food, the water, blah, blah, blah
are coming into the body. But how are they getting into the body?” So then we looked at all the exposure points
and realized that about 95% . . . Even the toxins that you breathe in through your respiratory
system, a lot of times, still get caught in your mucus membranes. That’s why you have
the little nose hairs and all that. You secrete mucus, and then it drains down into your stomach
to protect the lungs, really, from breathing in a lot of stuff. Although, you still do
get toxins in through your skin and your lungs, probably about 5 to 10%.
But we really realized the most important area, where 90, 95% of these things were entering
your body, was the intestines and the colon. It’s how most of the disease-causing, emotional-disrupting, cellular-malfunctioning things happen. That’s the first exposure point. I put “closely guarded secret by big pharma”
because when we realized that the target point was the intestines, I started asking all the
gastroenterologists. I started calling around, figuring out what the training was like. I
realized that they really didn’t have any training in the gastrointestinal tract. Even
the gastroenterologists really didn’t know about any type of toxins.
That led me to thinking, “Well, why is it that we have, supposedly, the best scientists
in the world, in the medical arena, and they still don’t know what the appendix is? That
doesn’t make sense.” You know? Still, to this day, the medical profession does not know
what the appendix is. So I started trying to find out what the appendix was.
There’s really not a lot of information out there. We ended up tracking down and translating
information from German and Russian documentation. They know. Germany is way ahead of us, as
far as natural medicine goes. Found out that the appendix is really the brain of your body.
It’s really your micro computer chip. It’s not up in your brain, like what we thought
before, the nucleus of the cell was the brain. Then we learned it’s not. Now we learned that the appendix is the brain
of the body, and the reason why it is is because your appendix is located at the juncture of
your small and large intestine. Why wouldn’t the micro relay center of the brain of your
body . . . Why would it not be located in the intestines? That’s where every single
thing comes in. The appendix actually helps regulate every
single system in your body, the neurological, the endocrine system, because it knows and
reads what you put in your system. It’s gonna read the acid/alkaline base. It’s gonna read
what your probiotics is like. It’s gonna tell your liver what to prepare for. It’s gonna
tell your brain and your hormones and your endocrine system what hormones to produce. It’s gonna relay every single thing that you’ve
given it. Either you’ve given it unhealthy stuff, and it’s gonna relay that to your body,
or you’ve given it healthy stuff. It’s gonna tell you . . . Your water, all that stuff
. . . So it just goes to show you, again, how important the intestines and the colon
is. You have 30 feet or so of intestinal lining, about 20 feet or so of the small intestine,
and then you have 10 feet in the colon. A lot of people focus on the colon, which
is very important, but a lot of people don’t focus on the small intestine. That’s really
where, a lot of times, you’re gonna get a lot of absorption of toxins.
So you can see on the left, this would be a healthy colon. A toxic colon would be anybody
suffering from gas, bloating, diverticulitis, colon polyps, colitis, any type of impaction,
strictures, anything like that. I put on there, “If the average person knew that regaining
their health was as easy as cleaning their intestines and the environment they expose
themselves to, then we wouldn’t need prescription drugs.” So kind of touched on this, but this is kind
of the map that we put together to show how disease really takes effect inside the system.
So if you take . . . These numbers are probably a lot under, actually, than what you would
do, just depending. Everybody lives in a different environment. That’s so important about the
environment that you create yourself. That’s why you can’t say that . . . That’s
why there’s really no such thing as clinical trials, if you think about it. Because in
order to do an accurate clinical trial, you would literally have to clone 40 people because
everybody’s biochemistry is different. Clone 40 people. Have them exposed to the same diet
every single day, same liquids consumed every day, same emotional and physical stress levels
every day. It is technically impossible to do an accurate
clinical trial. Let’s say that you’re taking in 200,000 toxins from air on a daily basis,
200,000 toxins from food on a daily basis, 200,000 from beverages, 200,000 from microbes
because microbes take your nutrients and secrete acids in their waste in your body. Microbes
is fungus, candida, worms, viruses, bacteria, micoplasms, you name it.
Then you add the physical and emotional stress. That’s one of the biggest ones that your body
starts breaking down right away. The EMFs or the frequencies, the negative frequencies
that you’re exposed to, heavy metals, prescription medications if you’re on them. The last one
is blocked neurological feedback. If you’ve had trauma or been in accidents
or spinal malfunction, your organs . . . Even if one of your bones is out in your back that
goes to the nerve that goes to your liver, your liver might not be functioning at 100%.
It won’t be. It might be functioning at 80%. So how’s your liver gonna detoxify all those
toxins coming in if it’s not correct? So many people have blocked neurological feedback.
Pretty much everybody does. So to explain the disease process, there’s
no such thing as a separate disease for diabetes and arthritis and cancer and all the millions
of diseases, the hundreds of thousands of diseases that they have labeled out there,
fibromyalgia and all that. It’s all just one thing. It’s just too many toxins coming in
and not enough coming out. So let’s say you have 2.1 million toxins coming
in on a daily basis. Your body can only handle 1 million toxins on a daily basis. What happens
to that additional 1.1 million toxins? Well, everybody has ways to eliminate these toxins
from their body on a regular basis. If your liver is functioning good, you can
detoxify. Great. You still have to eliminate them, though. Women have five ways to eliminate
toxins. Guys have four ways. You can eliminate this through respiration. You’re gonna breathe
them out if you’re doing heavy activity, and you’re sweating at the same time. That’s 50%
of your elimination routes right there. You’re gonna breathe them and sweat them out.
The problem is everybody has become a sedentary . . . We’ve become a sedentary society, a
sedentary world with computers. Nobody is exercising that much anymore. Next is gonna
be urination and defecation. You’re gonna defecate it out. Women obviously have their
menstrual cycles. Women have five ways to eliminate. It might be one of the reasons
why they live longer. Men have four ways to eliminate toxins from their body.
Most people aren’t drinking enough water. Matter of fact, the studies that we did, we
found that 90% of Americans are chronically dehydrated because they drink coffee, colas,
alcohol, wine, beer, tea. Nobody likes to drink water. So they’re not urinating all
the toxins out anymore. They’re not defecating the toxins out either because they’re not
having their two to three bowel movements a day or at least two bowl movements a day.
They’re having maybe two bowel movements a week. So this is a basic understanding of how . . . It
all boils down to: are you taking in more toxins than you’re relieving on a regular
basis? So now I want to start going in to some of these, because I believe that you
have to learn where these things are. But at the same time, I’m not just gonna sit up
here and say, “Oh, yeah. This is all the stuff. Goodbye,” because you wanted to have solutions
to all this, too. So it’s about . . . I don’t believe there’s
such things as problems, but there’s always situations, and there’s always a remedy for
the situations. So the body toxins from air that we’re dealing with continue to get worse
and worse and worse. What’s happened is the . . . If you look 100
years ago, we had 28% oxygen in the air. Right now, oxygen is a key component. Oxygen and
water is what drives your body. Right now in some cities, it’s down to 6% because of
all the trees that are being cut down. Everything is being poisoned. We’re losing our oxygen
levels. So that . . . When you don’t . . . Oxygen
is a natural detoxifier. You hear all this stuff about the ozone and ozone this and ozone
that. Ozone is actually a good thing. You can’t breathe it directly in, but we’ve used
ozone with incredible results, going with ozone directly into the blood, ozone insufflations.
It’s an amazing healing substance, and you can read a massive amount of clinical research
on the effects of ozone in the body. We take about 30,000 breaths every single
day. So out of those 30,000 breaths, oxygen and air quality is one of the most important
things for our body, in order for us to heal properly. Down here, you have a lot of mold
of mildew. If you have pets, you have pet dander. Home building sickness syndrome is
huge, which means that most of the homes and the buildings that people work in are actually
sick. We have smoke, ozone and pollution, dirty
AC filters, chem-trails. This is a controversial issue. We’ve done a lot of research on it.
I’m sure you guys have seen all the trails in the sky lately. VOCs, volatile organic
compounds. All this you add up, and these are the things that you’re breathing in to
your body on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, playing and crawling
on a typical floor exposes babies to fumes from contaminants such as mold, mildew, and
dust mites. One day of exposure introduces the equivalent of four cigarettes to an infant’s
lungs. The carpet has a lot of what’s called volatile organic compounds, fire retardants,
stuff like that, and chemicals on it that outgas and just all the dust and everything
else that falls onto the carpet. Sick building syndrome and house syndrome,
you have up in the attic usually. Most people have toxic things. You can see the couch,
the rug, even the car. You might have paints and stuff in there. There’s usually a lot
of toxic things. We were doing a reality show called Dr. Detox,
where we actually went into people’s homes and started . . . Even when we had our clinic,
we would go into people’s homes because everybody will tell you, “I don’t have anything that’s
toxic. Everything is fine.” You walk in, and you go through the kitchen. This is toxic.
This is toxic. You go through the whole house, and then you end up seeing all these things
that are exposing people. We had a cancer patient that was 18, one time.
We couldn’t find what was going on. Healthy kid, ate pretty good. We went to his house.
Sure enough, he had testicular cancer. Sure enough, right where he slept, on his bed was
a geopathic fault line, and it was producing this negative energetic field coming up, right
where his testicles were. So we moved his bed to another room, and then he started to
get better. It could be something that simple. In the last 10 years, respiratory disease
in the US has moved from eighth to the third-highest cause of death. Of course, the number one
leading cause of death is medical mistakes. The average bed is home to anywhere from 100,000
to 10 million dust mites, and you can’t see them.
Eighty-percent of the material you can see floating in a sun beam is actually human skin
flakes. Indoor air may have toxic chemical concentrations of up to 100 times higher than
outdoor air, and 50% of all illness, according to the American College of Allergies, is caused
or aggravated by indoor air pollution, because they’re building all these buildings and homes
so tight and energy-efficient, that nothing is . . . They’re building it with toxic materials
too, that are coated in fire retardants, formaldehyde, and all kinds of chemicals. Talked a little bit about chem-trails, but
I feel it’s very important because what’s happening is . . . We’ve done a lot of research
into this, and it’s a controversial kind of conspiratory subject, but the fact is it’s
true. If you do the research, you’ll find the same thing. There’s been tests and people
going to test the snow and everything out there.
You can read the government documents actually. They say, them self, that they’re spraying
high levels of aluminum nano particles in the atmosphere. That’s why a bunch of stewardesses
and flight attendants are being ill. They actually have aerotoxic syndrome now because
the pilots are quitting, and they’re all becoming severely ill.
I know that because Southwest Airlines contacted me and wanted me to help them out with some
of their health stuff because their expenses are getting so high, because all their flight
attendants . . . Well, what they’re doing when you fly is they’re sucking this air in
from the outside. What they’re spraying in the air, according to preventing global warming,
is high levels of aluminum nano particles. The aluminum nano particles . . . That’s the
main one, but there’s all kinds of other things. They found desiccated human red blood cells
in there. They found uranium particles in there, pathogens, pesticides, all kinds of
stuff. All this stuff is falling down on us. Thank God Houston is not really a heavily
sprayed city, but in other parts of the United States, they’re spraying every single day.
It’s affecting the soil. It’s killing plants, etc.
So I’d highly recommend that you do some research on that and maybe help join the revolution
on trying to get them to stop. So what do you do? And how do you breathe clean air?
One of the things I like is telling people to put live plants in their home, at least
two plants, and the office too, because plants produce oxygen, and they absorb toxins, actually.
They process them. They also suck in carbon dioxide. Taking walks in nature, near water, is always
really good. The ions in the air are really good around waterfalls or the ocean. Oxygen
supplements are available out there. Changing your air filters regularly in your home is
really important. You can also use aroma therapy diffusers. That’s where you put essential
oils in a diffuser. It just kind of goes through your air and helps clean the air.
Crystal salt lamps work good as well. The HEPA filtration is okay. The one I recommend
and the one I use is the REME unit, and the reason why is when the SARS epidemic broke
out in China, the Chinese government hired a team of scientists to find what was the
best air purification system in the world, that they could use for their hospitals and
put in all their buildings that would kill the SARS.
They looked all over the world and tested a bunch of them. It ends up it was a company
in the United States that had the best unit. They sell a unit called the REME unit, and
it produces ionized hydroperoxides. What I love about it is it actually fits into your
HVAC or your main air conditioning system. So a lot of those air purification systems
just turn and on your floor. They only grab and ionize stuff this high while you’re up
here, breathing this air. Then it falls to the ground. This actually goes through all
your ducts and comes down and cleans all the air in your home. The bedroom, I put on there, is really the
most important part if you want to take this slow and start cleaning up your air, because
you want to be able to sleep sound for eight hours every night. That’s when your body heals.
You want to be able to breathe clean air when you sleep. So it’s really important.
Anybody that has memory foam mattresses . . . The first thing we would do is we would go into
the person’s bedroom and say, “This is what we need to fix first. You have memory foam
mattress in here, which is outgassing stuff that you’re breathing all night long. Switch
to an organic mattress. Switch to organic bedding. Switch to organic pillow.” You have your cell phone plugged in right
here. Get rid of that. Let’s put some plants in here. Let’s clean up this place where you
sleep and make your sleeping environment really nice and clean, because you’re gonna be sleeping
there and breathing that air in all night long. So it has to be clean. Most of the time,
every time we did that, a lot of their symptoms would just start going away already, just
for that eight hours of breathing pure, clean air.
Next, we’re gonna move on to body toxins from food. Genetically modified foods are something
that are extremely serious because they’re everywhere, but these are the things you want
to look out for from food. Most food has pesticides, has herbicides in it. Meat has hormones, antibiotics,
dairy, soy. Soy is high in phytoestrogens. Most of it’s genetically modified, but we
have a major hormone disruption syndrome going on in the United States. Some of that is due
to soy. White flour, table salt, MSG, which just makes
everything taste better, gluten, microwaved foods. The Russians actually outlawed microwaves
in the ’70s because they were so bad. Think about it. You’re gonna take a food and put
it in a box, and you’re gonna put microwave energy through that food. It heats it from
the inside, out. It rips and tears through all the nutrients. So you could put a hamburger
in the microwave and take a hamburger out of the microwave. It might look like a hamburger,
smell like a hamburger, but what it is is radiated toxic mass that you’re putting inside
your system. So really what you want to do is you want
to have live food instead of dead food. Anything that’s dead doesn’t have a life force to it,
as opposed to live food. Daily toxins from food maybe 200,000. Here’s what’s happening with GMOs. We’ve made
a big stride with genetically modified organisms, but it’s really scary because the BT toxin
. . . The BT toxin is actually engineered into plants, and it’s called the bacillus
thuringiensis. What it is, it’s a bacteria. It’s actually a pesticide/insecticide bacteria,
but the plants are manufacturing it now. So how it’s designed to work is when the bugs
come on the plants, and they eat the plant or the apple or whatever, it produces the
BT toxin. They get it in their body, and it ruptures their stomach and intestinal lining,
and it blows up. The bug dies. So they don’t have to use a bunch of pesticides and insecticides.
What’s happening is the bee population is dying off because they’re going to pollenate,
and they’re getting the BT toxin in their stomach and blowing up. The butterfly population
is decreasing because the butterflies are getting the pollen on them from the plants
with the BT toxin, and their stomachs are blowing up. The whole ecosystem . . . What scares me even
more is what’s happening to the kids right now. I have two little kids. Kids are way
more vulnerable to these things than adults are. When you have kids that are . . . Any
time you go out to a restaurant, you have corn chips, a Mexican restaurant. You have
anything made with soy. Just look in your cabinet, and you’re gonna
see a bunch of stuff in there that has soy in it or has corn in it, which is genetically
modified and probably the BT toxin. That’s why allergies in children is skyrocketing
now. One out of every three children is suffering from rashes and allergies and everything else,
because the BT toxin will burn tiny holes through the intestines. Then you will get
severe leaky gut syndrome. All of these particles and toxins will leak
into the bloodstream and cause an immune reaction immediately. It’ll cause the immune system
to attack it. So 80% of processed foods right now contain GMOs. The GMO plants that don’t
have the BT toxin are requiring more pesticides and insecticides, and it’s really, really
damaging the world. We have a lot of videos and a lot of research on that if anyone is
interested to just contact us, and we’ll provide that information.
The next thing that’s really damaging, that’s contributing to the root cause of disease,
is excitotoxins. Russell Blaylock is a doctor who actually termed “excitotoxins” because
he saw so many problems in the brain. Excitotoxins affect parts of the brain that control behavior,
emotions, and sleep cycles. Okay. Guess what. Artificial sweeteners, food dyes and colorings,
extremely toxic. You ever had your kid go to a party? Most
of the food dyes are in all the different types of food for kids. Then all of a sudden,
they’re just going through the roof. You can’t understand what’s going on. You’re thinking,
“Oh, yeah. This is probably the sugar,” which probably a lot of it is. ADD, rash, depression. MSG is a dangerous
neurotoxin and excitotoxin. It’s not . . . All the artificial sweeteners are, and those are
things that you really, really want to avoid. You know? All the medications that are prescribed
for emotional disorders or whatever you have really are not necessary, because these are
all the things that are causing those conditions. When you go into the doctor and say, “I’m
depressed,” the doctor is not saying, “Okay. Are you eating excitotoxins? Are you exposing
yourself to heavy metals?” All the things that are gonna cause malfunction in the brain
tissue, that are gonna cause your depression and your anxiety and everything else. That’s why, also, you see kids on Ritalin
and Adderall and all these drugs. There was such a demand from people to take MSG off,
that they just . . . The FDA and the USDA allowed the companies with the big lobbyists
to use and hide MSG under a bunch of different terms. Have you ever seen hydrolyzed vegetable
protein on your label and thought it was okay? What about hydrolyzed plant protein? That
sounds good. Sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, textured
protein, natural flavoring. This is everywhere. They really get by with the natural flavoring.
Chicken flavoring, soy protein, whey protein concentrate. You know? Those are all the different
terms and more that they hide MSG. In combination with the GMOs and all the digestive
issues that we’re seeing . . . Your intestinal tract starts to malfunction before anything
else in your body does. Really started looking into gluten. What I’ve found and what all
the people that I’ve talked to and all the doctors, all the allergists and all the specialists
. . . They all say the same thing. Get all your patients off of gluten. Get all the kids
off of gluten. You see amazing things happen when you get
them off of gluten and a lot of grains too. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley,
rye, and spelt and kamut. Eighty-percent of people are turning out to be gluten or wheat-intolerant
and don’t even know it. Personally if you look at the chemistry behind it, the body
is not meant to process gluten. So I would say 100% of the people are.
You might not feel it. You might not feel all this stuff. Some people are more sensitive
than other people, but I guarantee you that every single person cannot break down gluten
properly. It’s bad for everybody. There’s 250 symptoms associated with gluten-intolerance,
250 symptoms. Gastrointestinal celiac, allergies, fatigue,
joint pains, mood swings, unhappiness, depression, skin problems. The list goes on and on. But
also, all these things, like I said, contribute to different things.
Another thing that we’re seeing with all these chemicals leaking through the blood stream
is hormone disruption, your endocrine system, which controls all the hormones in your body.
When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a fertility clinic. Now there’s a fertility
clinic on every single corner. Men and women are having problems because all of these things
cause you to become sterile, lower your sperm count, have an effect on your endocrine system.
These are endocrine disruptors, phthalates, plastics, BPA. Those are anything that’s in
a plastic container. Medications are hormone disruptors. Antidepressants, fluoride, pesticides.
There’s low sperm counts. Estrogen-disrupting chemicals are having gender-bending qualities.
They’re finding frogs now and fish that have both male and female sex organs, because all
these things are being dumped in the water. It’s causing sterility, the phytoestrogens
in soy and even personal care products. When your hormones are disrupted, it’s hard for
anything to function in your body. How do we eliminate toxins from food? Well, eat fresh
fruit, vegetables, raw seeds. Limit your meat intake.
The most important thing is to just eat organic. You can eliminate the majority of this stuff
if you just go to organic. Throw away your microwave. Avoid GMOs, soy, table salt. You
can replace your table salt with Himalayan crystal salt. Avoid refined sugar, white flour,
all processed, boxed, canned foods. Avoid gluten and avoid the excitotoxins, MSG, artificial
sweeteners, food dyes, stuff like that. All the food dyes, by the way, all seven of
them, the blue, the yellow, the orange, the green and all that . . . You would be amazed
if you pull up some YouTube videos on those dangers of food dyes and the research that
has been done on food dyes. They’re actually banned in most other countries, except for
the USA, because they’re so toxic. They actually cause symptoms of ADD, ADHD, and hyperactivity
in children. So instead of looking at what your child is
exposed to or what you’re exposed to, people are looking at the symptoms. That’s why people
are being drugged. We talked a little bit about water, but the body toxins from water
that’s coming in . . . Water is definitely the key to life. Everything functions around
the water. Ninety-percent of the population is dehydrated,
chronically. Fluoride, chlorine, arsenic. They’re finding so many things at high levels
in the water. I didn’t put it up here, but even with the fracking that’s going on, which
is damaging the Earth. People are getting natural gas in their water that they’re drinking,
pesticides. Prescription medications . . . The antidepressant
residue that’s showing up in the water supply over in Europe right now is so high. It’s
almost equivalent of you taking an antidepressant if you drink about a half-gallon of water
a day, out of the tap. Parasites in the water, bacteria, heavy metals in the water.
Another controversial issue is fluoride. Fluoride is the second-most common toxic agent known
to man, just behind arsenic. Dental fluorosis is so common right now in children because
children are drinking fluoridated water, tap water. Any time you go to a restaurant, they’re
using tap water the majority of the time. You go to a coffee shop in the morning. They’re
probably using tap water for that. Any time that you have any . . . At a restaurant, you eat any meals, most likely
it was cooked with some sort of water. Fluoride toxicity is everywhere. It’s one of those
things where you pretty much can’t avoid it. One of the things that it does is it calcifies
the pineal gland. If any one of you have heard of your third eye, it’s the pineal gland in
the middle of your head. It’s what, according to scientists or researchers in spiritually,
say that’s your connection with God. You can actually take and dissect the pineal gland,
and it’s made of rods and cones, just like your eyeballs are.
Pineal gland is the organ that sucks in fluoride the most and the fastest of every organ in
the body. Also, the pineal gland helps regulate your hormones, serotonin, melatonin, all your
feel-good hormones. Basically what you have with fluoride is a
calcification of the pineal gland, which actually ends up making you lethargic. It makes you
almost like a zombie walking around. It dumbs people down. It lowers the IQ in children.
I highly suggest you do tons of research on the effects of fluoride in your body. Mental
retardation is another thing. It’s a byproduct of the fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing,
and it’s used severely. Again, most of the countries in Europe have banned fluoridation,
and Dallas actually just banned fluoridation. So how to eliminate toxins from water? Water
purification system . . . If you have the money, you could do it for the whole house,
but make sure that you get a unit that will eliminate fluoride. I do have some of those
units available. If you contact us, I’ll give you some of that information. But a lot of
people don’t realize that they wash their clothes in tap water. They wash their dishes,
all that stuff. We’re soaking up the fluoride. They take a shower. A seven-minute hot shower is the equivalent
of you drinking about four to five glasses of tap water. What I always recommend is to
drink purified or distilled water with organic apple cider vinegar. I like distilled water,
but distilled water is kind of a dead water. It’s clean. The fluoride and everything is
out of it. Even the purified water still might have some fluoride in it.
But when you drink distilled water, it’s fine to drink for a short period of time because
it’ll actually help you detoxify. It’ll grab things because it’s hungry, but then it might
actually start taking some of your minerals or nutrients from your body. So I always recommend
to add a little organic apple cider, raw apple cider vinegar into it. That puts the minerals,
the life force back into it, the nutrients. Organic apple cider vinegar, raw apple cider
vinegar, is probably the cheapest, best healing agent that I can think of, that everybody
should be on, because it’s just so good for you. There’s like 150 different health uses
for organic apple cider vinegar. Rain water is good if you live in a good place,
if you let it rain for like 15 minutes first and then collect it. It’s pretty clean, if
you’re into rain water. It has a real high energy content to it, but 80% to 100% of your
daily liquid intake should be water. The body, like I said, and the Earth is made of water.
After you’re done breast-feeding, your body doesn’t tell you and cry out for colas and
alcohol and all the other stuff. The only thing your body needs and wants is water.
If you do have a pool, and you’re soaking in a chlorine pool or something, I would look
into getting a salt or a copper ozone-type pool system to prevent the chlorine. Next,
we look at the body toxins that you’re gonna be exposed to from different beverages, colas,
juices, energy drinks, bottled beverages, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is actually genetically
modified. It’s made from genetically modified corn, and recent tests have shown that it’s
high in metals, especially mercury. So look at the label. Actually they’re trying to relabel
right now. The lobbyists are trying to relabel high fructose corn syrup under different names,
like natural corn sugar and stuff like that, because so many people were looking at high
fructose corn syrup. The artificial sweeteners, again, sucralose,
aspartame, saccharin. Those are the ones that you want to avoid. Those are the ones that,
for sure, have been documented to cause brain damage and all different types of symptoms.
Coffee, alcohol, tea, milk. I’m not saying that you need to completely
give up everything in your life, because . . . I’m just gonna say that now, before I get too
far into this, because it’s really about moderation. It really is. When you do things constantly,
the body is amazing. If you want to have a cup of coffee, just make sure it’s organic
coffee, made with good water. The toxins in coffee are because 80% of the
world’s coffee supply is heavily pesticide. If you ever talk to or been to a coffee plantation,
they’ll always tell you the worst thing is the bugs. They can never control the bugs.
They spray the coffee beans heavily with pesticides. So you’re taking the pesticide toxic coffee,
and you’re replacing it with organic, nontoxic. All you’re doing with all this is you’re just
eliminating the toxic things. You’re replacing the toxic processed foods with organic foods.
Now if you drink five shots of espresso, seven shots of espresso a day, and you do it every
single day, then that might become a problem in your body, but everything is in moderation
with your body. That’s the way it works. That’s why some people
you see, that look healthy, get sick, and some other people that you would think should
be sick as can be are not sick. Really that has to do with their emotional state, which
we’ll get into, because that was one of the puzzling things that we had to research, a
project that we did years ago. This is what goes into a normal cow, vaccines,
rendered food. You don’t even want to know what rendered food is. Most of the food . . . It’s
all dead animals and all kinds of stuff. They mix it up, and they put it in, mix it in with
the dry food, and they feed it hormones, pesticides, antibiotics. They actually feed cows sometimes
even other cow blood. So milk is extremely dangerous if it’s not
organic. You can look up. . . They just tested regular milk, and they found something like
300 puss molecules per glass of milk, because all the cows . . . Their nipples are inflamed
and infected because they all have mastitis when they . . . They use those machines. So
a bunch of pus gets into the milk. They found over 50 pesticides in the milk too. They found,
actually, radiation in there and all kinds of stuff. Milk is one of those things that’s
just not good for the body anyway, unless it’s raw goat’s milk or raw range-fed, organic
cow’s milk. Going into some aspartame, this is the scary
thing about aspartame. So many people drink diet drinks. Aspartame breaks it down into
methanol, which is wood alcohol in your body. Then the methanol converts to formaldehyde
in the body. Aspartame accounts for over 75% of all the adverse reactions reported to the
FDA. Those are reported. Who in here has ever reported anything to the FDA, an adverse reaction?
Nobody. Over 75% of the adverse reactions FDA . . . People
say, “What’s the one thing I could do that’s gonna make a difference?” I say, “Well, first,
you have to clean up your air. Second, you have to get off artificial sweeteners because
they’re so damaging.” Here’s what happens. The formaldehyde then
causes gradual and eventually severe damage to the neurological system, the immune system,
and causes permanent genetic damage at extremely low doses. It’s approved for human consumption.
How do you eliminate toxins from beverages? You reduce all the toxic beverages. You drink
purified, distilled water with organic apple cider vinegar, herbal teas, organic herbal
teas because now they’re finding high fluoride and chemical content in the teas coming from
China. Start using hemp milk, almond milk, coconut
milk. Those are great milks. You can even experiment and mix them together. Raw goat’s
milk . . . Or if you need to have cow’s milk, then you can use organic, raw cow’s milk if
you an find somebody to provide it to you. Better yet, just fresh vegetable juice, fruit
juice, not the processed pasteurized stuff, but the fresh vegetable juice and fruit juices.
You can even buy these at some of the new organic food stores and stuff like that already
in a bottle. Next, to move on to the body toxins from microbes
and parasites. This is a big problem. Every single person that we tested for every disease
was overgrown with candida, yeast, fungus, micoplasms.
Definition of a parasite is any harmful organism that lives off a host organism, which means
that it’s bacteria, virus, fungus, you know, anything. What they do is they take your nutrients,
and then they go to the bathroom inside your system. What do these organisms secrete? They secrete
isopropyl alcohol, formalin, formaldehyde-type compounds, which ultimately keep your body
acidic. Your body should be slightly alkaline. Ninety-percent, I would say, are infested.
Louie Pasteur. He’s the one that came up with the germ theory, saying that the germs are
what caused disease, years ago, and everything like that. It’s all about the germ, the germ,
the germ. Basically that’s what modern science and pathology has been based on. Still to
this day, that’s what it’s based on. On his death bed, he said, “There’s something
that I have to tell everybody, and that is the germ . . . I was wrong. All these years,
I was wrong. The germ is nothing. The terrain is everything,” and they didn’t publish what
he said and kept it the same. It’s all about the terrain. The germ can’t live in the body
or in a terrain that’s healthy. It’s not the germ that’s making you sick. It’s the terrain
that’s making you sick. This is a tapeworm right here. How does that
look? Experts estimate up to four out of five people may have parasites living in their
body and don’t even know it. If you eat sushi, you probably have some of these cruising around
in your systems. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re . . . You’re going
to be exposed to these things. That’s the life that we’re living right now. So how do you eliminate the microbes from
your system? First, look at that. Tapeworms in sushi and other raw fish attach to the
wall of the intestine and can lay up to 1 million eggs a day. So you do it by adjusting
the terrain, and you do that with good probiotics. There’s one probiotic out there, which is
called bacillus laterosporus strain. You can’t find it anywhere because there’s only a small
company in California that has the patent on it. That thing works. We tested a bunch of different probiotics.
That one works really good to repair. I like the soil-based microorganisms too, but pH
regulation . . . Worms and stuff don’t like to live in an acid . . . They do like to live
in an acid pH, actually. They don’t like when it becomes alkaline.
Then silver works really good, colloidal silver. I like an atomic silver or plasma silver,
oregano oil. I actually developed a product specifically for parasites, just because there
wasn’t anything out there that I could put my name behind and sell. It was all organic,
and it was processed the right way. Then just boosting the immune system . . . Boost
your immune system by cleansing. Do a parasite cleanse once a year or two times a year, whatever.
It’s not that hard. We’ve come a long way. Years ago, when we were talking about cleansing
the body, it was just taboo. There was no way. You had to mix all these shakes and these
concoctions that were so thick you couldn’t even swallow them. It was horrible. But now, it’s gotten a lot better. So body
toxins from physical, emotional, and spiritual stress now. This is huge because all the negativity
on TV and just people’s lives and stress in the workplace. It’s all about fear, fear,
fear this, fear that, fear, fear, fear. Fear automatically drops your immune system by
50%. Anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy, resentment,
negativity, the lack of exercise, which makes you more vulnerable to stress, lack of sleep,
negative emotions. Negative emotions cause constipation and cause problems in the bowel.
Stress will put you in a sympathetic state. There’s two types of states your body can
be in. You can be in a sympathetic state, which is
a fight-or-flight. That means that your body stops digestion. It stops all the working
of all the organs. It puts blood into your legs and your heart and everywhere you need
to run as fast as you can, because it’s a serious situation, and you need to get out
of there. Here’s what we found. We looked all over and
started talking to people I just put this information up about six months ago. Practically
75 to 90% of the people are living the majority of their life in a sympathetic state. Your
body can’t heal when it’s in a sympathetic state.
When you eat, it’s so important. People are eating in front of the TV. Sympathetic. They’re
eating when they’re driving. Sympathetic. They’re eating in front of their computer
while they’re working. Sympathetic. All of these things, when you eat in a sympathetic
state, your body cannot . . . Your digestion stops. When you’re in sympathetic, your digestion
stops. One of the easiest and fastest things I can
tell everybody to do right now, that will make a world of difference, is to take nine
deep . . . Calm yourself down. Take nine deep breaths. It’s proven. Then we looked at what’s
the fastest way to get your body from sympathetic to parasympathetic. Nine deep breaths. They
studied it. Meditation is awesome. But before you eat
at night, you sit down at the dinner table. Don’t eat while you’re driving, all that stuff.
You need to be able to process and digest your foods, and you need to be in a parasympathetic
state. If you have kids, get them used to it now.
Sit around the dinner table and just hold hands and say, “We’re just gonna relax a little
bit. Take nine deep breaths. Now we can all say something positive and bless our food.
Blah, blah, blah.” Then eat. I guarantee you’ll notice a big difference. You won’t get that
bloating. You won’t be all strained and all that. So how do you eliminate toxins from
physical, emotional, and spiritual stress? No, not take antidepressants. You do things that are exciting. You know
what? I used to ask the patients that came in to see us. I’d be like, “So what do you
do for fun?” They would just sit there and start crying. Seriously. They would be, “I
don’t know.” I say, “What makes you happy?” They would say, “I don’t know.”
That is why they’re sitting there sick, because they have no excitement and happiness and
love in their life. That’s the best healing medicine you can get right there. Here’s some
of the things, exercise, massage, sunlight. These are the things that actually cause you
to decrease stress naturally, anxiety, having fun, hobbies, doing stuff like that, music,
relaxation, meditation, learning about self, setting goals, adequate sleep. That’s huge.
That’ll affect your stress levels, big time. What it all boils down to is your health,
because if you think back to the time in your life where you were the most self-confident
when you looked in the mirror, and you were like, “Wow. I look good today. I’m gonna have
fun.” Usually I ask people that, and they’re like,
“Yeah, that was when I was like 14 or 12, something like that.” I was like, “Yeah, you
had a lot of self confidence then. Didn’t you?” Yeah. I was like, “You could just do
anything you put your mind to back then. Huh?” They’re like, “Yeah.” Well, health . . . They
were healthy back then. Health equals self-confidence, and self-confidence equals success. That’s
how you’re successful in your life. This is something that I hope everybody takes,
because I deal with these phone calls every single day, and it’s getting worse and worse.
The DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that the psychiatrists use to label
mental illness. There’s never been any proof of mental illness. There’s currently 943 pages
that lists out 374 mental disorders. That’s a $330 billion industry. Psychiatric drugs kill an estimated 3000 people
every month. 17 million children are taking psychiatric drugs so dangerous, like antidepressants,
for example, that cause suicide and hostility in children and adolescents.
There are parents and moms that call my office and almost start crying when I talk to them.
Their teachers recommended . . . They were acting up. They were depressed because they
broke up with their boyfriend, 12-year-old-girl. Her mom took her in. They put her on antidepressants.
Five days later, she committed suicide in her closet. That’s one. Thousands it’s happening
to. FDA issued a warning about drugs, such as
Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, can cause suicidal, as well as violent, aggressive, and psychotic
behavior and can cause heart attack, stroke, and sudden death. They have mental disorders now for like fingernail
biting, looking at somebody the wrong way. Basically if you don’t get a drug when you
leave the psychiatrist’s office, they have a code that labels you for mental ill because
you didn’t take the drug from the psychiatrist. Yes. You will be labeled with mental illness
if you leave a psychiatrist’s office without taking a medication. That goes on your record
forever. So then if anyone ever pulls anything up right now . . . By the time our kids get
to be 18, everybody is gonna have mental illness. They’re gonna have a record of mental illness.
Right now, there are children, five years old, committing suicide. That is on record.
There are four-year-olds being put on psychotropic drugs. That is sick. So the next time a doctor tells you, or a
teacher or somebody in the school, tells you something is wrong with your kid or that you’re
having problems, it’s not you’re having problems and you’re mentally ill. What the problem
is, you’re eating GMOs. You’re eating excitotoxins somewhere. You’re consuming any one of these
things, fluoride, all that stuff. You need to start looking at your environment,
because I work with the Autism Association, too. A lot of times, the kids with autism
are just toxic. That’s it. So body toxins from electromagnetic and microwave radiation
. . . Heavy users of cell phones displayed a 240% increased risk for a malignant tumor
on the side of the head where they typically held the phone.
You’re gonna be exposed to EMFs and stuff a lot of different places, big screen TVs,
computers, the WIFI in schools. They’re taking WIFI out of schools in Europe because of so
many complaints from the parents, because their kids are having a hard time concentrating.
They’re complaining of headaches. A child’s skull is really thin. So they’re
half the size or more than an adult skull. So the frequencies pass easily into the child’s
brain, especially kids now that you see with cell phones that are 12 and under. Really
you don’t get the thickness until you’re about 15 or 16, maybe even up to 18. There’s plenty
of documentation out there on this as well. You can just type in, “Dangers of WIFI in
schools.” Digital clocks, power lines. Smart meters
is the new thing that’s causing all kinds of damage. Smart meters . . . From what I
hear, there’s gonna be an opt-out option. But if you have a smart meter on your house,
I would highly, highly recommend . . . They’re gonna be bombarding high-level microwave frequencies
throughout your whole house with those smart meters. They can tell exactly when you turn
on the lights. They can tell exactly what appliances you’re using. They want to learn
every single thing about you, so they can sell it to the big companies and advertising
and stuff like that. Fault lines, geopathic stress, sedentary lifestyle,
mammograms . . . Ladies, please do not go get mammograms. Thermography is a better option.
You don’t want to radiate your breast tissue. CT scans. There’s always better options. You
can get an MRI, no contrast, which is a better option than a CT, when they inject you with
all the radiation stuff. Please, the airport scanners, even though
they tell you . . . The TSA says, “Oh, these airport scanners are safe,” and everybody
just walks through. You know? I go there. I’m like, “I cannot believe this.” In order
to see that high level of distinction, you get bombarded with ionizing radiation.
They will not release any tests, because it’s under Homeland Security and TSA and all that,
that show, but I know people that work for the companies. They’re saying they would never
get inside of it. So if you go to the airport, all you have to say is, “Opt out. I want to
opt out.” You’ll be able to opt out of that body scanner. Each time you go through that
body scanner, what I’ve heard is the equivalent of 10 to 15 X-rays. Nuclear radiation. I put this on because it’s
definitely something that’s not in the mainstream media, but we are getting calls every single
day from parents and doctors, especially in California and the upper-northwest, from seeing
birth defects. All kinds of stuff is happening from Fukushima. You can go to the National
Oceanic website and actually see all the radiation in the water.
But it’s something that you need to be aware of. Actually there’s some radiation particles.
This is nuclear radiation. This is the stuff that has a serious effect on your DNA and
on your genes. How to protect yourself from that . . . I’m actually coming out with a new product
pretty soon, a pill that you can take, that will absorb strontium-90, cesium, and uranium
particles. For the radioactive iodine, which is iodine-131, the best thing to do is take
a nascent iodine. Everybody needs to supplement with their vitamins
and minerals and stuff like that. I’m more about . . . Look. Let’s address the root cause
of why you have problems, and that’s why a lot of the practitioners always recommend,
“Go see your natural healthcare practitioner. Go see your chiropractor. You really need
somebody to walk you through and help you with everything and kind of guide you. If
you need some different types of supplements, that’s fine.”
But first of all, the first thing you should always do is cleanse the body. A lot of times,
after you go through a deep cleansing, 50% of your symptoms go away. Then the real stuff
starts coming up. That’s another thing that we found, was if
a patient comes in, and you’re looking at their symptoms right here . . . If you say,
“What are your symptoms?” Well, doctors are gonna go right off of those symptoms. That’s
not really what’s going on in your body. We found that out. I didn’t even know that. We found that out because we would take a
complete history, a detailed history, which the average time spent with physicians is
less than seven minutes. How are you gonna find out what’s wrong with somebody in that
amount of time? We’d take like two-hour history of a patient. Yeah, where do you go? Do you
go overseas? This, that. Find out everything about them. Then get their symptoms.
Say, “Okay. The first thing we’re gonna do is clean you out really good. You’re 50 years.
You’ve been damaging your body. Let’s just clean you.” Clean them out really, really
good. Then we say, “Okay. Let’s go back and do another health questionnaire after you’re
done cleansing.” Those symptoms that were there to begin with
. . . Most of them were gone. Then all of a sudden, maybe some new things popped up.
It was like peeling an onion. That was the real stuff that was happening. So that means
that all the people out there that are going to the doctor’s office and telling them their
symptoms . . . That’s just what’s on the outside. That’s what they’re being treated for, instead
of being cleaned up really good and finding out what the real problem is. One thing, though,
that I found, and other doctors will tell you the same thing if they do a bunch of tests,
is that practically every single person is iodine-deficient. It is such a vital nutrient.
It used to be in iodized salt, but they took it out a long time ago and replaced it with
bromine. Bromine . . . This is why so many people are
having endocrine and thyroid issues. This is why you can’t lose weight and a million
other things, because iodine is part of a halogen. That’s bromine, chlorine, fluorine,
bromide, and iodine. Look at all the chlorine out there. Look at all the fluoride out there.
Look at all the bromine. They took iodine out and put bromine in white
bread years ago and took it out of the salt in most cases. So basically what’s happened
is we’ve had a severe iodine deficiency going on. If anyone ever suffers from any type of
cyst in the body, fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries,
anything like that, fatigue, I don’t care, any type of cyst, then most likely you’re
iodine-deficient. Dr. Brownstein, who wrote a book on iodine-deficiency,
tested 9,000 or something patients, close to 10,000 patients, and found 98% of them
had iodine-deficiency. So what’s happening? Everybody has thyroid problems. Everybody
is having all these cysts and all these problems everywhere.
So iodine actually is a broad spectrum or a great substance that is absorbed in your
thyroid, but it can’t be in your thyroid to regulate your thyroid if all the other fluoride
and everything is there, because that competes for the receptor sites. It also helps clean
up your pineal gland. It protects against radiation. It goes . . . Iodine
is used for every cell in the body. So I would definitely look into . . . It also regulates
the immune system and helps detoxify things from the body. I would highly recommend iodine.
Especially I recommend it to pregnant women, because it’s linked to autism, even though
that’s also linked to vaccinations, but every single kid . . . A lot of the children right
now are deficient in iodine. So it’s very important to give iodine to your children.
I recommend only nascent iodine. That’s the best one.
So how to eliminate toxins from electromagnetic and microwave radiation? Throw away your microwave.
Yes, it’s gonna take you a little bit of extra time if you want to cook your meals, but you
can get maybe one of those fire infrared ovens. There’s convection ovens or something like
that. There’s a bunch of cell phone radiation protectors, computer radiation protectors.
We just finished . . . I hired a team because there’s so much stuff out there, and we get
this question all the time. What can I do about radiation? There’s a bunch of, online,
bunch of radiation cell phone protectors, stuff you wear. None of it really had scientific
studies. I could take a reading of a cell phone, and I could put the thing on there
and go back and take another reading, and it would be gone. So we contacted the company like, “We’re still
getting a reading.” “Well, yeah. It’s the geometric pattern in there. It’s blocking
it, but you can’t really read it.” So finally hired a team of people to do the research
for three months to figure out and look at every single cell phone protector out there,
every single computer protector, how to protect the house, your house from radiation, the
best smart meter protectors, and everything you need, including clothing that you can
wear if you’re flying or whatever, or if you’re gonna be close to some radiation or something
like that. That will block it all. We just published it all on our website. I
don’t have it all here. It would take forever to go through it. But if you go to,
and you just type in the search bar, “Radiation,” you’ll see all the . . . I don’t even sell
those companies’ products. I just do it for the better good of society. So you can go.
I have them ranked. This is the best, second, third, fourth, whatever. So I highly suggest
you do that. Turn off your appliances when not in use.
Replace the fluorescent lighting and standard light bulbs in your home and office with full-spectrum
or LED. Ladies of all ages should not wear wire bras or any wire-framed garments because
the wire frame will pick up the frequencies and transmit it into your breast tissue. That’s
why we’re also seeing a tremendous amount of cases of breast cancer increasing with
cell phone use. I’ve actually seen women walking in the mall
and stuff that are carrying their cell phone inside their bra. They walk around like that.
So just those are the ways to protect yourself from the radiation. Detoxidine is the iodine
product that I actually helped develop and use, which is in a vegetable glycerin base,
because most of them out there are in alcohol. Alcohol, by itself, is an endocrine disruptor.
So we had to kind of reinvent the wheel and figure out what we can do and how you can
take healthy stuff instead of taking herbs in alcohol, ethanol, which is genetically
modified and also an endocrine disruptor. So we do everything in a vegetable glycerin,
which is safe, and it tastes good. It’s great to use.
Body toxins from heavy metals. These are kind of hard to find, but arsenic, cadmium, aluminum
. . . Aluminum is everywhere, in your deodorant, aluminum foil, with the chem-trails, lead,
foods, mercury. The reason I put this up is because I’m gonna
talk to you later about doing a chemical and a heavy metal cleanse because it’s really
important. When you take, let’s say, aluminum in the body . . . That’s another thing with
breast cancer, women putting on aluminum deodorant, and it’s going into the breast tissue. Aluminum
actually activates some of the mechanisms for cancer and mercury amalgams and stuff
like that too, that you have in your mouth. When mercury comes in contact with aluminum,
it’s a violent reaction. See? So each one of these things that we’re talking about today,
these are all individual toxins. But a lot of times, if you mix two of these things together
or mix four, 10, or 100,000 on a daily basis, who knows the reactions that’s gonna take
place inside your body and what’s gonna happen. So I wanted to show everybody just a short
video. This is what happens if anyone in here has any mercury amalgams or silver fillings
in their mouth. Mercury is so dangerous. Just a tiny amount of the vapor can continually
harm you over and over and over, and you can have fatigue and cancer. You can have brain
problems and lymphoma and all different types of problems. – All mercury silver fillings
leak substantial amounts of mercury, constantly. The amount increases with any kind of stimulation.
As a result, mercury from fillings produces the majority of human exposure to mercury.
The International Academy of All Medicine and Toxicology is extremely concerned about
the anecdotal claims of safety by manufacturers and dental trade associations. They’re at
variance with the published peer-reviewed scientific evidence to the contrary. The precautionary
principle requires action once the possibility of harm exists. It does not require proof
beyond a shadow of a doubt that, in the case of heavy metal and this antibiotic exposure.
It’s both nearly impossible and unnecessary, in our opinion. What you’re seeing is mercury vapor coming
off a 25-year-old silver amalgam filling in an extracted tooth. The background is a phosphorescent
screen. The mercury vapor absorbs the fluorescent light, and you can see it as a shadow on the
screen. This is mercury coming off a filling that
was dipped in water that’s the same temperature as the human body. This is a filling that
was rubbed with a pencil eraser for just a few seconds, like going to the hygienist and
having her clean your teeth. These are not small amounts of mercury. If
you can see it, it’s more than 1,000 times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency
will allow for the air that we breathe. What about the last time you went to the dentist,
and they drilled on your tooth? Here is the mercury vapor every time you raise the temperature
to 110 degrees, with hot coffee or warm water or even chewed on. Mercury comes off fillings every time you
stimulate them, and that stimulation causes the mercury to continue to leak out of the
fillings for an hour and a half, at a minimum. Some people grind their teeth. Some people
chew gum. The dentist might send an old gold crown to the dental lab to be welded. How
about the dental personnel? They’re not being given informed consent. – What happens is you’re constantly absorbing
that mercury vapor into your brain and into your bloodstream. Mercury accumulates in the
liver. It accumulates in the kidneys, causes kidney disease. It’s just one more thing that
you’re taking in on a regular basis. So I thought that was pretty shocking because . . . How
many people do you know that drink coffee or grind their teeth or whatever? So I highly
recommend getting your mercury amalgams taken out. But when you do it, you have to go to a professional
dentist that knows how to do it properly. People are going down to Mexico and doing
it, and they’re getting paralyzed from the waist down, because mercury, if you breathe
too much too fast, will paralyze you. So I like Dr. Glaros if you’re in Houston.
He’s one of the best. He’s People come from all over the world to see
him. He does all my work, but I don’t have any mercury amalgams.
So the next one is the body toxins from blocked neurological feedback. This is just when the
body produces toxins from spinal malfunction, auto accidents. Everybody has had a fall,
got jolted around before. They’ve had some trauma, or there’s some surgery. Obesity causes
this. Chronic tooth infection causes malfunction. These are . . . Any of this can cause blockages
in the neurological system, in the spine or somewhere, to where you’re not getting the
proper signals from your nerves to your organs, so your organs can function properly. So how to eliminate toxins from neurological
feedback? Chiropractic adjustments, massage, stretching. Chi-machine works pretty good,
acupuncture, inversion table where you lean upside-down. Weight loss is one of the best
ways. Just get that extra weight off you. Rebounding, yoga, pilates, keeping your mouth
clean, no fluoride toothpaste. But one thing that I really like is oil-pulling. We’ve used
that for a long time with either . . . I like to use sesame oil one day and then maybe mix
in some coconut oil another day. Oil-pulling is great. It’s where you just swish the oil
around in your mouth, from anywhere from five to 20 minutes, and then you spit it out and
rinse your mouth out. What it does is it takes and pulls all the
toxins from your blood and chemicals and cleans your mouth and, in some cases, even whitens
your teeth with coconut oil. Solutions to reactivate your self-healing
mechanism, because that’s really what we’re all talking about, is the self-healing mechanism,
is education. Find out about what’s causing your self-healing mechanism to be suppressed.
Then detoxification and cellular cleansing. This is the key because obviously. . .
I talk to people, and they’re like, “I don’t have the money to do all that. I can’t do
all that stuff.” It’s always about money. I got to buy a water purification system and
this. It’s baby steps. Start doing one thing at a time. The next time you need salt, get
Himalayan crystal salt. The next time you need constantly. . .
It’s like there’s a big, long staircase of health. Okay. You’re right here. Every day,
are you going down one step of health, the stair of health? Are you staying there? Or
are you going up one stair? One month, you say, “Okay. Well, I’m gonna replace . . . I’m
gonna stop eating GMOs. I’m gonna do gluten. I’m gonna do that.” Actually I don’t recommend you do everything
at once, because it’s too traumatic. You just start slowly. Let’s say this week, you’re
gonna eliminate artificial sweeteners from your diet. Boom. You just walked up three
steps. This week, you’re going to the store. You’re gonna buy organic instead of going
to your normal store. That’s huge. You just went up like 1,000 steps.
But it’s all about making those changes. You know? Next weekend, take the whole family
out to a plant store. Ask the person there, “What are good indoor plants that I can use
for my area?” They’ll say, “Okay. Yeah, these work really good. Does the sun come through
the window?” “Yeah, I have one room there.” They’ll help you out. Then that weekend, put
plants in your house. So all you’re doing is all . . . Eventually you’re getting healthier
and healthier and healthier and healthier, and you’re making all these changes. If you want to make all of them at once, go
ahead and do it, but you have to continually cleanse your body. Do an intestinal cleansing,
liver and gallbladder cleansing, kidney cleansing, chemical and toxic metal cleansing, parasite
cleansing. The reason I put weekly intestinal cleansing
on there is because that’s where everything comes in. If you’re constipated, that’s what
has to be cleaned on a weekly basis. You don’t have to do it every day, but I’d recommend
using oxygen-based cleansers because all the herbal-based cleansers out there, like the
Sillium, Cascara, all that, can cause permanent damage to the bowel. The laxative industry
is a billion dollar a year industry. It’s one of the biggest industries that there is.
So doing all those cleanses . . . We have our cleanses online, but research it. If your
doctor has cleanses, that’s great. I’m not saying you need to do all my stuff. All I’m
saying is this is the key to health. This is the secret to health, right here. The Earth cleanses itself on a regular basis.
You can look. We’ve lost all this. Okay. You take a shower every day to rinse the outside
of your body. But what are you doing to rinse the inside of your body?
Just think. If you were to take everything you eat for a day, the normal standard American
diet, mix it up and blend it in a trash can, all the coffees, the 62-ounce cola, the cheesecake,
all that, mix it in there, the bottle of wine, and then pour it all over the top of you.
Do the same thing every day for 40 years. That’s the kind of stuff that the inside of
our body is having to deal with, but nobody is talking about cleansing the inside of your
body on a regular basis. That is what . . . Once you cleanse your body and keep your body clean,
then your self-healing mechanism starts to kick in. But it’s about changing your environment and
reducing your stress, supplementation and the external support, the chiropractic, the
massage, then eating a healthy diet. Then the last thing is opening up your elimination
routes, so you can get the stuff out of your system.
The more healthy you eat, the more water you drink, is automatically gonna improve your
bowel movements and your urination. You’re gonna be exercising more. If you don’t want
to do hardcore exercise, use a rebounder. That’s gonna make you breathe a little bit
faster. It’s gonna open up elimination routes. That’s why a lot of women . . . Their menstrual
cycles are irregular. This is a telltale sign that they’re toxic, and they need to start
cleaning themselves up. We had so many people that contacted us for fertility. They would
say, “I spent $200,000 in the last four years. We can’t get pregnant.” I said, “You’ll be
pregnant in three months. Go through this intestinal plan. Go through this liver and
gallbladder cleanse. Go through this parasite cleanse.”
I always use chemical and heavy metal cleansing for last because I don’t want to pull too
many chemicals and heavy metals out, unless the liver is already clean and can handle
it. Every single time, not one case, after they just clean their body, they were pregnant
within 90 days. Why do you think the body doesn’t get pregnant? Do you think the body
wants a child coming in that’s toxic? No, it doesn’t. It’s that simple. We went over the elimination routes, how a
healthy body eliminates toxins. People are waking up and doing more research, because
they’re going to the doctor, and they’re not getting answers. Now, thank God for the Internet,
because you can actually look up your symptoms and everything. People are going to the doctor
and saying, “Well, can I take this herb with this medication? Or can I take this?” The
doctor doesn’t know. So doctors . . . You and everybody else out there are actually
changing the world because doctors now are being forced into learning about . . . They’re not learning this yet, but this was
one of the biggest seminars for doctors that I just did out in California. There was 4,000
doctors in the audience that actually wanted to learn this information. That would have
never happened 10 years ago. I did basically the same thing. I did the same thing today
that I did there a couple months ago. So it’s great that everything is working out. We’re
going into that, addressing the root cause of disease, instead of addressing the symptoms
of disease.

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    But please be safe, so many naturopaths and people who are expressing their knowledge in this field, end up disappearing. ?Please stay safe. ? we need you. !

  43. Interesting on the appendix. When I was in 8th grade, (I'm now 51) I had it removed, it blew up in the doctors hand, said I would have died if they didnt get it out.
    Any suggestions on what to do or take to replace what the appendix does? @Dr. Group

  44. It’s most difficult when dealing in family matters, presenting truth on detox and wellness! They continue on their road not changing behaviors, it’s so hard to experience this when it’s family. Detach and let go ! Detach and let go x a million !

  45. This is heavy duty! What a process. Just wanted to say, OVERWHELMING!!!!!!! However, gotta start somewhere. A little bit at a time. Looking into the Probiotics you mentioned and the smart meter cover for me and potentially my neighbor:) I also heard that as far as the fluoride in the shower, we should be more concerned about the chlorine because your body is not absorbing the fluoride as much as the chlorine. Can anyone speak to this?????

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