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100 thoughts on “*SEVERE HYPERKYPHOSIS* starts Y-STRAP *Back Cracking* Treatment

  1. after the t-strap, it seems like it would be nice to push the shoulders back and the blades in each individually to open the chest.
    also me: how did I get here?

  2. Rad- Puke it out and burp it out – energetically you gotta release that stuff on ALL the levels! Don't be afraid to be big, dude.

  3. I am about the same build and have similar but not as drastic bends and issues and oml this looks like heaven his reaction makes me wish I had someone todo this close to home 😍

  4. Patient: Hey! I feel slightly better!
    Chiropractor: Ok that will be 100 bucks, and I will need to see you once / week for the next couple years. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  5. People call chiropractors quacks but thwse videos really are evidence to the contrary. Good ones know what tf they're doing

  6. I think this man needs to do back strength exercises, like rows (barbell or dumpbell) You can adjust the spine all your like you you need the back muscle to keep it in place long term.

  7. The most amazing thing is the people's willingness allowing to be recorded and posted on youtube to inspire others to look for treatment.

  8. Is there anyone you would suggest out around utah, there is little to no chance the va would pay for me to fly out there lol

  9. ive been wanting to see a chiropractor for so long. I used to get measured at 6'2, and I'm currently getting measured at 5'10 -5'11 consistently. It's not just that I was mis measured either. I used to be taller than my uncle, and now I'm about 2 inches shorter than him. A lot of issues with my neck, back, hips, and knees have had a lot of problems for years. It sucks.

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